How to choose your motorcycle insurance?

May 10, 2019

With the variety of insurance contracts on the market, it can be difficult to make the right choice. The important thing is to choose the right cover for your situation. Using an insurance comparison to get quotes online gives you an idea of ​​the rates, but the cheapest solutions are not necessarily the best.

How to choose your motorcycle insurance?

Insure your two-wheeler at a third or all risks ?

Liability insurance is the minimum required by law. It covers material and physical damage that your two-wheeler could cause to others (pedestrian, other vehicle, passenger, etc.) only if you are responsible for the claim.

This is why it is better to take out a more comprehensive insurance contract. The intermediate formula, or third party +, offers more extensive protection with additional guarantees such as theft, glass breakage or fire guarantee, but also the legal protection or 0 km motorcycle assistance in the event of a breakdown or puncture. Your motorcycle equipment may also be compensated (motorcycle helmet, clothing, gloves, airbag vest, etc.) These options will increase the price of insurance, but you are guaranteed better protection.

To ride in peace, many bikers prefer to opt for comprehensive insurance. It will protect you for material and bodily injury that you could cause to a third party and of which you could be the victim, during a traffic accident. This complete package includes compensation in the event of collision, attempted theft, vandalism or natural disasters, but you also benefit from the assistance and breakdown guarantee.

Be careful, it is imperative to insure your motorcycle even if you are not riding it! There may be a delay between buying a motorcycle and obtaining a driver’s license. However, during this period of time when the two-wheeler, motorcycle or scooter, remains in the garage, it must be insured, as stated in Article L.221-1 of the Insurance Code. Some insurance companies offer suitable and inexpensive formulas: parking insurance or "non-traffic" insurance.

What makes the price of motorcycle insurance vary

The driver of the two-wheeler

Not every driver is judged in the same boat. For the young drivers, contributions will be more expensive. A Malusse motorcyclist who was arrested for drinking and driving or using drugs, responsible for several accidents, will be penalized. It is less known, but if you are a woman, your insurance premium will generally be lower. Women are a statistically less accident-prone population than men.

The two-wheeler

Is the motorcycle intended for leisure use or for daily trips, is it a motorcycle for the ride or a professional vehicle? The price of two-wheeler insurance may indeed vary depending on the use of his two-wheeler.

Then, all motorcycles will not be covered at the same insurance rate. If you are riding an Aprilia sports motorcycle, Kawazaki cross enduro motorcycle or 1100 cc Ducati neo retro, etc. prices will vary. Motorcycles have their specificities.

Contrary to popular belief, powerful motorcycles are not necessarily more expensive than a small displacement. A scooter or moped insurance 50cc is generally more expensive than touring motorcycle insurance. In fact, light cyclists are very popular with young people, a population that is statistically accident prone. Conversely, a Harley Davidson remains a difficult machine to steal and therefore presents less risk of motorcycle theft..

Finally, the storage of the two-wheeler plays a lot. If it is destined to spend the night outside, the risk of theft or damage will be higher. Conversely, a motorcycle parked in a shared covered car park or a private garage is more secure: the insurance premium will therefore be lower

Stay vigilant when using a motorcycle insurance comparator

Using a motorcycle insurance comparator allows you to get an estimate of the price, but it is often fairer to ask for a quote directly from different insurance companies to find the best value for money.

It is possible to do an insurance simulation online, but the important thing is to look carefully at all the guarantees and deductibles to pay according to the different damages. Make word of mouth work. Biker forums are also a relatively reliable source of information.

Which motorcycle insurance to choose ?

Keep in mind that it is the insurer who decides to insure the driver! Choosing the best motorcycle insurance means spotting the best quality / price ratio adapted to your needs.

The cheapest insurances often hide very high deductibles! The key is to find the right ratio between annual price and contributions.

Warning, some deductibles are set by the state, especially in the event of a natural disaster: the amount of the deductibles is set via an interministerial decree and within the limit of a maximum ceiling of 380 euros.

On the other hand, the level of deductible will depend on your contract in the event of a storm, a fire not recognized by the state, an act of terrorism or an act of vandalism.

Riding a two-wheeler without insurance: the risks

Driving without insurance is prohibited in France! In the event of a lack of insurance, the offender is liable to fine of 3,750 euros and a possible driver’s license suspension of up to 3 years, or even a license cancellation.

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