Honda VFR – The Honda sports tourer as a used one

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Honda VFR - The Honda sports tourer as a used one


Used purchase

Honda VFR – The Honda sports tourer as a used one

Used advice Honda VFR 750/800
The Honda sports tourer as a used one

As a former 90s star, the VFR had little presence on the show stage in recent years. As a used offer, it shines in a brighter light.

Thorsten Dentges


 The sales figures speak volumes: in the 1990s around 2000 motorcyclists bought the VFR every year, since 2007 it has been less than 300 per year. The reasons? Since the last facelift in 2006, Honda has been running the once exciting technology carrier with its elaborate V4 engine alongside the motto: There will probably still be a few fans. But even loyal VFR admirers run out of arguments for a new purchase. With a maximum of 109 hp there is no flower pot to win in a sports club these days, and the group of very dynamic travelers is increasingly switching to increasingly powerful touring enduro bikes. The much fresher Crossrunner model, priced almost 2000 euros under the venerable VFR, has also been in-house with the same engine since 2011, and the new VFR 1200 F since 2010, which makes the 800s look small as a dignified 170 hp sports tourer. A new purchase is all well and good, but second-hand hunters are only interested in one thing: How much motorcycle do I get for how little money? 

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Honda VFR - The Honda sports tourer as a used one

Used advice Honda VFR 750/800
The Honda sports tourer as a used one

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And here the balance for the VFR as 750 and 800 is extremely positive. Reliability? Excellent, there is hardly anything better on the market. Driving dynamics? Rating “very good”, this applies in particular to the model from 2002, whose ingenious VTEC valve control teases out the best driving performance from the fine Vau-Vier and whose formidable chassis and brakes (with ABS) score nerdy in the sport touring subject. And even as a gray machine, the 750 is still great for touring with sporty gymnastics insoles. Maybe there is little left of the former glamor, but the VFR does one thing right: fun!

Inspection / model maintenance

Honda VFR - The Honda sports tourer as a used one


The Honda VFR 750 F.

Robust, stable, stress-free – the good reputation of the V4 engine is the flagship of the motorcycle. Regardless of whether it is a 750 or 800, as long as all maintenance work has been professionally carried out (receipts available?), No nasty surprises are to be expected. Steering head and / or swing arm bearings can be on from around 40,000 kilometers, check! And with older models with very high mileages (over 80,000 kilometers), wear-related damage is not uncommon, depending on the load, so watch out for the clutch and howling gears when taking a test drive. However, there are hardly any typical weak points, at most the alternator regulator on the 750 series. Attention when buying a VTEC model: The 24,000 inspection requires a comparatively large amount of man hours and is a real cost-of-money repair job (approx. 500 to 750 euros). Luggage systems and touring windscreens are seen as upgrading accessories.



Market launch of the VFR 750 F, type RC24. In Germany only with 100 instead of 105 hp. Price: 12432 marks (6356 euros).


Thorough model update, including the front wheel now 17 instead of 16 inches. Price: 14,550 marks (7,439 euros).


New type RC36 with a stiffer frame and 22 kg more weight (244 kg). Price: 15,570 marks (7961 euros).


Extensive facelift: larger tank, new exhaust system, new design, ten kilos less weight. Price: 18,795 marks (9610 euros).


Last model year of the 750. Price: 19,195 marks (9814 euros).


New type RC46 with 782 cm³, injection and regulated catalytic converter. New frame and new fairing, composite brake modified. The 800 VFR weighs 237 kilos and is 98 hp in Germany

offered. Price: 19685 marks (10065 euros).


New manifold pipes, output: 106 hp. Price: 20,495 marks (10,460 euros).


The type RC46 is heavily revised: new V4 with 109 hp, VTEC valve control, reinforced frame, fork stanchions with 43 instead of 40 millimeters, modified exhaust and brake systems, new, angular fairing, new cockpit. Also available with brake assist as model VFR-ABS. Weight: 249 kg. Price: 11490 euros (ABS: 12240 euros).


Hazard warning lights, newly painted wheels. Price: 11640 euros (ABS: 12590 euros).


Minor modifications to silencers, VTEC and injection. Price: 11690 euros (ABS: 12640 euros).


Price: 13,290 euros (with ABS).

Market situation

Honda VFR - The Honda sports tourer as a used one


Careful model update: The V4 classic VFR started the 2006 season.

With over 20,000 750s and 800s, the VFR is an existing giant, so naturally the variety of second-hand offers is huge. However, the 750 series only plays a minor role for retailers, as it does not promise any serious profits due to its comparatively old age and consequently low prices. Interested parties can find the best pieces from private sellers. On the other hand, the first series of the 800 series, type RC46 (until 2001), is more often in stores with commercial customers than decent low-priced used items between 3000 and 4000 euros – good business for both parties. The VTEC model is advertised from around 3500 euros, around 5000 euros there are checkbook-maintained machines with less than 20,000 kilometers, which offer a great value.

Technical specifications

Honda VFR - The Honda sports tourer as a used one


Old versus new: Honda VFR 800 (left) versus the new VFR 1200 F..

Type RC46; Model year 2002


Water-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke 90 degree V engine, four valves per cylinder, wet sump lubrication, electronic injection, regulated catalytic converter with secondary air system, hydraulically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, O-ring chain.

Bore x stroke 72 x 48 mm

Cubic capacity 782 cm³

rated capacity 80 kW (109 PS) at 10500 rpm

Max. Torque   80 Nm at 8800 rpm

landing gear

Bridge frame made of aluminum, telescopic fork, adjustable spring base, single-sided swing arm made of cast aluminum, central spring strut with lever system, adjustable spring base and rebound damping, double disc brake at the front, disc brake at the rear, composite brake, ABS.

Cast aluminum wheels 3.50 x 17; 5.50 x 17

Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 180/55 ZR 17

Dimensions + weights

Wheelbase 1460 mm, steering head angle 64.7 degrees, caster 95 mm, suspension travel f / h 109/120 mm, seat height * 800 mm, weight with a full tank * 249 kg, tank capacity ** 21 liters.


(MOTORCYCLE 25/2001)

Top speed ** 247 km / h


0-100 km / h 3.1 sec


60-100 km / h 5.1 sec


4.4 l / 100 km (at 100 km / h),

5.9 l / 100 km (at 130 km / h)

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