All Tests – Test X10 125 and 350: Piaggio’s new flagship – Technical update on the ABS and ASR of the Piaggio X10

X10 125 and 350 test: Piaggio’s new flagship

All Tests - Test X10 125 and 350: Piaggio's new flagship - Technical update on the ABS and ASR of the Piaggio X10

With the exception of the MP3 three-wheeler, Piaggio lacked a truly high-end GT scooter, like the late X9 that the XEvo struggles to forget. To fill this gap, the Italians are launching the X10 which is available in 125, 350 and 500cc. Testing.

Technical update on the ABS and ASR of the Piaggio X10

The Piaggio X10 is equipped with a 280mm dual disc brake system at the front and a 240mm single disc at the rear. It receives a combined front-rear braking as standard, and an optional ABS / ASR system (Acceleration Slippery Regulation).

Thanks to combined braking, the right lever acts only on a front caliper, while the left lever simultaneously actuates the second front caliper and the rear caliper. A distribution valve calibrates the front brake pressure according to the rear brake, allowing efficient braking and avoiding the risk of the front wheel jamming on rough roads.

On the version fitted with the ABS / ASR "pack", each of the wheels is fitted with sensors which instantly measure the speed and deceleration of these in relation to the vehicle..

The sensors communicate with a three-channel hydraulic unit which activates the ABS system if one of the wheels decelerates suddenly. This acts on the pressure exerted on the discs to prevent the wheels from locking and guarantee the stability of the vehicle..

The ASR also uses electronics and ABS sensors to compare the rotational speed of the wheels. When the sensors measure an excessive difference between the two wheels, the control unit intervenes on the injection to prevent skidding and prevent loss of control of the vehicle..

The ASR system can be disconnected using the control button behind the grille, in order to cope with certain specific conditions: departures on a hill or on soft or very slippery ground, for example. It will reactivate automatically during the next start.

Gwendal SALAÜN – Photo DR and G. SALAÜN

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