Monthly reviews – Motorcycle market January 2018: fireworks for the new year – Page 1 – Introduction

Motorcycle market January 2018: fireworks for the new year

Monthly reviews - Motorcycle market January 2018: fireworks for the new year - Page 1 - Introduction

The French motorcycle market is off to a brilliant start in 2018: + 30.8% for the 125 cc and + 26.1% for the larger engines! Thank you for the sad but mild weather, the favorable calendar, the renovated and expanded ranges… and the freezing month of January 2017? MNC takes stock.

Page 1 – Introduction

"The months of January follow one another and are not alike", observes Meteo France in its first monthly report for 2018: "after a cold, dry and sunny month of January 2017, the year 2018 started with extraordinary weather conditions "… and reversed !

These experts who, without bragging, make it rain and shine on TV, actually calculated that the temperatures of January 2018 were worthy of a month of March. This is the beginning of spring, the time when many bikers usually come out of hibernation. Coincidence ?

At the same time, the rainfall of this first month of 2018 (in excess of more than 80% compared to normal!) Came close to the records of 1988 and the sunshine remained almost absent over a large part of the Hexagon. What to dampen the morale of the French? Not that of the users of motorized two-wheelers, probably !

In January 2018, sales on the French motorcycle market (mopeds / 50 cc excluded) jumped by + 27.1% compared to! But once is not customary, this increase is evenly distributed between the 125 cc (analysis and graphs on pages 2 and 3) and larger displacement machines (analysis and graphs on pages 4 and 5).

So good news: the sad but mild weather has obviously not turned our fellow citizens away from motorcycles and scooters, on the contrary. At the same time, MNC notes that the concessions remained open one day more than in January 2017 (22 Vs 21): and presto, an increase in activity of nearly 5%. Everything is good to take !

The products naturally played a capital role in improving the market: the manufacturers’ ranges were completely renovated last year due to the compulsory changeover of motorcycles to the Euro4 standard and the catalogs are expanding in 2018. The display cases are devilishly attractive…

Finally, last lever: in January 2017, sales of motorcycles and scooters had been slowed down by the numerous "house" registrations of Euro3 models of the. Site therefore expected the market to rebound at the start of 2017, but remains surprised by its proportions !

With their 2,539 registrations recorded last month, the 125 exploded their reference of January 2017 (1941 registration, + 30.8%) and in the process beat their score (2,268 registration registration). Compared to December 2017 on the other hand (2,479 immats), the pace is barely maintained.

Sellers of large cubes can be doubly happy: their sales increased by + 26.1% compared to January 2017 … and by + 40% compared to December! Despite – to fight? – the ambient gloom (gray weather, lowering of the speed, traffic restriction, parking payment, etc.), French bikers bought 6 570 motorcycles "over 125 cc" and maxiscooters.

The details and the complete analysis of the evolution of the market during the month of January 2018 are available on the following pages for our Premium subscribers: good reading !

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