Sport – Mr. Roca has left us –

Mr. Roca has left us

Sport - Mr. Roca has left us -

Site wanted to salute Jacques Roca, who joined the paradise of happy bikers on July 30. Ex-Grand-Prix pilot, fine tuner and talented trainer, he was notably the creator of the famous Overlight…

The Site team would like to send its most sincere condolences to his wife Neige, his daughters Pascale, Catherine and Julie and his sons Joachim – who works on his own with the company poly-acor – and Jacques – currently mechanic on the MotoGP circuits -.

And for those who don’t remember him well, Herve Descamps – illustrious member of the RAT (Riders Association of Triumph) – gives us some memories…

Ex-endurance and GP pilot, genius developer, talented designer, creator of the famous Overlight, fluo vaccine … It was Roca !

Jacques Roca had his heyday in the 1960s. During the 1965 season, he finished 9th in the 50cc World Championship, twice finishing 5th in the USA and France. He would then run on Derbi. The championship was won that year by Irishman Ralph Bryans on Honda ahead of Swiss Luigi Taveri on Honda.

He was telling me in 2002 when we did one of the last big rides together that he would ride his bike while he could. It must be said that he was vaccinated on two wheels, since before switching to motorcycles he had been a renowned cyclist.

"I have always had the virus", he explained to me!"It’s genetic … In addition my son "little Jacques" will take up the torch when I stop: he is currently preparing a school for GP mechanics in Barcelona: the Roca dynasty is not ready to die out.". The sequel proved him right.

He added: "For fun, the models I will continue to design will reflect what I have always wanted a motorcycle to be: powerful, manoeuvrable and beautiful. All my motorcycles have been and will remain exceptional models, but perfectly usable on the road and capable when you sit on them to give you a pleasure like no other. This sensation is incomparable and I am not far from believing that it is also a real serum of youth. !"

Since then, cancer had taken hold of him and little by little annihilated a large part of his physical possibilities. But always, whenever he could, he would go down to his workshop both to put the finishing touches on a motorcycle he was preparing for a friend and to design a part that would be able to adapt to a current model..

Jacques is gone but in people’s minds he will forever remain as one of the biggest names on the motorcycle planet, as the one who had using colors that often bordered on eccentric: one of the first kings of Tuning to l ‘time when we called it "special preparations".

Thank you Jacques for making us dream, Peace to your soul.


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