LKM-Suzuki B-King – Tuned naked bike from Suzuki


LKM-Suzuki B-King - Tuned naked bike from Suzuki

Tuning: LKM-Suzuki B-King

Tuned naked bike from Suzuki

For 28 years, LKM has been tuning four-cylinder engines, breathing extra power into more than 5000 engines. With a good 200 hp and over 280 km / h, this special B-King shows the potential of the white giant. Endless power meets brilliant rideability on this naked bike.

The driver of a 10 hp Yamaha XV 125 Virago has no chance. Magically attracted by the mighty front of the huge white naked bike, he stops. Like a moth around the light, he circles the parked performance king: "How much horsepower does it have?" "Over 200." "What? Doesn’t that tear your arms off when you accelerate? ”“ Nope, it can be driven very gently. ”Really true.

How well this tuning engine is tuned, reveals the crazy even idling. With a constant 1000 tours, the bolide whispers gently to itself. Sonorous, but not too loud, the petite Bodis exhaust hums under the rear. Swinging onto the white giant. You feel wonderfully secure in this mighty motorcycle with its wide and quite high seat. More beautiful thrones. Kalack, first course. The colossus starts moving gently, very gently. No more dramatic than any other power bike. The asphalt does not make waves. Not yet.

Easy, the king of performance among naked bikes, circles semi-illegally parked cars, and can be guided in city traffic in a pious manner. Formidable handling for such a PS monster. Bridgestone’s new BT 016 Pro have excellent grip on thoroughbred road tires. Up to a speed of 3000 the propulsion is still gentle. Up to the 4000 mark, the engine made by LKM boss Hennes Lohr has a little less power than standard. The LKM four-cylinder accelerates harder from overrun. Otherwise, the throttle response in the lowest rev range is not exactly ultra brutal and direct. She’s still sleeping, the beast.

An enormous number of sponsor stickers reveal the latest work equipment from “Mister Hayabusa”, alias Elmar Geulen. After his motocross and road racing career, the 54-year-old self-promoter with the bouncer stature helped Suzuki’s speed record motorcycle to a lot of attention, right up to the 400 hp turbo Busa. Now the Rhenish original just before the B.-King abdicated at the end of the 2011 season, found his congenial naked bike in her. Powerful, strong, a real macho motorcycle. But the original 178 hp of the 1340 cubic series engine was not enough for Elmar. A clear case for Hennes Lohr from LKM, who has been a specialist in Japanese four-cylinder and MV engines for 28 years.

He heaved the naked bike to 200 hp; MOTORRAD even found an incredible 203 hp. It was precisely with this motorcycle that Elmar Geulen broke a “world speed record for street-legal naked bikes” at the beginning of September 2011: 283.4 km / h. And Elmar Geulen’s gigantic stature is not exactly conducive to top speed. This knowledge is always part of the mental cinema. How does that feel? Still unspectacular.

The B-King now glides majestically on the motorway at 4000 rpm and a 125 speedometer. The animal below you takes a breath. It’s the calm before the storm.

Finally the speed limit ends, the driver in front pulls over to the right, the left foot steps in the fifth. Now there is no stopping it. 6000 / min – the thrust is now infernal. 8000 tours, pure anger. As standard, a B-King only unleashes full power in fourth gear. Not this one. LKM removed the throttling in gears one to three and the speed limiter in gears five and six. Pandora’s box is wide open. 9600 rpm, the B-King tears the 200 hp mark, becomes brutal and angry. And then never let up.

Phew, how that bites! Sensational. 250, 260, the LCD speedometer rolls over. Switch, just switch. The sixth is in, but the thrust doesn’t wane. 284, 293, 299. Are these real 281s, as determined by MOTORRAD with a low start-up? Or more? No matter, no matter. The world sweeps past as a narrow strip, gigantic trucks race backwards, the motorway becomes tunnel-shaped. The experience of being so fast is as brutally intense as possible on an undisguised motorcycle. At least the black auxiliary screen offers some wind protection. The knees rest behind supposed air scoops to the left and right of the rather small 16.5 liter tank. Nevertheless, full coverage is the order of the day.

Brute performance with the LKM-Suzuki B-King.

And predictive direction finding at 75 meters per second. As if pulled on a string, King Kong burns with high precision over the suddenly curvy track. The steering damper from Ohlins gives you a good feeling. It prevents the handlebars from slapping if the front wheel lifts when the gears one to three are fully turned down. As smooth as the B-King lies on Ohlins spring elements, they are so tight. Adapted to Elmar’s weight class, the heavy damping is essential for survival at such a top speed. Fast as a breeze meets sturdy. A divine straight-line motorcycle.

But one that, with its 246.5 kilograms, is also really good at cornering. Are 12.5 kilos less than in the series. Elmar Geulen had ABS expanded, something the repeated TT driver is probably not used to.

Well, just show up, straighten up and take off the gas is already immensely delayed. Where does all the power come from? With brains. LKM always begins its tuning after an initial performance measurement with the dismantling of the cylinder head: Hennes Lohr optimizes the flow of the inlet and outlet channels. This is followed by milling around and precise gauging of the combustion chambers.

Planning the cylinder head increases the compression, here moderately by 0.2. Hennes Lohr recommends Super Plus because of this and because of cleaner combustion and smoother engine running. Next tuning measure: reducing the gap between the piston crown and cylinder from 0.8 to 0.6 millimeters. Targeted turning of the camshaft gears changes the valve timing without new camshafts.

LKM increases the inside diameter of all valve seat inserts by 0.5 millimeters and installs new valve wear rings. Glass blasting removes existing deposits from the valves. After all, this B-King has already covered a good 15,000 kilometers.

The tuner carefully adjusts the valve clearance: “That is often not right at the factory”. Furthermore, the optimization of the airbox, from which it pounds hard while driving, and new, own ignition maps are on the agenda. A moderate 1600 euros costs pure engine tuning, collection of the motorcycle and a two-year guarantee on LKM’s work included.

Dear Virago rider: Suzuki’s B-King is today what the Yamaha V-Max was in the 80s. Just stronger and much, much more active. In the case of “Mister Haybusa’s” motorcycle, spectacularly prepared by LKM. And both arms are still there.

Modifications / mileage

Instead of the huge rabbit ears of the series: filigree, visually discreet, acoustically present underseat exhaust from Bodis.

Top speed 283 (247) km / h
0-100 km / h 2.9 (3.1) sec
0-140 km / h 4.4 (4.6) sec
0-200 km / h 7.5 (8.1) sec
60-100 km / h 3.8 (4.0) sec
100-140 km / h 3.4 (3.6) sec
140-180 km / h 3.7 (4.2) sec


  • Suzuki B-King, 2011 model, new 12890 euros
  • Engine tuning with 200 hp at 9800 rpm on the clutch and 148.3 Nm at 7800 rpm on the rear wheel 1600 euros
  • Slip-on exhaust from Bodis 1390 euros
  • Bridgestone tires BT 016 Pro (set) on GaleSpeed ​​forged wheels 2290 euros
  • a set of carbon covers from Adimoto 590 euros
  • a set of crash pads (Kern Stabi)   199 euros
  • TRW footrest system 349 euros
  • TRW brake line kit 290 euros
  • TRW brake discs 439 euros
  • Upside-down fork (Ohlins) 2990 euros
  • Ohlins shock absorber 1430 euros
  • Ohlins steering damper 434 euros
  • a set of Kellermann indicators with rear and brake light functions 99 euros
  • total price 24,990 euros

LKM Power, Gimmersdorfer Strabe 83, 53343 Wachtberg-Villip / Bonn, phone 02 28/31 66 31,

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