Mash Dirt Track 250 (2020)

Mash Dirt Track 250 (2020)

Fresh retro material presented for 2020

EICMA 2019

Mash has presented a new 250 model with a flat tracker look for the 2020 model year: the new Dirt Track 250 joins the sister models Two Fifty and Black Seven.

At EICMA 2018 M.ash presented the Dirt Track 6.5, which in addition to the successful flat-track look also brought a new motor. In the Mash Dirt Track 250 presented in 2019, the French manufacturer adopts the look of the 650 Dirt Track and the Dirt Track 125, which is also already available, and combines them with technical components of the well-known 250 models.

10 kilograms lighter than the siblings

The air-cooled and A2-compatible single-cylinder engine with 249 cm³ is still used, which should produce 18 hp at 7,500 rpm and 18 Nm at 6,000 rpm and is already known from its sister models Two Fifty and Black Seven. At the front, a 37mm upside-down fork should also enable smaller excursions into the terrain. For the brakes, Mash relies on a 300 mm disc at the front. Bosch ABS is also on board. However, Mash does not reveal whether this can be switched off – but this function would definitely be desirable for smaller off-road adventures. When it comes to tires, the French manufacturer relies on the dimensions 110 / 70-17 at the front and 130 / 70-17 at the rear.


The new Mash Dirt Track 250 will be available from € 3,895.

It gets really interesting when it comes to the weight of the new Mash Dirt Track 250: Compared to its two sister models, the new bike is almost ten kilograms lighter. The new Dirt Track 250 should weigh 130 kilos. The new Mash bike also differs from the other 250s in terms of seat height: the pilot sits on the dirt track at a height of 780 mm; the Black Seven, on the other hand, is 885 mm. The tank, on the other hand, holds 14 liters like the other 250 mashes. Otherwise, Mash doesn’t really comment on other technical data and features. Initially, the Dirt Track is only listed in black on the official German manufacturer’s website – it is not known whether the yellow color variant shown in the picture above will also be rolled out to Germany. Mash has already commented on the price: It should cost 3,895 euros without delivery charges.


Mash relies on well-known virtues and expands the 250 model range with another model. The look is not new, but should still please. The latest bike from Mash could be interesting for owners of the A2 driving license.

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