Sport – Superprestigio 2017: JD Beach, unknown but logical winner –

Superprestigio 2017: JD Beach, unknown but logical winner

Sport - Superprestigio 2017: JD Beach, unknown but logical winner -

The fifth edition of the Superprestigio Dirt Track was won on Saturday evening in Barcelona (Spain) by the American JD Beach. The only Frenchman to qualify for the super final, Johann Zarco finished sixth. We are counting on him to do better next year in Paris !

"If the American championship still included both Flat Track and" road racing "(on asphalt track like the Grand Prix or the Superbike, Editor’s note) as was the case for more than 30 years, JD Beach would probably be the man to beat ", we can learn from the official Moto America website.

"Currently Beach is one of the most complete riders in professional motorcycle racing. He divides his time between road racing and Flat Track, he excels in both", guarantee the organizers of the Superbike Championship American.

Sport - Superprestigio 2017: JD Beach, unknown but logical winner -

For his fans, then, the large victory of this 26-year-old driver at the Superprestigio Dirt Track 2017 on Saturday night is certainly no surprise: a native of Washington state – like Brad Baker – but domiciled in Kentucky – like the Haydens. -, James Daniel Beach has a hell of a handlebars on clay…

It is also Brad Baker himself, injured this year, who proposed to JD to represent the United States alongside specialist Briar Bauman. Known by the winner of the 2013 and 2015 editions, the "rookie" was then able to train a few days before the competition with Marc Marquez, .

Sport - Superprestigio 2017: JD Beach, unknown but logical winner -

On our side of the Atlantic, the success of JD Beach at the Superprestigio remains surprising insofar as the man is completely unknown to the general public, even bikers. Only the most knowledgeable of motorcycle speed enthusiasts could follow his exploits ten years ago….

When he was not yet 17 years old, Beach had come to challenge the Europeans on their own ground and had defeated them: "DjiDi" won in 2008 the Red Bull Rookie Cup, this antechamber of the Grand Prix, the first edition of which ( 2007) was won by our two-time Moto2 world champion, Johann Zarco !

Sport - Superprestigio 2017: JD Beach, unknown but logical winner -

The readers of Site – who, as everyone knows, are a little more fortunate than the others – remember that in 2010, another American had won the "red bull’s cup for beginners": in World Superbike…

Since 2015, JD Beach has competed brilliantly in the Supersport category within the Moto America championship: crowned champion from the first year, he remained vice-champion in 2016 and 2017, behind his teammate Garret Gerloff and ahead of a certain Valentin Debise !

An American soon in Paris !

In 2018, the n ° 95 (number that JD wears in honor of the disappeared in the race at the age of 10 years in 2007 …) will try again to recover his plate of "Number One" in SSP. Then at the very end of the year, he hopes to defend his Barcelona "title" … in Paris ?!

Sport - Superprestigio 2017: JD Beach, unknown but logical winner -

The absence of the two previous Superprestigio Dirt Track winners in Barcelona was felt on Saturday: without the participation of the American specialist Brad Baker and, above all, without the arrival of the charismatic and quadruple Spanish MotoGP champion Marc Marquez, the stands seemed good. sparse Saturday night…

By investing in the new U Arena in Nanterre in December 2018, the organizers of the Superprestigio Dirt Track associated with the PHA company of Claude Michy (French Motorcycle Grand Prix) intend to relaunch their event. In 2017, no less took part in the Spanish event.

Sport - Superprestigio 2017: JD Beach, unknown but logical winner -

If Fabio Quartararo won the "title" of best rookie, only Johann Zarco managed to get to the final but could not compete in the super final … Sixth overall – as in MotoGP! -, n ° 5 has already planned to train throughout 2018 to compete with American and Spanish pilots … To be continued on MNC: stay tuned !

JD Beach, Superprestigio Dirt Track 2017 winner:
"It was a crazy day for sure … After training we found that my front wheel was broken, so we started changing a few things … Everyone, especially the Briar’s team, got their hands dirty. I didn’t expect that when I got there. I struggled yesterday and qualifying didn’t go very well. But it did. Everyone helped out. . I’m at a loss for words, really. I have to thank Brad Baker. He couldn’t participate this year, and I was the first guy he called. I was honored to take his place. I am proud Briar and I got the double. He wanted a different order I’m sure but it worked for me. Hope we can go to Paris next year and fight again ".

The super final in video

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