All Duels – Face to Face Honda CB 1000 R – Yamaha FZ1: duel among the 1000! – And the trip ?

Face to face Honda CB 1000 R – Yamaha FZ1: duel among the 1000 !

All Duels - Face to Face Honda CB 1000 R - Yamaha FZ1: duel among the 1000! - And the trip ?

For almost three years now, the Yamaha FZ1 has reigned supreme in the 1000 cc sporty roadster category. But it must now deal with the very sharp Honda CB 1000 R … and it is not won! Face to face: comparative test.

And the trip ?

Of course, the protection offered by the two roadsters is almost zero, which at least offers the advantage of not attempting prohibited speeds! By moving back on the saddle and lying down on the tank, the Honda rider benefits very slightly from the protection of the speedometer unit. But the more travelers of our readers will still very quickly opt for an adaptable screen.

The Yamaha suffers from slight vibrations in the handlebars and footrests while the Honda is completely devoid of them, but nothing dramatic. As for the duo, if it is naturally more possible than on a sports car, it remains acrobatic despite everything! The CB 1000 R tries to give itself a clear conscience by offering two passenger handles integrated into its rear shell, but they are quite unpleasant to use because they are too low..

The Honda’s consumption remains reasonable (around 6.2 l / 100 km during our test), thanks to its torque-fed engine that does not encourage whipping it. However, to keep pace, the FZ1 must consume more and displays an average of 6.8 l / 100 km, with peaks of up to 8.6 l / 100 km! In this case, we can switch to reserve from 150 or 160 km … It is little !

The dashboards of the two motorcycles are content with basic information: engine temperature, two trips but no shift-light, gear indicator engaged or even outside temperature. That of the FZ1 is exemplary of readability while that of the CB 1000 R sometimes lacks contrast and brightness..

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