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Harley-Davidson reduces Europe offer

750, 883 and 1200 will be deleted

Lovers of Sportster, Iron and Co. take note. With the changeover to Euro 5, all small models will no longer be available from the Americans’ European portfolio.

From January 1, 2021, the Euro 5 standard will apply to new motorcycles. In the model range of Harley-Davidson for Europe currently does not meet these requirements.

No Euro 5 for small engines, ten models are omitted

Now the Americans want to use the upcoming changeover to clean up the portfolio for Europe. Models with the 750 V2, models with the 883 V2 and models with the 1,202 cm³ V2 engine should not be converted to Euro 5. Specifically, we are talking about the models Street 750, Street Rod, Iron 883, Super Low, Sportster 1200 Custom , Iron 1200, Forty-Eight, Forty Eight Special, Super Low 1200T and Roadster. All of them will be dropped by the end of the year.

Obviously, the effort for an adjustment to the new legal regulations is too great and too expensive that it is still worthwhile for the low sales figures of these models in Europe. Anyone who hopes that Harley will now quickly create a heap for Europe in order to be able to further equip the market with daily registrations is likely to be disappointed. Many of the models mentioned are already in short supply in retail. There is no more in sight. So if you are still speculating on a small Harley, you should grab it quickly.

New model family is coming


Harley-Davidson Flat Tracker Concept.

The end of the models now does not mean that Harley is leaving the smaller displacement segment fallow. With the upcoming Harley-Davidson Pan America, a new platform will find its way to Europe together with a new liquid-cooled V2. Harley has already shown how changeable this platform is with various designs. In addition to the Enduro, numerous other models are likely to come here.


The Euro 5 changeover will clean up the motorcycle market. At Harley it is now the small model family. A new small range of models is considered safe – then with modern water-cooled engines.

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