Mash Adventure 400 R in the test

Mash Adventure 400 R in the test

Travel enduro for 5195 euros

What’s this? A new Yamaha XT 660 Z Tenere – just smaller and air-cooled? Riddled with headlights from the 2001 Aprilia Caponord? No, the light Mash Adventure 400 R is a French-Chinese travel enduro for the smallest budget.

Mr. Tur Tur from the children’s book "Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver" has a secret: He is a pseudo giant, the larger he appears the further he is away, and the closer he gets, the smaller it becomes. This 400cc travel enduro does a very similar thing. Seen from a distance, it is M.ash Adventure 400 R apparently a very full-fledged, powerful motorcycle: with narrow aluminum cases and high exhausts, it is crisply trimmed for long-distance travel and adventure. Stately 89 centimeters seat height – that’s the same value as with a KTM 1190 Adventure R..

Mash Adventure 400 R in the test

Travel enduro for 5195 euros

Adventure 400 R is probably not the model name by chance. It gets even bigger: 250 millimeters of ground clearance under the steel profile frame is almost crosser level, a smooth 70 more than with the high-legged 1190. Is Mash now attacking KTM head-on? Come on, come on, come closer first. On the homepage is a price of 5195 euros, or 5595 euros if you order a suitcase right away. Incidental costs included!

Very neat at first glance

At first glance, the Mash Adventure 400 R looks very neat: its aluminum swing arm shows beautiful welds and decent axle mounts. There is also an air filter housing with quick-release fasteners and an aluminum handlebar with painted position markings. Cheap details? Okay, the case locks don’t look valuable, they are sharp-edged and badly deburred.

The crooked mounting bracket of the front fairing above the cockpit of the Mash Adventure 400 R bothers the eye as well as many rusty washers. A main stand is missing. And if hand guards are to be properly named, they would have to be attached on two sides. But as I said, 5000 euros and a few squashed!

The 400 four-valve engine should produce 27 hp

The injection engine thunders out of the two silencers. Sounds full and sonorous, this single. Almost acoustically too intrusive, like a competition model. Many decibels per km / h! Not at all so easy as a 1.71-meter person to climb the high seat. Once there, it’s time to fuss. The cable clutch works inconspicuously, the gear engages smoothly. So you can quickly step through the aisles in city traffic. The 400 four-valve engine should produce 27 hp, 25 were found on the test unit on the test unit, which was not very well run in. The sister model, the Mash Five Hundred, which is over 30 kilograms lighter, a classic naked bike with an identical engine, looks livelier on top. With the Mash Adventure 400 R, the propulsion is tough, the draft is poor. Although the machine weighs only a moderate 176 kilograms; with aluminum cases it is 186 kilos.

In the lower aisles, the stew with the overhead camshaft struggles. Its basic construction is reminiscent of historic Hondas, its design is short-stroke: a full 85 millimeter bore meets a 70 millimeter stroke and a slack compression of 8.8: 1. The Mash Adventure 400 R takes over ten seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 . Phew The usable speed range gets narrower from gear to gear: the fourth gear works from 3000 turns, the final fifth only smoothly from 3500 rpm, that’s around 70 km / h. Elastic is different. The air-cooled single cylinder with G-Kat does not turn over 6500 in the fifth. Turning is also different. At the top, the vibrations become pithy to rough.


The test specimen, which has not been used well enough, puts 25 hp to the test.

At 130 km / h the adventurer runs into an invisible wall with a lot of air resistance. At least, because only 115 are entered in the certificate. So the motorway is the wrong area. Passenger operation is hardly possible – with a load of only 136 kilograms, with suitcases it is only 126. The Mash Adventure 400 R is only something for soloists. But they could drive until the doctor comes: On country roads, the single only takes 3.6 liters per 100 kilometers. You would only have to refill the 19-liter tank after 528 kilometers. But the narrow bench thwarted marathon stages – it tweaks and tweaks quite soon.

Mies addresses the 43 mm telescopic fork from the Taiwanese supplier FastAce. Your rebound stage is completely overdamped, rebounded extremely tough and can then no longer process impulses. Even important, anodized damper adjustment screws do not change anything. The fully adjustable shock absorber of the Mash Adventure 400 R, on the other hand, offers a wide adjustment range, from very tight to fairly soft. Nevertheless, there is no desire to savor the immense ground clearance and full 210 or 200 millimeters of suspension travel in hard terrain. On dry roads, the China Kenda P 66 tires (a rogue, if you think of Pirelli) are okay. Be careful when driving fast: the flanks of the medium-coarse rubber cleats stick only moderately.

Unfortunately, ABS is missing and is not compatible with drum brakes

In addition, the Mash Adventure 400 R turns in a little angularly at the front, regardless of the narrow 21-inch cutting disc, is not very handy at the first steering impulse – despite the wide handlebar and large lever arm. But then the 400 folds out faster than expected. This does not look very homogeneous. Just like the poor low beam. The high beam, on the other hand, is illuminating. The solo disc brake at the front requires a strong pull on the short MX hand lever. The rear one can be dosed gently. Unfortunately, ABS is missing, which will be a real knockout argument across the EU by 2017 at the latest.

A two-year guarantee arm you against unpleasant adventures, but inspections every 3000 kilometers are the worst SR 500 standard. Soon it will be time to visit one of the around 80 dealers across Germany. Within two years, Mash has quintupled its product range in Germany from two to ten models; the importer France Equipment is based in Rastatt, Baden. The 125 and 250 models come from a different production facility in China than the 400 models. The question of the price remains: is the price breaker a dream machine, as the name Mash is supposed to suggest? For people who want something new and don’t have any demands on driving dynamics, maybe. Otherwise there would only be a used Yamaha XT 660 Z Tenere at this price. Although it makes it look less huge, it also remains really big in the vicinity.

Technical data Mash Adventure 400 R


Performance measurements.

Air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, an overhead chain-driven camshaft, four valves, rocker arm, dry sump lubrication, injection, suction pipe Ø 32 mm, regulated. Cat., Mechanically operated multi-plate oil bath clutch, five-speed gearbox, O-ring chain.

Boron x stroke 85.0 x 70.0 mm
Displacement 397 cc
Compression ratio 8.8: 1
Nominal power 20.1 kW (27 hp) at 7000 rpm
Max. Torque 32.5 Nm at 5500 rpm

landing gear

Tubular frame made of steel, telescopic fork, Ø 43 mm, adjustable rebound and compression damping, two-armed swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut with lever system, adjustable spring base, rebound and compression damping, front disc brake, Ø 280 mm, double-piston floating caliper, rear disc brake, Ø 220 mm, Single piston floating caliper.

Spoked wheels with steel rims  1.85 x 21; 3.00 x 18
tires 90 / 90-21; 130 / 80-18
Tires in the test Kenda P 66

Dimensions + weights

Wheelbase 1460 mm, steering head angle 63 degrees, caster k. A., spring travel front / rear 210/200 mm, seat height * 880 mm, weight with a full tank * 176 kg (with suitcases: plus 10 kg), permissible total weight 312 kg, tank capacity 19.0 liters.

guarantee two years
Service intervals 3000 km
color silver
price 5195/5595 euros (without / with case)



Top speed 130 (1152) km / h
acceleration 0-100 km / h 10.4 sec
Draft 60–100 km / h 8.7 sec
Speedometer effective deviation (Display 50/100) 49/99 km


Country road 3.6 l / 100 km
Theoretical range 528 km

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