Mash Seventy Five in an individual test

Mash Seventy Five in an individual test

Mash don’t piss me off

Admittedly, the slogan sounds provocative. But on the one hand the author could not resist this play on words, and on the other hand the interested party should be clear about a few things in order not to get angry about himself and / or the Mash Seventy Five.

In contrast to its big sister, the Mash Five Hundred, which was recently also in the editorial office and was able to convince with its motor and chassis skills as well as proper workmanship and value impression, the 125cc four-stroke flea is M.ash Seventy Five is only partially suitable for arousing owner pride.

Mash Seventy Five in an individual test

Mash don’t piss me off

Mash Seventy Five has the luminosity of a tea light and the mirror arms are much too short, then no longer plays a role.

Some flaws behind trendy looks

Up to this point, one can take the position that the points raised are ultimately minor issues that do not really prevent you from driving. Accepted. But if, as with the test machine, the front brake line brushes against the tire during compression, then the fun definitely has a hole. Incidentally, the management sooner or later too. This not only raises the question of how cool the stinginess should be, but also after the final inspection in the factory or at the importer. France Equipment, which owns the Mash brand and manufactures in China, is no newcomer to the two-wheeler industry. In the present case, the problem was solved within two minutes by a different management of the line, and the brake itself does its job properly at the front as well as at the rear and with acceptable operating forces, but trust in the Mash Seventy Five is gone for now.

To restore this is now the task of the air-cooled two-valve valve, which, according to the very old fathers, is carried out by one
The carburetor is fed with the choke attached to it. After the cold start in the morning, he asked for a few seconds before he reacts to the twist of the throttle. Once up to temperature, it makes the most of its 11.6 hp and willingly pulls on the chain below. Upstairs, that is, due to the lack of a rev counter from around 70 km / h in fifth and last gear, it develops a tingling life of its own, so that it could definitely find its fans in the portfolio of a certain Flensburg mail order company. The consumption of 3.2 liters is just acceptable. The gearbox of the Mash Seventy Five, on the other hand, is not very precise and has long gearshift travel.

The fact that the very tightly tuned chassis, consisting of an upside-down fork and two spring struts, reacts rather unwillingly to small bumps, may have been due to the winter temperatures at the time of the test, as well as the wooden rolling of the Kingstone tires, which the Heidenau K66 like are cut from the profile block. And yet the Mash Seventy Five is well received. The classic cuddly look is currently very much in vogue, and the ergonomics are also right. However, everyone has to decide for themselves whether that is enough to ignore the shortcomings. But please don’t freight.


Yamaha SR 400 and Mash Five Hundred in the test

In the basement of the performance graph

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The Mash Seventy Five convinces with its low price.

As a small brand, Mash has a hard time asserting itself against top dogs in the 125cc class. That is why the range on the used market is relatively small – but very cheap. You can find used copies here: used Mash Seventy Five in Germany.

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