Mitas Sport Force + EV with multi-compound

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Mitas Sport Force + EV with multi-compound



Mitas Sport Force + EV with multi-compound

Mitas Sport Force + EV
Update of the Sport Force + with a new mixture

With two new versions of the Sport Force +, Mitas is bringing a gentle update of its sports tires for 2021. New compounds and a multicompound tread are used in the Sport Force + EV and RS.

Jens Kratschmar

January 18, 2021

Probably looking for even more grip on very powerful motorcycles Mitas at Sport Force + and are now showing an update of the sport tire with the Sport Force + EV (Evolution). This is said to have been achieved by means of new rubber compounds of the two-part multicompound compound. Whether the proportion of silica in the mixtures was increased, decreased or changed was not yet known, but the use of silica as a filler in rubber seems clear. That should have been taken over by the Sport Force +.

Few dimensions, more scope

Another indication that the EV is considered a pure technology update is a look at the available dimensions of the Mitas. The Sport Force + EV will only be available in these sizes from March

  • 120 / 70ZR17 (58W)
  • 180 / 55ZR17 (73W)
  • 190 / 50ZR17 (73W)
  • 190 / 55ZR17 (75W)

In other words, the pure hypersport dimensions which, in direct comparison, are always about maximum grip.

The “old” Mitas Sport Force + is also available in six dimensions:

  • 110 / 70ZR17 (54W)
  • 120 / 60ZR17 (55W)
  • 120 / 65ZR17 (56W)
  • 140 / 70ZR17 (66W)
  • 150 / 60ZR17 (66W)
  • 160 / 60ZR17 (69W)

Mitas Sport Force + EV with multi-compound


Mitas is updating the Sport Force + with a new multicompound mixture.

Racing variant with profile

Initially exclusively in the dimensions 110 / 70ZR17 (54W) and 140 / 70ZR17 (66W), Mitas is also launching the Sport Force + RS, which is likely to come onto the market as a SemiSlick version or even a purely profiled racing version. Whether there is still silica in the mixture here can be doubted, but it is also irrelevant on the racetrack.

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