LSL-ER-6 UrbanX

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LSL-ER-6 UrbanX

LSL-ER-6 UrbanX

Norbert Kappes


o the long-legged, slim beauty also appears, heads turn, fascinated, to look at her. She attracts admiring glances. And also questioning: What, please, is that? No manufacturer name, no type designation
can be identified in order to identify the exciting looking motorcycle.
UrbanX named Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler von LSL Motorradtechnik started his study of a radical supermoto
Basis of the all-rounder Kawasaki ER-6n. The founder of this company in Krefeld saw plenty of potential for biker dreams in the inexpensive twin. Especially when money is not an issue.
Except for the frame, tank and wheels, hardly anything remained
Old people. Lots of parts milled from solid, from the lamp holder to the adjusting stars on the fork to the chain tensioner inserts on the swing arm ends. A fully adjustable telescopic fork of the Yamaha 1000 Fazer, which was revised by WP, guides the 17-inch front wheel. The fork with 43 stanchions and 140 millimeters of suspension travel is 60 millimeters longer than the original and is set in milled fork bridges. At the rear, a height-adjustable WP Super Competition shock absorber that is 40 millimeters longer is supported against the rear frame.
Both spring elements work sensitively and precisely, are sporty and tightly coordinated. Nothing for wimps or people who have it in the cross. When standing, the driver just touches the ground with his toes. The rest of the dizzying seat height of 900 millimeters is done by the padded bench. But no cause for concern. The UrbanX, which weighs just 185 kilograms when fully fueled, has not a gram too much on its ribs. The wide, butted superbike handlebars are easy to grip. The elegant footrest is in the perfect position-
Mounted in position, the knee joint fits exactly, and so the UrbanX with the enormous maneuverability of a Yamaha MT-03 turns so suddenly around every corner that it is almost too much of a good thing.
In order to save weight, the UrbanX does without the original ER double disc brake. Instead, Nissin six-piston pliers bite violently into a RiWi segment brake disc the size of a pizza plate, which can be precisely dosed and operated with little manual force via a radial pump from Magura.
With so many noble add-on parts, the engine cannot remain standard either. Manfred Ilsanker from RMI contributes to this. Fine balancing of the crankshaft, adapting the combustion chambers and ducts, grinding the camshafts according to your own profile, modifying the air filter box and final coordination with the Power Commander at Dynojet importer Thomas Hafner resulted in an increase in output of almost ten hp. Exactly 81.7 hp at 9300 /
min determined MOTORRAD on the dynamometer.
With a shorter gear ratio, they tear the chain so violently that the UrbanX easily gets around the fork with every gear change and the cock is open. It’s just a shame that the changes in the form are not registrable because the inspector would lose the TuV sticker just because of the intake noise. But even without engine tuning you can do it for them
UrbanX pay good money. At 13,000 euros, the dream of this supermoto is unfortunately quickly over.

Conversion info LSL-ER-6 UrbanX

Basis: Kawasaki ER-6n, 649 cm3, 53 kW (72 PS) at 8500 rpm, 66 Nm at 7000 rpm

Engine tuning (not eligible)
Finely balanced crankshaft, revised combustion chambers and ducts, modified camshafts, modified air filter box, coordination via Power Commander, Remus exhaust, power approx. 87 hp (RMI information)

Chassis tuning
LSL triple clamps with redesigned 43 mm fork, height-adjustable WP shock absorber Super Competition, RiWi segment brake disc, milled Nissin six-piston pliers, Magura radial pump, LSL braided steel brake hoses

Further conversion: butted superbike handlebars, padded seat bench, LSL footrest system, instrument conversion on the tank, single headlights (Yamaha MT-03), fender conversion, LED rear light, LSL crash pads, aluminum sprocket cover, milled chain tensioner inserts, license plate holder
Price: for the complete vehicle (without engine tuning) around 13,000 euros

Contact: LSL Motorradtechnik, Heinrich-Malina-Str. 107, 47809 Krefeld, phone 02151/55590,

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