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Lueneburg Heath

Lueneburg Heath
Heathen egg

She should be at home in the Luneburg Heath – the beautiful Erika. And because Klaus H. Daams and Peter Dickmeyer cannot resist a plant, they paid a visit to the shy plant.

Klaus H. Daams, Peter Dickmeyer


As soon as we have left the A7, we are surrounded by a landscape whose cozy idyll has inspired poetry from local poets like Herrman Lons and has already served as a backdrop for countless local films. Since those blissful days, no page seems to have detached itself from the calendar. The flat land between Hamburg and Hanover is still the epitome of calm and cosiness. No wonder that the average tourist is approaching retirement age here and rolling through the countryside in horse-drawn carriages or reducing the flow of traffic in omegas and audis to walking pace. As I said, there is no hectic rush in the heath. In Egestorf we turn onto the small country lanes, which change in terms of surface technology like the mood of a school caretaker – apart from the surface suitable for bowling, there are plenty of asphalt patchwork carpets, cobblestones and concrete slab slopes, on which you are shaken like a dry Martini. We are right in the middle of it on them. The Luneburg Heath Nature Reserve begins a few kilometers west of the motorway. To the Wilseder Berg ?? at least 169 meters high and thus the most powerful elevation on the tour, as well as housing the Heidemuseum and, according to legend, Hannibal’s grave – you can only get there via a hiking trail. But in Undeloh, a little further north, one of the few public roads leads through the park. Alternately, we are surrounded by light forest, sand or the characteristic purple heather fields. In Schlierhorn we turn a loop and at Hansted on the small river Schmale Aue we reach the road to Jesteburg again. Villages barely larger than a football stadium are on the way, isolated farms where potatoes named Linda and Celina are for sale. Avoiding the foothills of Hamburg as much as possible, south of Buchholz we are approaching the supreme discipline of the heather – the moor . First the Konigsmoor, then the Wummeniederung ?? The resilient balls of grass, brackish waterholes and scattered trees spread for miles. Occasionally a few sheep with black faces and legs, a twittering lark in the sky – otherwise it is incredibly quiet in the moor. From now on we keep eastwards to near Oldendorf, where a sign indicates an old burial place. Erika overgrows the whole clearing between the barrows, boulders and stunted pines. The small flowers transform the 5000 year old city of the dead into a purple sea. Since the huge heather fields are not passable, the Harley takes a break and we take a long walk, enjoying the sight of the purple beauty swaying in the wind and the sand giving way under our boots. It feels like walking on the beach. There still needs to be a bit of a motorcycle atmosphere. We drive to Luneburg, the city that gave the region its name and which would also have been a good fit for “Home of the Brick”. Because the tiny alleys and the market square are lined with crooked brick houses. In the »Stint«, a motorcycle meeting place and one of several cozy pubs right on the ship landing stage, we take the last break. Lo and behold, the average age is well below 60.


The Luneburg Heath is one of the most exciting natural landscapes in Germany. Even if there are no curve orgies in the predominantly flat stretch of land, the small asphalt paths through moor, heather and birch forests are a very special North German pleasure.

Arrival via the A 7 is recommended, both from the north and the south. It leads directly through the Luneburg Heath. If you want to drive to Luneburg without detours, you can also choose the A 250 from the north. However, it is advisable to leave the motorway early in order to be able to drive as much of the country roads as possible. Travel time The Luneburg Heath is a worthwhile destination for relaxing motorcycle excursions from spring to late autumn. If you want to experience Erika in all its glory, you should avoid the hot midsummer months of July and August, as the herb looks like a plucked chicken if the dry period is too long. There is no shortage of accommodation options. You can get a room all year round without prior notice. Depending on the equipment and location, the prices range between 30 and 100 marks. The tourist office provides addresses (see information). Campsites are also shown on the maps mentioned. Information If you want to get in the mood for the trip, you can request information, maps and a detailed calendar of events from the Luneburger Heide Tourist Association, Barckhausenstr. 35, 21335 Luneburg, phone 04131/73 73-0. Room reservations are also possible through the association. An official website on the Internet has plenty of information about the Luneburg Heath Nature Park and hotel addresses ready: Literature Many guides to Germany have a chapter on the Luneburg Heath. Books that deal exclusively with this region are rather rare. One of the few recommended travel guides is “Luneburger Heide” by Marco Polo, which provides a representative overview of history, culture and sights on 120 pages. Not only its size, but also its price of 14.80 marks is suitable for small bags. The HB-Bildatlas “Luneburger Heide” for 14.80 Marks is also suitable for setting the mood. The optimal maps come from Marco Polo, the general map large sheet No. 1 on a scale of 1: 200,000 or the Allianz leisure map sheet 3 in 1: 100,000, which also provides many tips and tourist information for the tour. Time required: one to two days. Route length: xxx kilometers

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