Kumpan 54 Ignite and 54 Impulse: Finally faster than 45 km / h


Kumpan 54 Ignite and 54 Impulse: Finally faster than 45 km / h
Kumpan Electric

Kumpan 54 Ignite and 54 Impulse

Finally faster than 45 km / h

The German electric scooter manufacturer Kumpan brings the models 54 Ignite and 54 Impulse. Both are quasi speed models. They run 70 and 100 km / h respectively.

Kumpan Electric has been building retro-style electric scooters for a good ten years. So far, the Kumpan models have been content with carrying their drivers through traffic at a maximum of 45 km / h. That is now changing with the new 54 Impulse and 54 Ignite models.

In the Impulse, the four kW electric motor is let off the leash unchecked and is allowed to drive the electric scooter to a top speed of 70 km / h. The range of this variant is given as 100 kilometers, the price is currently around 5,850 euros. The Kumpan 54 Ignite is aimed at absolute speed freaks. Here the electric motor has an output of seven kW, enough to drive the electric scooter up to 100 km / h. However, the range sinks to 80 kilometers, the base price climbs to currently around 6,670 euros. In contrast to the 45 km / h scooter, the two new versions are supplied with two batteries as standard. A third battery can be added as an option.

Kumpan Electric

Speed ​​models need "huge" Driving license

The -45 km / h models Inspire and Iconic produce only three and four kW respectively and shine with a range of 135 kilometers. The basic prices are around 3,900 and 4,900 euros.

While the 45 km / h models can be driven with a class B driver’s license, pilots of the fast e-scooters need a class A1 driver’s license or a B196 additional driver’s license for a car.

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