Stefan Weber’s favorite motorcycle: Triumph Speed ​​Triple T 300


Stefan Weber's favorite motorcycle: Triumph Speed ​​Triple T 300

Favorite motorcycle of graphic designer Stefan Weber

Triumph Speed ​​Triple T 300

In 1994 the first Triumph Speed ​​Triple Cup was driven with the T 300 three-cylinder 900 series and all start numbers started with a three. The Speed ​​Triple from MOTORRAD graphic designer Stefan Weber started with the number 310 and still wears it today.

S.he had a tough run-in program, the start number 310: the first cup race on the Grand Prix track of the Nurburgring. She almost didn’t survive. Driven by the then PS test boss and future MOTORRAD editor-in-chief Michael Pfeiffer, she was in the lead after the first half lap when the rear tire gave up on the side with a squeak like a panicked piglet when accelerating out of the left bend, then known as the Yokohama curve. “The triple stood across the steering stop; I was actually just waiting for the departure. But she then straightened out again, ”said hero pilot Pfeiffer, describing the incident after which he carefully finished the race in fifth place.

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Stefan Weber's favorite motorcycle: Triumph Speed ​​Triple T 300

Two-wheeled treasures of the editorial team
The Triumph Speed ​​Triple T 300 from the graphic artist

When the graphic artist dreams…

The Speed ​​Triple probably already suspected that it had to hold on to the young graphic designer Stefan Weber, who occasionally dreamed of it over the light table in the MOTORRAD graphics. On the first press photos of the new Speed ​​Triple – the older ones remember dull duplicates of slides – the paintwork looked matt black, which really electrified Stefan. And when the paint turned out to be shiny in real life, it was already so inflamed that he forgave the triple for this blemish. Especially since after a few more grueling races he was able to acquire it for significantly less than the list price under the fast MOTORRAD tester Gerhard Lindner (see photo).

Not that it has become any more comfortable for the Speed ​​Triple with its new owner. “For everyday life I was able to ride test motorcycles, so I just took them with me to racing training,” he says, outlining the program for the next few years. Incidentally, this quotation, reproduced in High German, should be imagined as Swabian as possible. This is necessary to get in the mood, because Stefan’s self-found name for his triple can no longer be translated into High German: Its original weight of 251 kilograms, minus around 20 kilograms, which it owes to a lighter exhaust system, he comments with the words: “She is just a Bolla. “. How can you put it differently??
Bollen? Can anyone imagine anything under this condemned term? Hardly likely. Chunks? That sounds like something fragmentary, but the triple was always complete. Lump? The word implies formlessness, but it is well formed. In addition, the lump lacks the solid gravity of a real Swabian “Bolla” (with a briefly spoken a). So stick with it. Whatever: Stefan and his “Bolla” completed many kilometers of racetracks on the old and new Hockenheimring as well as at least five training sessions lasting several days on the Nurburgring-Nordschleife.


Stefan Weber’s Triumph Speed ​​Triple T 300 in action.

Over the years, the “Bolla” continued to run in its old freshness, but more and more super-fast, super-light super athletes appeared during the race training and Stefan got unfamiliar problems. “If everyone really passes you on the straights, but you can overtake some back in the winding passages, you will no longer find any rhythm or harmony. You only drive aggressively and then things get dangerous, ”he recognized and gave up racing on the“ Bolla ”.

In addition, he not only collects motorcycles – in addition to the Speed ​​Triple, he also looks after a Honda XL 250 Motorsport, a Yamaha RD 250 converted to 350 cm³, a Yamaha DS 7, a dismantled Harley Super Glide and his wife’s Honda Hawk – but also historical building material. Windows, bricks or cast iron pillars. Together with his family, he gradually processed them in various new buildings, extensions and conversions, which not only cost him his workshop, which is now a kitchen, but also gradually sidelined the Speed ​​Triple.

Despite her visibly well-groomed condition, she probably felt a bit neglected. It took revenge, as motorcycles often do in the course of long periods of idle time; somewhere in the carburetors it collected some particles that clogged a nozzle. Since then it has been spitting and coughing when it is started, demanding a little more attention, but above all a thorough cleaning of its three Mikuni carburettors. You shouldn’t give people advice without asking, but at this point it is simply necessary: ​​Do it next spring, Stefan, for their 20th birthday. And then drive hard with her.

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