Mondial Moto VR5 Superbike


Mondial Moto VR5 Superbike
Mondial Moto

Mondial Moto VR5 Superbike

Super sports car with five-cylinder

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer Mondial Moto has announced a super sports motorcycle that will rely on a five-cylinder V-shaped engine with a whopping 200 hp.

GFirst of all: Mondial Moto has nothing to do with the motorcycle manufacturer Mondial, which clinched ten world championship titles in the 1950s and currently only offers models that are equipped with small-volume single-cylinder four-stroke engines. Behind Mondial Moto, which operate from locations in Modena (Italy) and Wolverhampton (Great Britain), is the ex-Ferrari and Mercedes engineer Antonio Matarollo, who has probably already obtained a guarantee of 2.5 million euros for Mondial Moto from the Italian state Has. Further capital is to be raised through crowdfunding. The VR5 should already have ten years of development.

VR5 with 200 hp

The Mondial Moto VR5 will have its world premiere at EICMA 2019. The key data that the Italians are already throwing into the room sounds spectacular. 

Mondial Moto

The five-cylinder should bring it to 200 hp.

The five-cylinder, the first of its kind in a street motorcycle (so far only Honda had such a concept in use in MotoGP), is designed as a V-engine with a bank angle of 75.5 degrees, with three cylinders pointing forward and two pointing backward tend. The four valves per cylinder are made of titanium, as are the connecting rods. The displacement should be 1,000 cm³, the compression 13.5: 1. The five-cylinder is allowed to rotate up to 13,250 rpm. Other features include 50 mm throttle valves, two injection nozzles per cylinder as well as variable inlet control and a Termignoni titanium exhaust system. Equipped in this way, the five-man should be able to generate 200 hp. We shifted with a 6-speed cassette gear.

Frame and wheels made of carbon

The engine is packed in a frame made of carbon fiber laminate, which also forms the airbox. The single-sided swing arm, on the other hand, is made of aluminum. But the 3.5×17 and 6.0×17 inch wheels and all trim parts should be made of carbon again.

Mondial Moto

With a lot of carbon on board, the Mondial should weigh only 179 kg.

At the front, the Mondial relies on a 48 Ohlins upside-down fork. The Swedes also supply the external strut for the rear and a steering damper. At the front, radially screwed monoblock pliers in conjunction with 320 washers slow down. Brembo contributes all brake components.

The Mondial Moto electronics package will include ABS, traction control, a digital cockpit, an immobilizer, an alarm system and keyless starting. There are also LED headlights and electronic rear-view mirrors.

The VR5 weighs 179 kilograms and has a wheelbase of 1,435 mm. The seat height is given as around 79 cm.

Two versions from around 28,000 euros

Mondial Moto

The VR5 should come as an S and an R..

Two versions are being developed. A price of 27,995 euros is mentioned for the S variant, the better equipped R version should cost at least 35,995 euros. Reservations can already be made for 10,000 or 15,000 euros. It is not yet certain when the VR5 will be launched. The new plant in Italy is expected to reach full production capacity in 2023.

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