Life: Annual Review 2013

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Life: Annual Review 2013

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Life: Annual Review 2013

Annual review
That was 2013

BMW celebrated its 90th anniversary, MOTORRAD turned 110! But there was also a lot to do on this side and on the other side of the handlebars. Time to look in the rearview mirror.

Michael Schumann



Life: Annual Review 2013

Rolf Henniges

Level driving license A2

A new one will appear on January 19, 2013 EU driving license law in force. Since then, newcomers with an A2 level driving license have been able to move machines up to 48 hp. Remarkable: Germany does not implement the EU requirement, according to which the throttled A2 motorcycle may openly have at most twice the throttle power. B. from a Fireblade can not give an A2-compliant throttle variant. This is possible under German law. The question remains whether other countries recognize the special route.
the Hoeness tax affair becomes known.
Under the heading “Der Herrenwitz” appears on January 24th. in the “Stern” a portrait of the FDP politician Rainer Bruderle and sparked a nationwide sexism debate.
In literally the last second, France abandons the detailed plan for motorcyclists Obligation to wear reflective clothing. MOTORRAD reports for the first time the rumor that Harley-Davidson wants to build a 500cc – in India. The official confirmation will only be given in November.
Toll on the Stilfser Joch? The topic had already caused a stir among European motorcyclists in 2012 among many Alpine fans. No reason, as it turns out in January. The South Tyrolean provincial government gives up the project. For now.
The British motorcycle journalist had an accident on January 22nd Kevin Ash during the press launch of the new BMW
R 1200 GS fatal in South Africa. There is a suspicion that a fault in the machine led to the tragedy. However, it does not harden.
Switzerland is introducing a law in January, which for speeders a mandatory prison sentence of up to four years prescribes.
Germany is abolishing the practice fee again.

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That was 2013

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Life: Annual Review 2013


BMW R 1200 GS.

Announced February 11th Benedict XVI. his resignation as Pope.
KTM boss Stefan Pierer explains his for the first time in a MOTORRAD interview Plans with Husqvarna. In January he took over the brand from BMW. The KTM boss announces that he wants to lead Husqvarna back to its off-road roots, which means the end for the street-oriented Nuda two-cylinder. The future of the Husqvarna plant in Northern Italy is still officially open. Giovanni Castiglioni, the son of the former Husqvarna owner Claudio Castiglioni, later explains that the takeover price has been awarded 25 million euros – which BMW gave the Austrians for the Husqvarna takeover.
The water-cooled one is hardly on the market BMW R 1200 GS Another topic: the plugs of the fork standpipes, which have not been adequately secured by the supplier, can come loose. BMW reacts immediately, stops the delivery of the first machines to the dealers and initiates the improvement of test bikes that have already been issued. This is also the case with MOTORRAD: Since the test GS was already in the south of France for a first comparison, BMW left an employee from Spandau afterwards
Fly Marseille to secure the fork there. Only then was it allowed to continue testing.
KTM presents with the 1190 Adventure the new opponent of the GS and sets the performance bar high to 150 hp.
On February 24th receives the German-Austrian actor Christoph Waltz for the second time an Oscar, again for the best supporting role, namely in “Django Unchained”.


Life: Annual Review 2013

Indian Thunderstroke 111.

On March 5th, the German actor Dieter Pfaff (“Sperling”, “Bloch”, “Der Dicke”) succumbs to cancer. The British singer dies on the 6th and Guitarist Alvin Lee (Ten Years After).
The American-Canadian Victory / Polaris group presents the Thunderstroke 111 engine and announces it Comeback of the legendary US brand Indian on.
Aprilia introduces the new Caponord 1200. It impresses with all sorts of modern electronics and its concept largely corresponds to that of the universal Ducati Multistrada.
The headline chosen by MOTORRAD for the first driving report can in retrospect be an ominous prophecy for Aprilia’s future (see October) can be understood: “Capo of good hope”.
Almost two years after the fact, it is known that the Allgau oil trap murderer was actually a serial offender who had already struck in 2007, 2008 and 2010. Until then, without serious consequences. But in April 2011, the Rettenbacher Josef Deniffel and his Honda slipped on a deliberately laid oil trail and into an oncoming car. The father of two children died at the scene of the accident. Despite intensive searches, cell phone data analysis, DNA series tests, multiple “Aktenzeichen XY” calls and high rewards, the criminal investigation agency has not yet succeeded in making a breakthrough in the investigation.
The MotoGP season starts in Qatar on March 23rd. At the opening race it was Defending champion Lorenzo although the fastest. But in the disrespectful way that newcomer Marc Márquez did the one behind the world champion Valentino Rossi attacked, I could already guess that Marquez 2013 made headlines could worry. As you know, that’s how it happened – see November.


Life: Annual Review 2013

Ralph Koehler

MZ at the end?

Unfortunately no joke: On April 1, the responsible authorities will close the Mahdental to motorcyclists. It is the route to one of the most popular motorcycle meeting places in Baden-Wurttemberg. Reason: road conditions too bad, dangerous driving.
Already a joke: On April 1st, MOTORRAD will announce the newly launched Obligation to convert to LED indicators for all motorcycles. Months later, e-mails continue to arrive from irritated readers who have taken the April Fool’s joke at face value.
Since April is Daytime running lights officially permitted on motorcycles.
Margaret Thatcher dies on April 8th. On the same day, the Indian Venu Srinivasan proclaimed the future Cooperation between BMW and the Indian company TVS, which he directs. TVS Motor Company is one of the leading manufacturers of small motorized two-wheelers in India.
After just 28 match days, FC Bayern Munich become German champions. It is the earliest title win in Bundesliga history.
With 80.8 percent approval, MOTORRAD readers have Louis voted best chain store. No other provider in the other categories achieved such a high value.
In the warm south of Europe, attentive MOTORRAD readers still drive secret prototypes the later R nineT and
R 1200 RT in front of the lens. At a gas station, a reader saw two machines because of their unusual features To dye noticed. The black and white curl look (BMW-internal expression: “Strudel-Foil”) actually serves as camouflage, since it is supposed to blur edges and contours. In this case, however, it has attracted attention.
Development at MZ under the new boss Martin Wimmer also went differently than planned. On April 30, the liquidator declares the Renovation of MZ for failed. Once again, the end of the brand seems sealed.


Life: Annual Review 2013

Anniversary BMW: The designer bike Concept Ninety aroused emotions in every direction. BMW left it open what will become of it.

The appearance of one MotoGP prototypes from Suzuki with an apparently completely new inline four-cylinder fuel speculation about a new GSX-R 1000, which Suzuki could present at the big novelty fair Eicma in November. Suzuki has been offering the current GSX-R 1000 unchanged since 2009, apart from minor retouching.
KTM boss Stefan Pierer announces that he Husaberg and Husqvarna want to merge again into a joint company. The former Swedish company Husaberg has been part of KTM since 1995. According to Pierer, Husqvarna production (previously under BMW management, see February) at the previous location in northern Italy is to be discontinued and completely relocated to Mattighofen / Austria, where the Husabergs have also been built since 2003.
As part of the Concours d’elegance, BMW unveils the Concept Ninety designed by US star designer Roland Sands. That
orange power boxer flat iron is a first trump card when it comes to things 90 years BMW motorcycle anniversary. At the same time, it pays homage to the brand’s first sports boxer, which was presented 40 years ago with the R 90 S.
FC Bayern just seems invincible in 2013. In London’s Wembley Stadium, Munich won the Champions League final 2-1 against Borussia Dortmund. A few days earlier it was leaked that BVB young star Mario Gotze moves to Bayern.
According to the decision of the Transport Committee of the European Parliament, these are threatening annual general inspection for motorcycles off the table again. Instead: no HU obligation at all – but only in countries that have not already legally stipulated such a requirement. So nothing changes in the two-year cycle in Germany.
It starts raining at the end of May.


Life: Annual Review 2013

Ubi and Harley.

The rain causes the rivers to overflow in the south and east of Germany. It occurs especially on the Danube and Elbe dramatic floods, entire districts are sinking. At Deggendorf the A 3 has to be closed for weeks.
The Bridgestone S 20 and the Michelin Pilot Power 3 share the Victory in the MOTORRAD sport tire test.
Yamaha is making its cryptic announcement of Intermot 2012 come true and showing first photos of the new ones MT-09, of a naked bike with a completely new three-cylinder engine. The three-part countdown to the 110-year anniversary issue starts in MOTORRAD 14/2013. It is a driving comparison between the first BMW boxer R 32 from 1923 and the last one to date, the water-cooled R 1200 GS.
On the second weekend in June the will rise in Rome 110 years Harley party – within the framework of the newly elected Pope Francis blesses 1350 Harleys. The Argentine receives two Harleys and a black leather jacket with red lining from the US company.
In the meantime, Francis had one of the two bikes auctioned. The proceeds went to the soup kitchen for the needy at the Termini train station in Rome.
On June 19, a Harley driver dies on the autobahn near Regensburg after the summer heat cracked the asphalt in front of him. Especially on older autobahns in southern Germany suddenly there are rows of them Blow-ups on. As soon as the temperature rises above 28 degrees, the traffic radio recommends motorcyclists urgently to avoid endangered motorways.
An unsuccessful software change in the central warehouse in Dingolfing sets the Spare parts supply from BMW sometimes lame for several weeks. For a long time, for example, there were no suitcases for the around 17,000 R 1200 GS sold by then.


Life: Annual Review 2013

Yamaha XV 950.

The MOTORRAD-Alpen-Masters 2013, the largest and most complex motorcycle comparison test in the world, had to because of too much snow postponed for the first time in its history and can finally take place around Col and Cime de la Bonette in the French Alps.
The German Bundestag decides at the beginning of July Safety vest compulsory. But only for drivers. In the future, they will have to carry a safety vest in the trunk (applies from July 1st, 2014). Motorcyclists are exempt from the obligation to carry them.
Egypt experiences dramatic days and nights. The military puts the chosen one President Mursi away. There are again mass rallies on Tahrir Square, the situation threatens to escalate, there are numerous victims, the country seems to be heading into a civil war like the one in Syria.
In MOTORRAD 16 a reader complains about what happened to him, supposedly strange and Anti-motorcycle treatment by Swiss border and police officers and thus breaks a fierce reader debate for and against Switzerland and generally about loud exhaust systems from the fence.
On July 26th, will Mick Jagger 70.
Yamaha surprises with the XV 950. The beautiful choppers is already the second new launch in 2013, after the brand had previously shone through years of stagnation on the novelty topic. The announcement that even the good old SR 500 (as a 400 Japanese version) could experience a comeback, nobody can really believe at this point in time.
BMW surprisingly gives its Exit from the Superbike World Championship famous.
The British heir to the throne, Prince George of Cambridge, is born in London on July 22nd.
On July 28th, the defended German national soccer team of women won the European Championship in Sweden with a 1-0 win against Norway.
In MOTORRAD 16 a two-page inventory appears at the start of a 50,000 km endurance tests of the new BMW R 1200 GS. For the first time, the transmission draws attention to itself with a loud crack and not always optimal shiftability. Numerous letters from readers subsequently confirm the phenomena described. Another begins Readers’ discussion for and against BMW. In fact, the Munich-based company sees a need for action and retrofits GS that have already been delivered with modified clutch pressure pieces in the event of complaints.


Life: Annual Review 2013

2526 MOTORRAD booklets: There were so many issues up to 2013. A reason to celebrate and for an extra thick magazine.

On August 1, international news agencies reported that Russia Edward Snowden Wants to grant asylum. This was preceded by a long diplomatic tug-of-war. After newspapers published Snowden’s revelations and exposed the US secret services, the ground in Hong Kong was apparently too hot for the former NSA employee
become. Snowden fled to Moscow by plane and found himself weeks in the transit area of the airport of the Russian capital. Meanwhile, a fierce international discussion ensued: traitors or Nobel Peace Prize candidates?
With MOTORRAD 17/2013 the extra thick birthday booklet for 110th anniversary of MOTORRAD.
And again she does BMW R 1200 GS headlines, but this time under different conditions. In the sum of its characteristics, it can convince most of the ten testers (six from MOTORRAD, four from sister papers from Italy, Spain, Croatia and Sweden) and wins the final of the 2013 Alpine Masters.
From August 29th to September 1st, Harley-Davidson will be in Milwaukee 110-year company anniversary. 100,000 fans of the US brand are transforming the industrial city in Wisconsin into what is probably the largest party mile in the world. Shortly before that, the global corporation presented the new Electra Glide for 2014, the first 45-degree big twin with (at least partially) Water cooling.
Franck Ribery will soccer player of the year 2013.


Life: Annual Review 2013


899 Panigale.

On the evening of September 22nd, shortly after the polling stations closed, it was clear: Die FDP failed for the first time in its history at the five percent hurdle and missed re-entry into the German Bundestag.
The Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer calls for ever louder and more confident of victory after the Bundestag election victory of the Union, which barely missed the absolute majority Introduction of a motorway toll in Germany.
After the furious start of the MT-09, rumors of a new Yamaha super sports car with a three-cylinder engine are making the rounds. MOTORRAD shows a computer retouching of what is supposed to be coming soon Yamaha R3.
Ducati presents the new, smaller Panigale at the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The super athlete quickly has with the 899 twin-cylinder the nickname “Baby Panigale” away.
Dies on September 18th Marcel Reich-Ranicki.
According to a study, among Europe’s motorcyclists are the Brits the most willing to travel. In summer, you bike an average of 2,956 kilometers on vacation and back. The Germans follow in second place with 2858 kilometers.
The will open in Munich on September 21 Oktoberfest. 6.4 million visitors drink during the 180th edition of the “Wiesn” 6.7 million liters of beer. The liter costs an average of 9.65 euros.


KTM is serious and brings them 1290 Super Duke R with an incredible 180 hp and 205 kilograms. Due to the factory data, the aggressively styled naked bike (from KTM deliberately created) reputation of the fear-inducing beast. In December, MOTORRAD still measures an impressive 172 hp at 213 kilograms.
Because of a dispute between Democrats and Republicans over a reform of the health insurance system planned by US President Obama and its financing, the US comes to Shut down. Around 800,000 state employees are being sent on compulsory leave for two weeks, public institutions have closed and the state is threatened with bankruptcy. In Germany, the financial behavior of the Limburg Bishop Tebartz-van Elst hit the headlines.
BMW unveils on the occasion of the official ceremony for 90th anniversary from BMW motorcycle the R nineT.
After years of decline, most of the major motorcycle manufacturers in Germany are reporting again for the 2013 season, which is coming to an end Growth in sales of new machines, Honda even double-digit with a plus of 11.0 percent. Problem child is Aprilia: minus 11.8 percent. At the same time as the poor sales figures, it becomes known that the company belonging to the Piaggio group has stopped production and the 360 ​​factory employees are on Short-time work zero has set.
New revelations prove: For years, the US secret service NSA systematically not only read millions of e-mails from innocent EU citizens, but also tapped Chancellor Merkel’s cell phone.
On October 27th Sebastian Vettel Formula 1 world champion for the fourth time ahead of schedule.


Life: Annual Review 2013


Marc Marquez.

Eicma opens in Milan on November 7th. Again, it’s up to Yamaha to come up with a real surprise: The MT-07 is a two-cylinder naked bike with promising performance data at a price of less than 6000 euros. But Harley also causes astonishment. The Motor Company announced immediately Motorcycles in India too to manufacture. The first result is the Street, which is only offered as 500 and 750.
Demonstrate in front of the exhibition halls Aprilia employees zeroed in on short-time work and hand out flyers expressing their concern for their jobs. Almost at the same time, Piaggio boss Roberto Colaninno announced in the halls that Aprilia was commemorating, 2016 into MotoGP to get in.
On November 10th, the reigning world champion has Jorge Lorenzo the chance to defend his title at the season finale in Valencia. But the old hand has against the one who has been driving extremely vigorously all season long MotoGP newcomer Marc Marquez no chance. In the end, a third place in Valencia is enough for Márquez to become the youngest premier class world champion of all time at the age of 20.
Typhoon Haiyan wreaked havoc on the Philippines.


Suzuki will be presenting the V-Strom 1000 only new motorcycle model for the coming season.
Since December 4th is called Sylvie van der Vaart Sylvie Meis again. An Amsterdam court stated that Divorce from footballer Rafael van der Vaart for final decision.
Freedom fighter dies on December 5th Nelson Mandela at the age of 95 in Johannesburg.
On December 15th, will Ursula von der Leyen appointed Minister of Defense on December 18 Keith Richards 70.

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