IDM 2019 season finale at the Hockenheimring

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IDM 2019 season finale at the Hockenheimring
Dino Eisele

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IDM 2019 season finale at the Hockenheimring

IDM 2019 at the Hockenheimring
High spirits at the season finale

The International German Motorcycle Championship (IDM) says goodbye to the 2019 season with a dream weekend. The exciting races were the best advertisement for motorcycle sport in Germany.

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Guest starter Marvin Fritz (Neckarzimmern, Yamaha, Bayer Bikerbox) put the dramatic end to this. The 26-year-old IDM Superbike 1000 champion from 2016 overtook two-time champion Ilya Mikhalchik (UKR, BMW, alpha Racing-Van Zon-BMW) with an incredible maneuver in the last corner of the race. With a lead of 0.272 seconds, Fritz raced over the finish line in front of the two-time champion. Around 17,000 spectators saw the IDM final in the Baden Motodrom.

IDM Superbike 1000

IDM guest Marvin Fritz provided the necessary spice during the first race of the IDM Superbike 1000 premier class. The Yamaha rider blew up the top BMW duo with Ilya Mikhalchik and Bastien Mackels (BEL, BMW, Wilbers-BMW-Racing) and came in second. Mikhalchik, who was already the champion ahead of time, celebrated his eleventh win of the season. Behind third-placed Mackels, Swiss champion Dominic Schmitter (CHE, Yamaha, HESS Racing) came in fourth, with a wafer-thin lead of 0.059 seconds over Marc Moser (Frankfurt a.M., Yamaha, MGM Racing Performance).

2nd race of the IDM Superbike 1000

The two Yamaha riders also made a gripping decision in the second race. Moser took the lead on the opening lap, but then lost a few positions and ended up fourth, just 0.163 seconds behind Dominic Schmitter. The Swiss started from the end of the field and was a sensational third.

IDM 2019 season finale at the Hockenheimring

Dino Eisele

In the premier class IDM Superbike 1000, Ilya Mikhalchik won the championship for the second time.

The start was postponed because the track was still damp in places and all teams used the time to convert to dry tires and set-up. Julian Puffe, Pepijn Bijsterbosch and Bastien Mackels worked too long on the motorcycles. They each received a 20-second penalty: Mackels lost his third place and fell back to eighth place. However, the penalties had no influence on the decision about second and third place in the championship: Julian Puffe (Schleiz, BMW, Alpha Racing Van Zon BMW) was runner-up ahead of Pepijn Bijsterbosch (NLD, BMW, Team Dutch Comfort Houses).

Behind the BMW trio, the endurance world champion Erwan Nigon (FRA, Kawasaki, Weber-Motos Racing Team) moved up to fourth place. The Frenchman is the best non-BMW driver in the premier class. He was two points ahead of Alessandro Polita (ITA, Honda, Holzhauer Racing Promotion). The Italian started the two races handicapped after a crash in qualifying.

IDM Supersport 600

In the IDM Supersport 600, Luca Grunwald (Waldkraiburg, Kawasaki, Schnock Team Motorex) wrote the history of the weekend. The former World Championship pilot missed a few IDM races due to two injuries. In the first race, the 24-year-old Kawasaki driver made it onto the podium in third place, but in the photo finish with only 0.008 seconds ahead of Daniel Rubin (Schwanau, Yamaha, Rubin Racing Team).

Marc Buchner (Konigswinter, Yamaha, Buchner Motorsport) won the race ahead of Martin Vugrinec (HRV, Yamaha, UNIOR Racing Team). The two also follow in the final ranking of the championship behind the master Max Enderlein (Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Yamaha, Freudenberg WorldSSP Academy), who had to skip the races of the IDM final due to professional obligations.

IDM 2019 season finale at the Hockenheimring

Dino Eisele

IDM Supersport 600: First of all, the first race had to be stopped after a fall by two drivers. In the break until the restart it started to rain. But all drivers started on dry tires.

Pole setter Tom Toparis (AUS, Yamaha, Benro Racing) crashed while in the lead in the first race and also lost his top position in the second race. But even before that, the race took a dramatic turn. First of all, it had to be canceled by two riders after a fall. In the break until the restart it started to rain. But all drivers started on dry tires. Toparis and Grunwald set themselves apart far from the field. Toparis fell on the extremely slippery track due to the rain. Although he was able to take up the race again, he couldn’t get past eighth place. Luca Grunwald celebrated his second win of the season with 21.692 seconds ahead of guest starters Kevin Wahr (Nagold, Yamaha, Motolife Racing Wahr Energie) and Sander Kroeze (NLD, Yamaha, MGM Racing Performance). The Superstock 600 classification was won by Jan Schmidt (Yamaha, Frankfurt Customs Racing Team) in both races. Stefan Strohlein (Rotenburg o.d. Tauber, Yamaha, Neumann Racing) was already the winner in the overall standings.

IDM Supersport 300

The IDM junior class Supersport 300 ensured two exciting races with an international field of drivers and 42 participants. First, Angelo Licciardi made the lid on the championship title in the first run. In the slipstream duels with many changes in leadership, which are typical for this class, he finished third. His brand colleague Walid Khan (NLD, Kawasaki, NUTEC-RT Motorsports by SKM-Motorsports) secured the victory. The 19-year-old IDM late starter – he has only been there since Most – celebrated his fifth win of the season in a row.

IDM 2019 season finale at the Hockenheimring

Dino Eisele

Angelo Licciardi secured the title in the first race in the IDM Supersport 300 junior class.

In the second race, Rick Dunnik left nothing to be desired and made the runner-up position clear with his third win of the season. His biggest competitor Ruben Bijman (NLD, Yamaha, Pearle Gebben Racing) was eliminated after falling in the fight against Angelo Licciardi.

ADAC Junior Cup

The ADAC Junior Cup overall winner Lennox Lehmann (Dresden, KTM, Freudenberg World SSP Academy) experienced a tailor-made debut with two eighth places. The 13-year-old talent achieved his goal in both races with a place in the top ten.

IDM sidecars

In the IDM Sidecars, the championship in the 1000cc class remained open until the last race of the season. Before the decisive race, the two rivals Mike Roscher / Anna Burkard and Andres Nussbaum / Manuel Hirschi were even tied. The Swiss team won the class in the first run and thus caught up with Roscher / Burkard, who had to be content with third place. Due to a damaged chassis on the last lap, they had lost one place. In the last race, the decision was made in favor of Nussbaum / Hirschi, who, however, lost the duel against John Smits and Gunter Verbrugge (NLD / NLD, RCN-Yamaha, Smitsracing # 12) for the day’s victory in the 1000-series in the last lap.

IDM 2019 season finale at the Hockenheimring

Dino Eisele

In the IDM Sidecars, the championship in the 1000cc class remained open until the last race of the season. In the end, the Swiss team Andres Nussbaum / Manuel Hirschi won.

Both victories in the displacement class up to 600 cm³ were secured in Hockenheim by the seven-time team world champion and Isle of Man winner Tim Reeves and his co-driver Mark Wilkes (GBR / GBR, Adolf RS Yamaha, Team Berlin Express).

This ended the second season of the IDM with Motor Presse Stuttgart as organizer and promoter with an overall very successful IDM final in Hockenheim. The first course for the coming season has already been set: The full 2020 calendar is to be presented by mid-October.

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