Husqvarna Nuda 900 R test


Hot in front…

Swedish until 2007 and now owned by BMW, Husqvarna has seen all of its business (development, production, marketing) move to Varese, Italy. Well known for its enduro and TT machines, the company is taking advantage of this takeover to use the F 800 twin cylinder to drive a brand new machine. The defector from the north therefore leaves the cold to blow very hot on the road segment.

Halfway between the supermotard and the roadster, the Nuda 900 is revealed in two versions. The first is the less sassy and the most accessible. The one in our test has top-of-the-range equipment and adorns itself with a much more suggestive R particle … like Radical, … or Rageuse, … or Catch me up if you can … Clearly, her apparent nudity dresses in dynamic promises thick like a lumberjack’s torso.

Husqvarna Nuda 900 R


Tall, thin and angular, almost aerial, the lines of the Nuda 900 R already announce a clear philosophy reinforced by its specific red and white livery. Attractive, the Nuda 900 R even covers its mudguard with a raised element delta wing type, lightening the line of the front axle. Its slender, razor-sharp look catches the eye, then sliding the gaze down its prominent ax-cut sides. Flattened, the tank stretches out to form scoops like fins, incorporating subtle air intakes.

Husqvarna Nuda 900 R

Almost contourless, the thin, one-piece seat barely flares out to accommodate a possible passenger. Advantageously sheathed, the minimalist rear buckle adopts suitable grab handles. LED light and discreet turn signal holder complete a bold aesthetic. Provocative, this rump raised towards the heavens, underlined on this R by a thin titanium and carbon silencer, highlights its aluminum swingarm borrowed from the BMW F 800 R.

Husqvarna Nuda 900 R

Of the latter we also find the parallel twin-cylinder, but strongly modified on the Nuda. Externally, the signal is given by the cylinder heads dressed in red. Its displacement increases to 898 cm3 by changing the bore (from 82 to 84 mm) and stroke (75.6 mm to 81 mm). The high engine receives new camshafts, larger valves and the compression ratio climbs to 13: 0 to 1. Modified, the connecting rods actuate a new crankshaft shifting the timing of the distribution from 360 ° to 315 °.

Husqvarna Nuda 900 R

Thus transformed and now placed in the tubular steel trellis frame of the BMW F 800 GS trail, the sparkling block fitted to the Bavarian roadster then transforms the Nuda 900 into instantaneous reaction machines. Power now displays 105 hp (77 kW) at 8,500 rpm and torque 10 daNm at 6,000 rpm (against 87 hp (64 kW) at 8,000 rpm and 8.6 daN. m at 6000 rpm).
For even more character and to stand out from its twin, the R version is equipped with a 16-tooth gearbox output pinion (17 as standard) and a superior quality chassis. Thus, its inverted Sachs fork of large diameter (48 mm), like its Ohlins shock absorber, is adjustable in pre-stress, rebound and compression. However, some of these parameters are sometimes moderately accessible, hidden by the handlebars or a cover.

Husqvarna Nuda 900 R

In order to curb its volcanic character, Husqvarna also offers its creature a suitable muzzle: two 320 mm front discs are subjected to the assaults of four-piston monobloc radial calipers. The opposing retarder bites a single-piston caliper on a 265mm disc.
Finally, two maps are available, one of which should smooth the torque curve for greater flexibility on a daily basis.

In the saddle

Is it his Nordic genetics or his Germanic takeover? Most certainly, the brand’s off-road habits explain an intimidating saddle height of 890mm, which one option will reduce by 15mm. Improved even more compared to the standard version, the ground clearance thus allows even more pleasure. To the detriment of the less grown-ups, in static. My eighty-four meter does not allow me and plantar supports.

Narrow and thin, however, the seat alleviates a little this possible discomfort. Its comfort is firm, dedicated to sport, without being uncomfortable. Under it, we find the can of the tank for a better distribution of the masses. Its supermot ‘fashionable stopper, and therefore devoid of hinge, will easily find its place in the vast space surrounding the orifice.

The bending of the legs is not very marked and the feet naturally find slightly short but rubberized supports, marked with the crowned H. The body tilts forward slightly to grip the barely curved variable diameter handlebars. There are touches of red on many elements. Thus, the grip of the handles is embellished with the name of the brand, energizing the standard appearance of the commodos. The fork caps are adorned with a flamboyant anodized strapping. If the upper tee has a very flattering appearance, we regret the presence of a column axis without cover and basic mounting brackets around the contactor.

Handle Husqvarna Nuda 900 R

Ergonomic, the instruments are structured around a clearly readable central tachometer, including a gear indicator. On the left, the usual warning lights are placed (gasoline, engine, indicators, neutral, etc.). On the other hand, a digital window contains tachometer, engine temperature gauge and various information: outside temperature, odometer and partial. These scroll by successively by pressing, uneasy, a small button on the counter unit. Ditto to activate the two maps. The clearly visible warning command is unfortunately also not very prehensile. Finally, breaker indicators are placed on the periphery of the block. Although aesthetically rather sober, the whole remains well made but a more sophisticated aesthetic would flatter the eye more, as does the line of the machine.

Husqvarna Nuda 900 R

The correct quality of materials and assembly of the elements makes you regret a sometimes perfectible finish. Stripped, the roadster on stilts makes no secret of the location of its water pump, its hoses, or certain terminals of its electrical network. Better integration would bring a welcome addition of refinement. Like the crutch, decked out with a unique plastic end. Its slight inclination leaves the machine upright but is easily handled.

In the city

A loud yelp erupted from the bowels of the sylph temperamental, bringing to the fore the husky accent of the Husky family. With a supermoto, his lively breath recalls the mechanical work done.

Husqvarna Nuda 900 R

Bouncing forward, the Nuda 900 R takes advantage of its short reduction in town to play the street dusters. Particularly agile, the front axle is positioned to the millimeter, aided by the appreciable balance of the machine and its heavy weight of 195 kg fully loaded. The selection, precise, can even easily overcome the grip of the clutch lever, further accentuating the sporty side of the machine. Difficult then to resist the temptation to let go of the cavalry and not to jump on the slightest roundabout to quickly take off the Nuda 900 in Razzia mode..

Easy to take in traffic, capable of U-turns in a pocket handkerchief, the Varèse machine is however dry at the go-around in an urban environment. The injection jerks up the acceleration in first gear and requires skill. However, the engine is flexible, accepting changes at 50 km / h in sixth gear at less than 2,000 rpm. In contrast, as rough as a drunken Polish if you stuff it with unleaded as smooth as a panacotta if you speak the right language, the boosted twin allows itself the big difference in character. In addition, its efficient mirrors are vibration-free.

The Nuda would therefore be pleasant on a daily basis if … we did not touch the brakes. More precisely, their common use is healthy and can be learned quickly: touch the handle. Stronger is already too strong. The bite is instantaneous, as is the power, making any ride in wet weather hit or miss. The real problem will then arise in the event of reflex braking … the emergency is likely to send you there too.

Husqvarna Nuda 900 R on the road

Motorway and expressways

With a metallic roar, the crew quickly settled into the legal 130 km / h on the fast network, making the doped twin roar with impatience. At 5,500 rpm, the Nuda 900 R is just waiting for an order to catapult you towards the horizon. So at the best of its torque curve, its accelerations impress with rage. Power then takes over, maddening the meter and the senses. The 200 km / h at the edge of the red zone caught on quickly, despite the slightest protection and a position that quickly turned the driver into a flag. Wedged between the wings of the tank, it will be able to play with the plane and try to grab some more pure speed.

Returned to a more comfortable cruising speed, the well-known vibrations of the parallel twin-cylinder are gently felt without being really annoying. The noise of the exhaust is much more tiring in the long run. In any case, not very inclined to long journeys on straight tracks, the Nuda calls for more troubled paths..


Unsurprisingly, it is on the secondary network that the German-Italian reveals her true potential. Loving the castagne, the Nuda enjoys combative piloting. The significant travel of its suspensions, which were originally too soft, surprised when approaching the first laces but were quickly forgotten. Careful adjustment will make it all the more incisive, limiting mass transfers and rear wheel load. Loving to throw itself into a bend like a supermotard, with its leg straight, the machine can be driven just as well as a roadster. Its ground clearance allows for sharp cornering in curves and its engine springs vigorously.

Departmental Husqvarna Nuda 900 R

Full everywhere, the twin is unleashed on intermediate gears, extending its arms and martyring the necks over the entire engine range available, ensuring thunderous revivals, both in dynamics and in sound accompaniment. Barely smoother, the cartography meant to soften its barbaric ways is hardly noticeable. The maximum torque is certainly reached at 6,000 revolutions / minute, but the mechanics are surfing, at a minimum, a curve of 9 daNm…. and with less than two quintals, the Nuda is a real ballerina in the road rings.

Designed using amphetamines, the Nuda 900 R combines liveliness both in engine, chassis and brakes…. to the extreme. If the exuberance of the 898 cm3 block does not intend it for novices anyway, its geometry and especially its braking can make it tricky even to the most experienced. Thus, the light front axle is quickly fickle during acceleration, especially on degraded surface, a phenomenon accentuated by its suspension profile. The lack of a steering damper is surprising.

Healthy on the angle, Varese’s archer doesn’t appreciate bumps in the original setting, let alone decelerations, picking up sharply. It is this last point in particular that once again raises questions. Completely lacking in progressiveness, the front calipers make their implementation difficult. Difficult then to return on the brakes in curve. The violence of the attack is such that a good anticipation of the trajectories is in order. Unavailable, ABS equipment would be badly needed. Coiled piloting will then secure the crew, abandoning the idea of ​​an unbridled attack yet promised by the machine. We can also, to a certain extent, use the rear retarder to seat the Nuda in the winding. Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact sports mounts give complete satisfaction, capturing the entire character of the long-legged roadster.

Husqvarna Nuda 900 R on national


Agile, the Nuda 900 R swings from angle to angle like a mechanical tumbler. Very precise, we will seek more rigor by adjusting its desired suspensions too pleasant. His wild manners do not cope well with too much flexibility accentuated by standard supermoto travel. As you accelerate, the front end also takes in air quickly and will require a little attention.


Powerful but violent, the monobloc calipers would almost become a handicap, particularly in everyday life where there is no lack of opportunities to test your reflexes in traffic. Urban areas offer so many opportunities to put the brakes on … and the machine at the same time. A point that the manufacturer should soften to limit cold sweats and optimize the performance of its terrible offspring.

Comfort / Duo

Dedicated to personal leisure, the Nuda 900 R will remind any passenger that its slender rump can hardly support another. The accompanying person will have a lot to do in trying to get there safely, clutching the delicate handles that are supposed to keep him on board. When the back shell is felt, start screaming. After that, it is emptiness and the return on foot. Be aware that the bending of the legs is very correct. Yes, it will make you a nice one once on the ground. No need to talk about the practical aspects, unknown notion of the Husky. Finally, the pilot has much better things to do than discuss the thickness of his Limited saddle, its comfort is not inferior to that offered by a sports car and does not provide any noticeable inconvenience and in accordance with the philosophy of the machine.

Husqvarna Nuda 900 R


Taking on this point the qualities of the BMW block, the sporty twin knows how to limit its thirst. And luckily, because the 13-liter tank won’t take you through deserted lands … in gas pumps. But with an average of 6.3 liters per 100 km without forcing too much on the throttle, autonomy remains acceptable for a machine with a more fun than utility vocation with a stop every 200 km.


A concentration of sensations in a designer suit, the Nuda 900 R forges an eccentric image, a blend of performance, exclusivity and assertive style. A little exhibitionist, wildly expansive, his 105 wild stallions quickly take him to a festive rodeo. As an extrovert of a homogeneous BMW F 800 R, playful but less demonstrative and above all more common, the little brute of Varese synthesizes an opposite character.

Attractive and bewitching, it is not without its flaws. Its price of € 11,590, or 1,600 more than the standard version, is not the least. At this price, steering damper and ABS should find a place on board, even if it means equipping suspensions and brakes with elements with less sounding names.

In addition, at the crossroads of two worlds, the Nuda must contend with two segments. First of all with the roadster offer. Thus, at € 9,270 with the optional pack (ABS, heated grip, on-board computer), the cousin F 800 R offers the advantage of secure daily life. Coming from across the Channel, the Triumph 675 Street Triple R sells for € 8,990 and offers first-rate mechanical and part cycle approval. As evidenced by sales figures and cross-copies. On the Japanese side, Suzuki 750 GSR at € 7,799, Yamaha FZ8 ABS at € 8,499 and Kawasaki Z 750 ABS asking € 8,299 are also among the top names in the segment. Finally, derived from supermotards, the Dorsoduro 750 Factory ABS claims only € 9,499 … Slightly less efficient, its finish and its pneumatic and electronic equipment easily compare with the Nue hybrid..

We will choose the Husqvarna Nuda 900 R for its radical set. Aesthetics, mechanics, behavior and performance … in all these respects the Husky ignores compromises. As a true top model, she imposes her personality with an outrageous character but elegant plastic. It’s up to his pilot to find the equation that puts it within his reach.

Strong points

  • Motor character
  • Equipment: suspensions, silencers, brakes
  • Exhaust sound

Weak points

  • Violence of front brake calipers
  • Lack of ABS
  • No steering damper
  • Price
  • Saddle height

Competitors: Aprilia Dorsoduro 750, Ducati Hypermotard 796

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