Monthly reports – November 2018: slight decline of the 125, no respite for the big cubes – Page 1 – Fall of the small ones, increase of the big ones

November 2018: slight decline in the 125, no respite for the big cubes

Monthly reports - November 2018: slight decline of the 125, no respite for the big cubes - Page 1 - Fall of the small ones, increase of the big ones

The end of the year is approaching for the motorcycle business … If the 125 cc are starting to lower the curtain (-3.9% in November), the big cubes continue to prosper (+ 8.9%) and maintain the overall market for "more than 50 cc" in the positive (+ 4.3%). Site takes stock.

Page 1 – Withdrawal of small, rise of large

9,129 motorcycles (motorcycles and scooters over 50 cc) were registered in France in November. The market therefore improved its score by + 4.3% compared to an already positive November 2017 (+ 1.8%), very positive even given the exceptional November 2016.

But by simply distinguishing the sales of 125 cc and those of larger displacement, we can already see that there is a first imbalance. Scootomobilists (the B licenses who buy one of these oddly practical 125 scooters) were slightly less likely to buy a brand new two-wheeler: 2,991 last month compared to 3,112 in November 2017 (-3.9%).

Conversely, a greater number of bikers have fallen for a new motorcycle or a new maxiscooter: they were 6,138 in November 2018 against 5,638 a year ago (+ 8.9%): they once again confirm their attachment to two-wheelers with large engines which pollute the bronchi and make noise ? free the mind and please !

How to explain the slight decline of the 125? The French, who stocked up on small motorcycles and scooters this summer and then back to school, are perhaps already full for the year. Between October and November 2018, registrations of small engines fell by -37% while those of large ones fell "only" by -26%.

The news could have influenced B licenses and A licenses differently: more "reasonable", the former focused their attention more on – or in – the increasingly impressive demonstrations of the yellow vests, widely reported in the general media.

The second, more "passionate", continued to drool over the novelties presented by the specialized press – on Site! – and exhibited at exhibitions in Paris, Cologne and Milan. They have therefore not deserted the concessions where they have fallen for a new motorcycle or a maxiscooter: a 2019 already available or a 2018 on sale. !

The weather worked in favor of two-wheelers (125 cc and more) because apart from "two cold peaks from October 26 to 31 and from November 18 to 22, temperatures often remained above seasonal values ​​throughout. autumn ", reports Meteo France in its own report.

Likewise "the sunshine, consistent with the season in the Mediterranean regions, was remarkable in the rest of the country, with a surplus of more than 30% north of the Loire, or even more than 50% near the northern and southern borders. northeast". Lovers of large cubes have obviously benefited from it !

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