Live chats – Alexandre Kowalski (Yamaha): bikers must know how to share space – Used YAMAHA

Alexandre Kowalski (Yamaha): bikers must know how to share space

Live chats - Alexandre Kowalski (Yamaha): bikers must know how to share space - Used YAMAHA

Transcription of the chat which took place on October 1 at 11:00 am live from the Site stand at the 2007 Mondial du 2 Roues: Vmax prototype, Tmax evolutions, arrival of the Chinese … Alexandre Kowalski, Yamaha communications director answers your questions.

Question from Fred: Hello. How to translate speed restrictions, radar among others into the motorcycle market. In the popular imagination, a motorcycle goes faster than a car, do you think that the two-wheel market, excluding scooters, is penalized in relation to the road safety policy which has staked everything on repression? ?
Alexandre Kowalski – Yamaha Motor.France: The motorcycle is not penalized more than the automobile. We still have a tolerance when it comes to going back up. It is also up to us to know how to share space and to pay attention to our behavior in an always delicate repressive context..

Question from Fifiplanplan: Hello Alexandre! When will a new Vmax ?
A. K .: Exceptional fact at the Paris Motor Show: as you could see on our stand (and on Moto-Net for those who have not yet come to the Show), we have the Vmax bike show. We expect a lot of feedback from you to consider the future of this Vmax. A few years ago we presented the MT-03 in Paris on the same principle, and it is now available in concession! To be continued…

Question from ninoyam: Why not have further developed the Tmax, especially in terms of displacement? Thank you for this chat !
A. K .: The Tmax has evolved well since it now adopts a complete aluminum chassis, a 15-wheel front for better stability. As for the engine evolution, it was moderate because of the reliability that the Japanese want to preserve, especially at the level of the transmission..

Question from Nologo: Hello. MBK sells the same scooters as Yamaha but in smaller quantities: is the size of the network the only cause ?
A. K .: MBK has a much stronger image in 50 cc scooters while Yamaha is more present in 125 and beyond. This is due to several factors:

  • 1.MBK has more dealers in number than Yamaha, but smaller in size, and therefore more conducive to local commerce.

  • 2. The marketing positioning of products is younger at MBK and more institutional at Yamaha.

  • 3. A different communication policy through the various media.

Question from dav: Hello, are there any plans to continue the concept of CT with a new model? The 5PS 900 has been around since 2002 and competition is increasingly fierce in this sector..
A. K .: The TDM is a solid motorcycle in our range and the twin that drives it will not be abandoned, far from it! New concepts (Supermotard, Hypermotard, big trails, etc.) are arriving on the market and Yamaha is actively working on them..

Question from Gamellix: Hello Alexandre, the first images of the future Vmax made a number of fans of the beast drool. What information do you have today on its release date? Moreover, the Bking becoming the most powerful roadster on the market, is Yamaha, faithful to its habits, considering modifying the first known characteristics of the future monster, to regain leadership in the matter? Yes, yes I know, the 100 hp regulations in France…
A. K .: For the date of the arrival of the Vmax, we are waiting for your feedback! As for leadership in "monster" matters, it is obvious that when you discover this bike, the first known characteristics should not leave you hungry! In the event that it would be marketed, the new Vmax would obviously be limited to 100 hp, but everything would be done so that the sensations are present despite this limitation.

Question from bulldog63: Hello. Following the disappearance of the BT1100 from the Yamaha catalog, do you plan to replace or upgrade the model? ?
A. K .: The Bulldog was a product aimed at a limited segment in the French market. We are exploring avenues to possibly consider the evolution of this model, but nothing is planned immediately..

Question from voicivoila: If you allow a personal question, are you a biker? What course do you need to take to get your job (for when I grow up!) ?
A. K .: Of course I am a biker, I ride two-wheelers every day. I alternate between FJR1300, Tmax, FZ1 and super sports cars for sunny days! To take my position in a few years, pass your bac, BTS, second cycle and even 3rd cycle if you want! In short, a little less time to chat on the internet 🙂

Question from Alan-Smithee: Are you concerned about the arrival of Chinese (and others) on the 125 market? And in the market for bigger motorcycles ?
A. K .: We are attentive to the arrival of competitors, but the fact remains that today there are 125 brands of motorcycles on the French market and that Yamaha has been in motorcycles for more than 50 years. We have built a real distribution network in France, developing real customer service, real proximity to the market, and this can only be done in a minimum space of time. We therefore remain cautious and attentive but are pursuing our objective which has been to favor an efficient stability over time in terms of business, while being attentive to the market with the desire to satisfy customers..

Question from popov33: Hello Mr. Kowalski. I am currently in the process of making all the dealerships for a future purchase in the mid-displacement range and here is my question: will the Fazer S2 also be upgraded to 78 hp like the 2006 Fazer? Thanks to Site for this chat and thanks to Mr. Kowalski.
A. K .: Hello popov. Currently it is not planned for 2008.

Question from dav: On the site "", French-speaking portal for TDM enthusiasts, members have drawn up specifications (letter to Santa Claus) for the changes to be made to current TDM to make it a new best -seller. How do you get the message out to Yamaha? In the same vein, are there any plans to release a new TRX (Cf. the petition on the portal)? thanks for your intervention.
A. K .: We are attentive and receptive to your messages and know that today there is a demand to evolve this bike (TRX mode, TDM evolution mode, etc.), but the reasoning of the factory is done on a global level and it The demand must be generated by countries with large markets. But send me your "Letter to Santa Claus" and I will not fail to forward it to the factory so that the TDMists’ dream becomes reality. !

Question from bomotard: Hello. I had a 600 Diversion which I was very happy with but after 12 years together, I changed partners. Many "yamahists" still regret it today. Do you have in your boxes the project of a machine of the same type, easy, versatile, of a contained weight, well equipped at the base, a bit like Deauville, and of a price accessible to the greatest number? I specify that the trend "sportivo-thing-thing", as the new version Fazer does not really tempt me, because at 57 years old, I have, I think, passed the age of clowning !
A. K .: Hello. We also miss the 600 Diversion! We are aware of this but the new Euro standards since 2000 have forced us to restrict our range (since 2000, we have lost more than 10 models from the range!) And it goes without saying that we are continuing to rebuild our range. As you can imagine, the 600 Diversion profile is one of our priorities. A little more patience … Industrial and financial investments are colossal to meet new standards (injection, catalyst, etc.) and obviously slow down the flow of new products..

Question from GuitouFJR1300: Hello, My question concerns the prohibitive price of accessories: owner of FJR (the second nine) I am surprised at the pharaonic price of the few options, take as an example the foot protectors (now painted) which in my opinion should be integrated into the initial new sale as well as the high bubble (280 EUROS). In addition, it is necessary and I would like to underline the seriousness of your network in terms of taking into account any concerns that may be encountered: then I would like to honor the Moto Revolution dealership in Versailles which does more than contribute to my choice of the brand you represent.
A. K .: Hello. We know Olivier Bugeval and Bruno Gobert (Moto Revolution Versailles) very well, who are fervent defenders of our brand and of customer satisfaction. As for the price of accessories, it is true that some are at high prices, but sometimes it is difficult to lower them as the accessories are developed in limited quantity and do not make sufficient volume. I am however sensitive to your remark and will not fail to bring up the information !

Question from hacker: Hello. What will be the sporting choices of Yamaha Motor France for 2008? In terms of official involvement? Especially in TT. For example, Marc Germain, at Noiretable, final of the enduro world championship, with means of assistance equivalent to those of an average enduro rider, it hurts. He is one of the best pilots in the world! He finished third this year, and has the public behind him. The parks of enduro riders are still very blue, not seeing a real Yamaha Motor France structure leaves even more room for KTM. So why don’t you support your Yamaha riders more?
A. K .: Yamaha has always been a dynamic player in terms of sporting involvement in France, but today the market and the profitability of our companies have been undermined in recent years. We still maintain a presence in enduro, despite the fact that the TT for Yamaha represents less than 10% of our turnover! (which is not the case with our direct competitors). We strive to be present in Enduro, Speed, Quad, Motocross (and Yamaha Off Road), not to mention Jet and Endurance which remains an important position (we have just won the Bol d’Or!) , but at some point we have to make choices. Which explains Marc’s limited structure in the French Enduro Championship.

Question from Stephane: Ecology is playing an increasingly important part in everyday life, what about your brand? When will motorcycles meet the same standards as cars? Thank you.
A. K .:
You could see it on our stand, Yamaha is exhibiting two prototypes: one running on hydrogen and the other on ethanol, to precisely mark the fact that Yamaha is working on the development of these new technologies. As for the arrival of these models on the market, nothing is certain yet but a minimum of 5 years will be necessary for their entry into production..

Question from Gamellix: What are, according to you, the probabilities, quantified in percentage, of release of the new Vmax? The presentation at the Tokyo Motor Show, of the EVO 6, could it modify this percentage ?
A. K .:
We are now at 60% probability. We are counting on your enthusiasm and numerous information feedback to increase this percentage 🙂

A. K .: Thank you all, I was delighted to have this discussion with you! Your relevant questions make us aware and do not hesitate to send me all your comments. I am always very curious about new market requests, it is important to satisfy you !

Collected live by Site readers

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