Lego motorcycle in original size: Britten V1000 by The Brickmann

Lego motorcycle in full size

Britten V1000 from The Brickmann

Tea Brickmann from Australia has recreated a Britten V1000 from Lego bricks in its original size. The Lego experts paid attention to pretty much every detail when recreating the noble bike. should think that the sight of a Britten V1000 is rare enough. An even rarer sight should be the artwork by the Brickmann presented here and built with Lego blocks. It was commissioned by Toyco, a toy shop based in New Zealand. Toyco commissioned the Lego experts at The Brickmann to recreate a full-size motorcycle. Ryan McNaught, who is behind The Brickmann, chose the Britten V1000 because the original bike, like the client, comes from New Zealand.

Britten V1000 with speed records

The Britten V1000 was built between 1991 and 1998 by New Zealander John Britten and some of his friends for use on the racetrack. The handcrafted Britten V1000 with a top speed of almost 300 km / h was able to break several speed records at its time and, for example, win the Battle of the Twins at the Daytona International Speedway. A total of ten copies of the Britten V1000 were put on the bikes, most of which can now be seen in museums.

Ryan mcnaught.

In original size: The Brickmann recreated the Britten V1000 using Lego building blocks.

The Brickmann paid attention to a lot of details in the Lego replica. In addition to various sponsor logos, many components such as the exhaust system, the spring elements, the brake components and the handlebars were made from Lego bricks. By the way, the tire was built first. The other components then gradually followed. According to his own statements, some building blocks had to be glued together to enable the Lego motorcycle to stand securely. To make the assembly easier, the Lego experts made design drawings on the computer beforehand.

The Brickmann is one of only 14 Lego-certified experts worldwide who has already recreated other Lego works of art in their original size. How long it took Ryan McNaught and his team to build and how many Lego bricks were used is not known. The following video shows in time lapse how the assembly was done.


Not only Lego fans will delight in seeing the one presented here "toy"-Have motorcycles. One can only guess how complex the construction had to be. The numerous details, especially the exhaust system, must have taken a lot of time.

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