Marabese Blade: The slightly different tricycle


Marabese Blade: The slightly different tricycle
Marabese design

Marabese Blade

The slightly different tricycle

Three wheel scooter concepts are not new. Marabese Design also uses three wheels in its Blade design, but arranges them all one behind the other.

M.arbese Design from near Milan has developed complete vehicles as well as studies for many large motorcycle manufacturers. Now the Italians have published drawings of an unusual three-wheeler concept. The Marbese Blade design relies on three wheels arranged one behind the other in a line.

Equipped for a lot of payload

Marbese has been developing this concept since 2006. What’s behind this tricycle approach? With three wheels, the scooter concept can carry more load – especially with a view to many Asian markets, where scooters are used as commercial vehicles and can also be loaded with entire families or loads of loads – an important aspect. The double front wheel also offers more grip reserves and more directional stability. Arranged one behind the other, the silhouette of the two-wheeler remains narrow, maintaining the agility advantage of a single-track vehicle.

Marabese design

Current prototypes roll on ten-inch front wheels, but 12-inch rims have also been tried out. The rear wheel hangs on a drive train swing arm, the two front wheels on two combined single-sided swing arms, which are supported by a horizontal strut. The test copy is fired by a 300 single-cylinder engine from a Piaggio MP3. But two-cylinder with 500 or 550 cm³ displacement are also conceivable.

The Marabese Blade is still a long way from series production, but the aim is to develop this concept further.

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