Kawasaki H2 models: R and carbon versions can be ordered

Kawasaki H2 models

R and carbon versions can be ordered

Kawasaki is reopening the order books for the H2 variants R and Carbon. Both extreme versions of the supercharged Kawasaki can only be ordered until November 25th. Prices start at 32,500 euros.

Tea KWith its compressor technology, the awasaki H2 is already an extreme motorcycle. The two versions H2R and H2 Carbon are even more extreme.

The Kawasaki H2R comes up with 310 hp and 165 Nm of torque from the supercharged 1,000 cc four-cylinder. It is only approved for use on the racetrack. The H2 Carbon is based on the normal H2, but is wrapped in the noble material carbon fiber laminate. Here it remains at 231 hp and 142 Nm torque.


Racing version costs 55,000 euros

Both models are mainly made by hand, so resources are limited and the option to order is limited to November 25, 2019. If you come later, look into the tube for the 2020 model year.

Oh yes, if you want to order, you should be solvent: The H2 Carbon costs 32,500 euros plus additional costs. For the H2R even 55,000 euros plus additional costs are required.

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