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Gang of four

+++ Four-cylinder family is being built +++ Naked BMW S 1000 R caught +++ Lightest and strongest naked bike expected +++ Revised BMW S 1000 RR is coming +++ Even more powerful than before +++

W.f until now we have only ever talked about a new, undisguised BMW S 1000 R, the latest Erlkonig pictures from our regular paparazzi also show an update of the Great athlete S 1000 RR. With a new exhaust system, in the picture still disguised as an accessory with a nice sticker, and revised engine internals, the new RR should produce well over 200 hp.

News: the paparazzo

Gang of four

S 1000 RR will be presented later this year, is also open.

So much can be revealed: The machine develops over 180 hp, with a weight of barely more than 180 kilograms

In contrast, the official presentation dated for the bare BMW S 1000 R is not too far off. The ultra-strong one
and ultra-light naked bike from the Bavarians is currently completing its final test rides. What is striking in the latest pictures is how low the radiator side panels have been pulled down. The asymmetrical lamp mask also appears unconventional. Together with the huge cooler, the Bayern hammer doesn’t look pretty, but rather martial, in accordance with the technical framework data. Because behind closed doors the proud BMW people already let it be known that the machine has an output of over 180 hp, but weighs barely more than 180 kilograms. Full tank, of course.

With this, BMW wants to ensure a proper distance to the threatening competition from Austria, the KTM 1290 Super Duke R. Like this one, the BMW S 1000 R will also be presented at the Milan trade fair on November 5th.
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Speculative object

It is certain that it will come. But what exactly the new Scrambler will look like is still open to speculation (see also MOTORRAD 18/2013). The technicians and engineers at the plant in the Borgo Panigale district of Bologna are busy working on the successor to the 60s Enduro, but are obviously still at the prototype stage and are currently testing various variants.

The first Erlkonig photos show that nothing has been finally decided: They show a motorcycle that is equipped with a spoked wheel at the front and a cast wheel at the rear. But no prototype, no prototype, the target direction can already be clearly seen. With graceful shapes, tubular space frames, single-disc brakes at the front, telescopic fork, two-arm swing arm and air-cooled engine, the Italians want to put an uncomplicated motorcycle on its wheels that should conquer new target groups: the young newcomers and the nostalgic returners. 

BMH Pictures

For Ducati, it is intended to win over new customers apart from the power group: the modern new edition of the Scrambler from the 60s, which not only nostalgic people are already really excited about.

This is joined by the growing group of those who have gradually fed up with superelectronics and mega-performance. So this concept could work. Especially when the look is right. Unfortunately, not too much can be said about them, except that the narrow tank of the prototype is reminiscent of the shapes of the original scrambler from the 60s. The angular headlights, on the other hand, seem to be attached quickly for test purposes and should not go into production.

Anyone who hoped for a single-cylinder drive like the ancestor will be disappointed, because Ducati does not have such an engine in its range. Developing it especially for the Scrambler would be way too expensive, especially since it is not certain whether the audience would even like a single with its comparatively strong vibrations. No, the new one gets the air-cooled Desmo-Twin, which is popular with customers. The prototype in the photos is in all probability the monster engine in the variant with 696 cm³. Although the Erlkonig’s cylinder head cover is emblazoned with the words “Testastretta 11 °”, you shouldn’t be confused by that, because the Hypermotard’s water-cooled 821 engine was by no means installed here. 

The new scrambler in different versions

One thing is also certain: the new Scrambler, whose name Ducati registered with the European Patent Office in April of this year, will be presented in different versions. According to reports, both a scrambler with cast wheels and road tires and a model with spoked wheels and enduro tires are planned. There is also great diversity in the drive variants; From the 696 engine to the extremely powerful 1100 two-valve engine, everything is currently being tried out. In addition to these versions, a version with 48 hp for novice drivers is at the top of the specifications. Allegedly Ducati is also working on a 400 cc model for Asia. It is quite possible that the Ducati managers want to strengthen their presence in Southeast Asia with a small scrambler, especially since the manufacturer has had an assembly plant in Thailand since 2011. The only downer: the motorcycle will not be presented until the end of 2014 at the earliest, so it is not to be expected before 2015.

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