Limited Edition: ABP Racing-KTM 690 SMC


Limited Edition: ABP Racing-KTM 690 SMC

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Limited Edition: ABP Racing-KTM 690 SMC

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The pale racing blue of the Gulf oil company on the KTM 690 SMC polarizes. Without exception, however, the engine triggers enthusiasm with its brute punch.

The powerful hammering of the single cylinder penetrates to the tips of the hair. The KTM 690 SMC sheer power that the Swabian tuning company ABP Racing ( conjured up in the fine supermoto. The full blow of the stew is never uncomfortable, rather it massages body and soul. At the same time, the single gives the certainty of being able to swing the big club whenever necessary. With the exception of the top-end power increased to 68 hp, this applies particularly to the lower rev range, where experience has shown that the standard 690s are weak.

The Sumo presses an incredible 30 percent more power and torque onto the asphalt at around 4000 rpm. The KTM pulls bold lines out of tight corners onto the road and, if desired, seamlessly transitions to wild wheelies. The big-bore single cylinder delivers its Schmalz linearly and easily dosed, turning the throttle offers no nasty surprises, but liters of adrenaline. In keeping with the punch, the baby blue ABP-KTM shoots its mighty, dull, rumbling bass out of the carbon exhaust. If you plow through tunnels with the shower open, the thunder reverberates for seconds – awesome! But be careful: at full load no sheriffs should listen, despite the license number on the silencer, conversations of the unpleasant kind threaten – the sumo sound is like a hard rock concert. The KTM shows that it can do other things when the throttle grip is moderately open and the engine speed is low. Here she mumbles politely to herself. A top unit, the only drawback is that it occasionally goes out when idling. ABP owner Ralf Welzmuller reassures: “This is due to the throttle valve, which has to be adjusted from time to time on some bikes."

The largest intervention in the Austrian is the expansion of the bore by two to 104 millimeters. A piston from CP is now racing up and down, increasing the compression to 12.5: 1. To do this, the tuner modified the cylinder head, redesigned the airbox, gave the Sumo a complete exhaust and reprogrammed the engine control – that’s it.

Visually, the SMC stands out due to its color with fine carbon applications on the painted surfaces. All that’s missing is some clear varnish over it. The spoke rims made of carbon are an absolute visual and technical highlight. They look fantastic and are almost 700 grams lighter than the standard parts.

Enough information, high time for a new shot of adrenaline!

Measured values ​​/ technical data

Fantastic combination: ABP Racing installed carbon rims with wire spokes on the KTM 690 SMC.

The displacement advantage of the tuned KTM is only 26 cubic centimeters, but the differences in power and torque are enormous. The ABP-SMC’s fat torque is particularly impressive.

Technical specifications

Single-cylinder engine, 4 valves / cylinder, 50 kW (68 PS) at 7100 / min *, 73.5 Nm at 5800 / min *, 680 cm3, bore / stroke: 104.0 / 80.0 mm, compression ratio: 12 , 5: 1, ignition / injection system, 46 mm throttle valve, hydraulically operated multi-disc oil bath anti-hopping clutch, six-speed gearbox, G-Kat

landing gear

Steel tubular space frame, steering head angle: 63 degrees, caster: 112 mm, wheelbase: 1480 mm. Upside-down fork, Ø fork inner tube: 48 mm, adjustable in rebound and compression stage, central spring strut with deflection, adjustable in spring base, rebound and compression stage (high / low speed), spring travel v./h .: 275/265 mm

Wheels and brakes

Carbon wire spoke wheels, 3.5 x 17"/5.50 x 17", Front tires: 120/70 ZR 17, rear: 160/60 ZR 17. Tires: Bridgestone BT 090, 320 mm single-disc brake with four-piston fixed caliper at the front, 240 mm single-disc brake with single-piston floating caliper at the rear

Rear wheel power in last gear
63 hp at 159 km / h **

Top speed
about 190 km / h

Conversion costs: around 5400 euros

* Manufacturer information, ** PS measurement

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