Life: Out and about in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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Life: Out and about in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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Life: Out and about in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Out and about in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Where the soul dangles

The largest lake in the Mecklenburg Lake District is the Muritz, the so-called Little Sea. Eldorado for anglers, fishermen and water sports enthusiasts – but also for motorcyclists who can stroll through an often natural, sparsely populated area here.

Klaus H. Daams


Come on. Not another speed ticket. It would be the second today. The first was on a seductively lonely forest road in Berlin-Heiligensee, when I was there to see Stephan, my passenger for the upcoming tour. Against the radar beam from the undergrowth also used the camouflage paintwork of the Honda Crossrunner precious little. And now, after half a day on the Muritz, another uniformed man beckons me out, this time at the entrance to Waren. We were really too fast?

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Life: Out and about in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Out and about in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Where the soul dangles

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Fortunately, this is a question that is of no further interest, because the executive has to master larger tasks here: Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH, based in Waren, is the world’s most important manufacturer of propellers and regularly sends its propellers, which often weigh over 100 tons, to the shipyards by low-loader. And then, to be on the safe side, all other vehicles are taken out of traffic for a short time and waved to a parking lot.

Badebuxe or nudist?

Life: Out and about in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania


Muritz region as a paradise for motorcycle hiking: inspiring view of the Schlabornsee near Zechlinerhutte.

Not just for a few minutes removed from the flowing traffic from the Muritz and the surrounding lakes, there is always plenty of eel and perch, pike and pikeperch. Before the fall of the Wall in 1989, the scaly beast served to deliver food between the gills of the local population, but today it functions as a tourist magnet. Marketing strategists have long since developed the Muritz fish into a high-quality regional brand, and boat trips offer guests the chance to catch their own dream fish. Even if you don’t want to delve so deep into the subject, areas such as the “Fischerhof Eldenburg”, a neat combination of jetty, wooden hut and restaurant between goods and clinics, provide insights into the local cosmos. The reeds are basking in the sun, the jetty creaks, the duck family bathes, fish waits ice cold for buyers, linden leaves stick to shady parked machines. In addition, the V8 bubbling of a swan-like yacht and the misfiring of an outboard that defies the sweaty efforts of the recreational captain on the pulling rope.

From one fisherman’s farm to the next, namely to the one in Damerow on Jabler See. Since the Mecklenburg Lake District has 999 other “puddles” up its sleeve in addition to its most prominent body of water, many of which are wet and networked, the tour around the Muritz can wait until tomorrow. So from goods to the Kolpinsee first. Instead of hurricane-like dragging winds of oncoming forty-tonne trucks, the contemplative contrast program of Mother Nature away from the B 192. Flower power of the wild flowers, couples in the bank grass, traces of campfires. Suddenly there was a harsh twitching in the sky: Peter flashes clouds that are moving too quickly.

The streets are sometimes ramshackle, the landscape is magical

The sun follows the thunderstorm. Light reflections on water like asphalt and the mouse cinema of the Crossrunner, where the digital speedometer digits dance with pleasure. Our front wheels don’t mess around, plop like high-spirited children through the water-filled potholes between Laschendorf and Untergohren. As dilapidated as the streets are sometimes, the former Blucher Castle is magical after its metamorphosis into the “Radisson Blu Resort Schlosshotel Fleesensee”. With enough flakes in your pocket, it’s definitely nice. Without decimating the cash we finally reach goods as described at the beginning and move into the “Gasthof Kegel” in the middle of the renovated old town, which the demolition excavator has barely shoveled off the shovel..

Although the largest city on the Muritz with around 21,000 inhabitants, Waren pushes a calm ball. The place scores with its cozy harbor, where there is always something to see during the day and at night. And be it just the striking ensemble of excursion steamers moored on the quay and the illuminated St. Mary’s Church.

Tour tip Mecklenburg Lake District

In the land of 100 lakes

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Cast off for the round around the Muritz

Life: Out and about in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania


The city of goods with a population of 21,000 scores with an ensemble of familiar excursion steamers and the illuminated St. Mary’s Church.

“Then let’s take a look at the wind,” says the weatherman while watching breakfast TV, getting in the mood for the new day. It begins for Stephan and me with a detour to Mecklenburg Metallguss GmbH and a look at the ship’s propellers stored there – the tips of a fleet from Eisenbergen, as it were, once the giant pots are flanged on. For them, the space in the sky above goods, as deep blue as it is, would definitely not be enough. And now cast off for the tour around the Muritz!

As if it had lost its way from the Loire to the Mecklenburg Lake District, the ornate “Schlosshotel Klink” stands between Kolpinsee and Muritz. Significantly more rustic are the smoking wooden stalls at the harbor in Sietow Dorf, where, if you anchor for a long time, there is a risk of smoke inhalation; smoked fish should be healthy. There’s nothing to complain about at Gotthun: A flagstone path, the two concrete strips of which are exactly the right gauge for a Gold Wing team, leads down to the Nitschow campsite, which is beautifully located on the lakeshore. If you don’t have a bathing luxury with you, you might head for the neighboring Hirschberg naturist campsite.

For an amphibious bike, many people would probably give their last motorcycle

We cruise to Robel and then into the landscape between Greven and Ludorf: swaying cornfields, trellised chestnuts, in between an unpaved ravine where the crossrunners can really get dusty. It is actually logical that the route is marked in white on the map. Even the extremely bumpy cobblestone passage that follows later, to which the chronicler notes with a shaken hand, should be laid out as a 3-D relief: Vipperow – Rappelo! And some people in the land of a thousand lakes would probably give their last motorcycle for an amphibious bike in order not to have to navigate around the bruises all the time. How such earthly problems can be solved differently is provided by the Rechlin Aviation Museum, which is well worth a visit.

At the southern tip of the Muritz a jibe and after exploring the west bank back now on the eastern side. This is dominated by the Muritz National Park, which is sometimes taboo for motor vehicles. Anyone who gets lost on the ten-kilometer-long Direttissima from Boek to Speck will at least not receive a bulb because of gasping: the flora and fauna are far too fascinating to not let them pass by in slow motion. The planners who created three kilometers of the most beautiful curves between Federow and Kargow probably thought similarly. So that we can have fun for as long as possible: a maximum of 70 km / h.

The V4 cheers on the asphalt curve mix to Jurgenstorf

Life: Out and about in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania


Everything revolves around the fish: fish yourself, enjoy it fresh or learn that pikeperch can also bite at night.

Back in Waren, Angie is going for a swim at the city harbor. The good one originally comes from the USA, after her first life across the pond she was made fit for a new owner from Hamburg and is now hanging in the straps of a crane that lets her into the water. 5.7 liter machine, 260 hp – makes 60 kilometers and 78 liters of fuel per hour with “lever on the table”. Alternatively, there is also a 7.4-liter engine with 315 hp for the yacht.

The 102 hp of the 800 are enough for us. We discover other delicacies of the region: For example, north-east of Waren, the Holterdiepolter to Hungerstorf, near Zettemin a discreet swimming lake, from Rottmannshagen to Rutzenfelde a challenging connection through the forest, a pure asphalt curve mix to Jurgenstorf, on which the V4 times may cheer up to 12,000 revolutions. Or from Oberschloen towards Ankershagen: curves like in the foothills of the Alps. The best at the end: a driver safety training at Linowsee, where predictive driving is also taught. What will definitely help to avoid future speed tickets.


Life: Out and about in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania


Duration of the trip: 3-4 days; Distance driven: 500 kilometers.

Provocative thesis: The Muritz, with the 999 other bodies of water in the Mecklenburg Lake District, offers significantly more pristine nature and driving fun on the smallest of roads than, for example, the closed shores of Lake Constance in the south of the republic.

getting there: Depending on the “home port”, the quickest way to get to Muritz is via Berlin via the A 24 and A 19 or via Hamburg via the A 24, B 191 and B 192. In order not to “jump into the deep end” on site, the Getting in the mood long before Muritz leaves the autobahn, Mother Mecklenburg has many other beautiful lakes in its range.

accommodation: As is so often the case, a permanent quarter is also recommended on the Muritz for luggage-free daily stages. Those who prefer (small) urban flair will most likely find it in Waren or Robel; It’s quieter and possibly more romantic, of course, on any lake shore, where fox and fish say goodnight. Here is a selection: “Gasthof Kegel,” Grobe Wasserstrabe 4, 17192 Waren, Telephone 0 39 91/6 20 70,; “Radisson Blu Resort Schloss Fleesensee”, Schlossstrasse 1, 17213 Gohren-Lebbin, phone 03 99 32/8 01 00, see; “Schlosshotel Klink”, Schlossstrasse 6, 17192 Klink, Telephone 0 39 91/74 70,; “Seglerheim”, Muritzpromenade 11, 17207 Robel, phone 3 99 31/5 91 81,; “Pension Radhaus Jurgenstorf”, Hofweg 10, 17153 Jurgenstorf, phone 03 99 55/3 9112,; “Hotel Haus am See”, Zechliner Str. 5, 16831 Rheinsberg, phone 03 39 21/76 90,; Nitschow campsite, phone 03 99 31/5 26 15,

motorcycling: Yes, there are even broad federal roads and newly paved secondary roads around the Muritz. The first is avoided, the second is appreciated. And all the hundreds of other cobblestone, pothole-like, slab of concrete, dirt roads, fine sand and other connections from village to backwater, from bank to bay? They quickly become an addiction. Driving safety training? Professional association training center Linowsee (

Literature and maps: The first choice of travel guide is the book “Mecklenburgische Seenplatte” from Michael Muller Verlag for 16.90 euros. All secondary routes are shown on the detailed Marco Polo leisure map “Mecklenburg Lakes” (1: 100,000, 7.99 euros).
Addresses:;;; www.meck
Action team: Legal, ingenious enduro hiking according to the roadbook, suitable for beginners and two-cylinder, without group pressure with capable guides. Dates in May, June, three days, 325 euros.
Detailed information: Telephone 07 11/1 82 19 77 or

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