KTM large electric scooter caught


KTM large electric scooter caught

KTM large electric scooter caught

Electromobility for the big city

Electromobility is also an issue at KTM, not for motorcycles, but for urban traffic. Now a first prototype of an electrically powered large wheel scooter has been seen.

So far, the commitment to electromobility has been limited KTM to the all-electric version of the freeride. But that is likely to change in the future, because KTM also wants to rely on electrically powered concepts for urban mobility. A prototype that was caught on a test drive shows what this could look like, but unfortunately we cannot show it here because we do not have the appropriate image rights. The picture that appeared on the Internet clearly shows where the journey is going. The KTM scooter looks like an oversized scooter with a large footboard in the middle. The mountain bike-style upside-down front fork houses a 19-inch wheel. The rider stands behind a wide tubular handlebar with a large display in front of him.

Range of probably 50 km

The drive sits as a wheel hub motor in the 15-inch rear wheel. The large license plate is located above the rear wheel, together with the taillight and indicators. The battery seems to be stuck under the running board with a favorable center of gravity. Optional leg shields for wind and weather protection can be attached to the front main frame tube. Disc brakes on both wheels are used to decelerate. The built-in sensors also suggest an ABS and traction control.

We estimate the range of the KTM scooter to be 50 kilometers, the performance should be somewhere between 10 and 15 hp. The KTM large wheel scooter could come in 2020. The e-mobility plans should also be extended to the subsidiary Husqvarna.

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