Kawasaki KLX 300: New Enduro and Supermoto for the USA

Kawasaki KLX 300

New Enduro and Supermoto for the USA

A real Enduro or a Supermoto can not be found in Kawasaki’s European range. The Americans will now get both for the 2021 model year.

The American motorcycle market works differently than the European one. The manufacturers design their range of models accordingly. Kawasaki is launching a new, small Enduro for the US market for the 2021 model year and is also providing a Supermoto version aside. Both KLX 300 models are derived from the four-stroke crosser KLX 300 R, which in turn took over the genes of the KLX 250.

The new KLX 300 appears as a classic small enduro – with no adventure or long-distance travel requirements. The KLX 300 SM was converted into a fun bike with small modifications and road tires.

Real little enduro

The heart of both models, which weigh around 137 kilograms, is a 292 cm³ liquid-cooled four-stroke single with a six-speed gearbox and electric starter. Kawasaki USA does not mention performance data. The KLX 300 R has 33 hp and 28.4 Nm. It hangs in a steel perimeter frame. A 43 mm USD fork with 250 millimeters of spring travel springs and guides in the KLX 300, the rear swing arm is supported by a deflection and a central spring strut with 230 millimeters of spring travel. The Enduro uses a 21-inch wheel with a 3.00 tire at the front and an 18-inch rim with a 4.60 tire at the rear. The braking system consists of disc brakes (250 and 240 mm) on both wheels. The KLX 300 Enduro is available in lime green and a gray cameo finish at prices starting at the equivalent of 4,700 euros.

Supermoto on 17 inch rims

The KLX 300 becomes a supermoto by converting it to 17-inch rims. A 110/70 road tire rotates in the front and a 130/70 tire in the rear. The suspension travel has also been reduced – at the front to 230 millimeters, at the rear to 205. The brake disc diameter on the front wheel has increased to 300 millimeters, with a 240 mm disc at the rear. The Kawasaki KLX 300 SM is available in the USA in the color combinations Lime Green / Ebony and Oriental Blue / Ebony. Their price is the equivalent of around 5,060 euros.


Kawasaki delights US customers with two new 300 series models. The KLX 300 comes as a real enduro for off-road and road, the KLX 300 SM as a fun bike only for the road.

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