Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport 8V ABS test


Road thrill, sport … optional

The mythical Mandello V11 having bowed out, the transalpine brand has been entrusting its performance image to the 1200 Sport, since the end of 2006. Boosted by the evolution of the twin cylinder called Ottovalvole, 4 valves per cylinder in early 2008, this more dynamic version of the Breva differs only slightly. A little more powerful and torquey on a different gear range, the Sport is also adorned with a seat cowl, a windshield and a specific exhaust.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

This Corsa Sport 8V version of our test has an exclusive paint, two-tone red / black upholstery and receives the "Moto Guzzi 90th anniversary special" logo.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport Corsa 8V


This sporting eagle is an imposing machine. Its broad build, however, mixes styles with elegance. Thus, classic in appearance, the large round optic has multiple reflectors.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport headlight

Around the steering column, air intakes dress the inside of the long side scoops. Flanked by chrome, they frame the large 23-liter tank (including 4 reserve) and cover the engine block.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport engine

The respectable 1200 cm3 twin and its universal joint impose and underline, with their matte black finish, the red and white Corsa bodywork highlighted with a gold border…

Cardan CARC Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

Only the frame plates, tubular steel, are visible and extend to support the passenger footrests. Very beautiful metal parts that protect two plastic inserts. The large-diameter collectors flow into an aesthetically pleasing satin silencer. Its end takes up some aeronautical codes, a logical choice when you know the sound of the Guzzi bomber. The superior quality of the general finish is particularly rewarding.

Surprisingly, the front suspension is entrusted to a simple telescopic fork. Signed Marzocchi, and equipped with 45 mm stanchions, it is adjustable only in rebound. The Sachs rear shock offers adjustment in preload, via a dial on the left side, and in rebound.

To slow down the ardor of the pilot and the 240 kg dry of the machine, two Brembo four-piston calipers pinch the front 320 mm discs. A 2-piston assembly brakes the 282 mm rear wheel. This Corsa version comes with an ABS system as standard.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

The design of the rear loop is particularly successful, incorporating pretty LED lights. There are also four attractive tie-down hooks and two large passenger grab handles. Another practical aspect, once raised, the saddle reveals a small space to accommodate a disk unit.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

We also note the easy access to the battery and fuses.

In the saddle

Comfortable and spacious, the seat, embellished with stitching, is 800 mm from the ground and is easily spanned. Fortunately, because the weight is noticeable to straighten the machine. We immediately take the measure of Mandello’s road roadster. The long tank plunges towards the wide flat hanger with variable diameter overhanging a vast dashboard.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport dashboard

Bringing together no less than 3 counters and an LCD window, the whole offers improved readability. Both the number of information, its dispersion and the fineness of the graduations make it difficult to read them.

Analogue, semicircular tachometer, central tachometer and fuel gauge are displayed on a white background. The digital unit groups together, in the upper left corner, clock and outside temperature. Other functions take up the rest of the space and can be selected from the left-hand controls in 3 modes. The first two each group together partial odometers, journey time, average, instantaneous consumption, maximum and average speed. The third allows the user to start a stopwatch, check the battery voltage and access various parameters (choice of maximum speed for the shiftlight, display language, etc.). The appearance of the upper triple tree is sober but also of quality. There are the ABS warning and disconnection commands.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport night counter

The kickstand tab, with a deployment indicator, falls perfectly under the heel. Just like the footrests. The position is, for adults, rather straight, and the hands fall on the handlebars. The mirrors give a good field of vision and, despite the energy of the twin cylinder, vibrate little.

In the city

Pressing the starter wakes the big twin, which coughs and growls, seeking its slow-motion breath.

Exhaust Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

Ample vibrations and overturning torque sway the crew and capsize the hearts of connoisseurs … The softness of the controls is exemplary and the Guzzi Sport takes off quickly, carried by a large torque already very sensitive.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

The feeling of weight fades, giving way to an astonishing balance. The cheerful roar of the machine is a pleasure on the boulevards. We catch ourselves slowing down and then relaunching the bike, for the pleasure of the senses. A giant’s hand then seems to push the pilot behind the back. Stalled on the third report, in the middle of the urban flow, we also appreciate the flexibility of the Italian twin. Even in 4th gear, it can resume at 30 km / h and 1,500 rpm. Comfort follows the same trend. Shock absorber as fork are, basic, adjusted for a travel pullman.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

The box, although precise, is not very straightforward. But this Sport Corsa only had about 20 kilometers on the clock … a break-in is called for. No miracle, however, for the turning radius inspired by an English machine, no doubt … It is above all the height of the fork that is troublesome during maneuvers. The heat given off by the Italian bloc is also noticeable in the city. Pleasant in cool or cold weather, the extra calories are less pleasant to endure in summer, in the middle of traffic.

Motorway and expressways

Resuming forcefully in intermediate gears, the racing bird squeals in a bewitching revival. After 5,000 laps, the thrust is even stronger and sends the crew to high speed. Enthusiastic at a good pace to take advantage of the coupleuses raises, the limited protection however encourages to reduce the throttle. The small fork crown quickly shows its limits, forcing the rider to lie down in order to avoid, in addition to the points, losing his mind. Lower triple trees would tip the rider more forward. Wind resistance would thus be better.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

Like a real roadster that it really is, the 1200 Sport Corsa purrs at just 4000 laps, in 6 ° at 130 km / h. This report is quite long and, on the road, we will rather stay in 5 ° to benefit from the best of the engine. The air pressure is then bearable, much more than the endless strip of straight asphalt.


Cut out for the long road, of course, the Transalpine is much more charming on the secondary network. But no sport in her. The long passenger footrests spread the heels of the pilot, hampering his position. Which, coupled with a fairly prominent reservoir, makes any swaying even more difficult. In the old way, we tell you !

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

And with happiness. Because the significant torque available from low revs makes it possible to get out of bends energetically. The 10.7 m / kg of maximum torque delivered at the rather high speed of 6,750 rpm, however, testifies to a more sophisticated mechanical behavior than the rest of the range. Maximum power also arrives barely 300 revs higher … Everything is perfectly transmitted to the rear wheel by the efficient cardan shaft, with performance at least equal in quality to those of the German cousins.

This engine profile does not affect the pleasure and performance of its engine, which can be tasted in 3 ° or 4 °, with a coiled pilot. But above all, well-tuned suspension! Too soft, the front / rear suspension tuning is not the best when the pace increases. The 1200 Sport can even be tricky to take along…

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

It’s neither the most alert nor the liveliest, of course, having a natural tendency to widen its trajectory slightly in curves. But once the hydraulics are closed and the preload seriously hardened, we finally discover a road savvy. We regret all the more the lack of a better quality, inverted type fork like that of the Griso. Lacking rigor, the front axle is its weak point and its consequent weight requires careful attention to the trajectories.

But its balance, the large lever arm of the handlebars and generous ground clearance give a lot of pleasure. At the sound of his rocky and full voice. The Guzzi throws itself into every corner with a fierce growl, assured of the excellent grip of its Metzeller Interact M3 tires and progressive, powerful braking. It’s not the easiest to take, but not the easiest to follow either…

Each deceleration then causes the exhaust to gurgle. A pleasure that is renewed by gorging on a burst of torque each time when accelerating, before cutting back on the throttle…

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport on the road


The suspension is, to a certain extent, the weak point of the 1200 Sport Corsa. For a road, and once adjusted hydraulically, the damping is very good. So homogeneous and comfortable, you can cut the miles on your handlebars. We would still like to find Sport, see the Corsa side of this 1200…. The brand’s ultra-confidential sports car, the MGS 01 does not find any offspring there.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport brakes


No particular criticism on this point, apart from a slight lack of bite from the front calipers. Again, a better fork would be beneficial. The rear allows the machine to be seated in bends and is easy to control.

Comfort / Duo

Like a good traveler, this big road roadster offers a special place for the passenger. Measured leg flexion, comfortable grab handles and a soft seat. Without forgetting a safe curved tank to put your hands on…. Of course, don’t forget to remove the pretty seat cowl. The optional luggage storage will convince a long-term companion.

The pilot is also rather well accommodated. Only the wind deflection is insufficient on long journeys at sustained speed.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport Tank


True overdrive, the last report allows cruising while sparing the consumption of explosive liquid. The average, solo, is 6.6 L / 100 km. It is possible to achieve between 330 and nearly 400 km with a full tank on a mixed route. In faster, and especially urban, use, the beauty of Mandello requires up to 7.3 liters of gasoline per 100 km.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport


The Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport 8V ABS Corsa hardly gives any illusions about the skills that its name lends to it. Comfortable and dynamic road, it will satisfy lovers of large comfortable and torquey roadsters, with a flattering finish. Pleasure for the senses, it reveals its pleasure over the miles. The powerful flexibility of its engine, the excellence of its cardan transmission make it a powerful and engaging road. Able to bring her crew along or to dawdle along the roads, the Italian wants to be a faithful companion rather than a frivolous mistress. Its neat plastic contributes to its charm. Beautiful from all angles, welcoming and demonstrative, the 1200 Sport suffers only from slightly flexible suspensions.

Available at a price of € 12,790, this Corsa version, with ABS as standard, is at the same price as the standard versions (Guzzi black and titanium gray). If we refer to the competition from the roadster segment, the Yamaha XJR 1300 at € 9,889 and Honda CB 1300 S at € 10,990, without ABS however, will be tough, not to mention the Bandit 1250 N, at € 8,249, the cheapest but without the same level of equipment and finishes. But the Sport cannot be bought on a simple roadster criterion.

The Guzzi relies on its characterful twin-cylinder, its ABS and its efficient and practical gimbal, to make a difference and seduce aesthetic backpackers..

Strong points

  • motor character and flexibility
  • autonomy
  • sound
  • finishes

Weak points

  • very flexible suspensions
  • wind protection
  • heating in town

The Guzzi 1200 Sport technical sheet

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16 thoughts on “Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport 8V ABS test

  1. Very pleasant machine, which can do everything. Very well equipped and very well finished. An incredible and super enjoyable gearbox; no need to schifter! it makes you forget that you need brakes.

    Besides, front brake a little dry for my taste. Machine that will need a nicer and sounder exhaust than the original one.

    Good bubble protection.

    horn button too big or badly placed; we want to turn on the flashing light and in the end we honk.

  2. The comments regarding the quality of the fork may need to be weighed. Indeed, if the fork of this version is the same as that of the 2V version (and it seems to me that it is), then the author of this article missed the fact that the rebound AND compression settings are separated. One per scabbard: compression on the left and rebound on the right. So if we always try to regulate the two together we will behave … weird. Especially since the beauty is sensitive to these settings wink

  3. I did almost 25,000 km with the new one (15,000 with the 1st which ended up in a grandma’s car who cut me off a priority …) and soon 10,000 with the 2nd that I have for 3 months and I must say "hat" !!! Great motorcycle. Not much negative to say about this 800 (I have been a Kawasakist since my beginnings in ’72) In addition, it has sting …. (To see all the admiring people at a red light …) Good le weight is absolutely not a problem: a marvel in the big curves, and in the small virolos it is necessary to "pilot" it but what a pleasure … We could gain qq kilos by removing the fairing, the crutch etc … but it would no longer be a sport / GT … There are roadsters for that!

  4. Small contribution from a happy owner … I had for 02 years a crosstourer 1200 mechanical gearbox … I was more than satisfied and after having tested a gs1200 version 2013, I did never regretted my choice and never understood why so much praise for a motorcycle (admittedly) very well thought out but not perfect in my eyes and for the use that I make of it … Then I let myself be tempted by a crosstouer DCT 129CV version – travel edition pack with 2/3 options (akrapovic pot, givi airflow screen …). And there I am still wondering why I did not make this choice sooner !!! Cool and relaxed in the city, suave and velvety on the road, angry and angry in the arsenal; the motorcycle with the DCT box adapts to all situations … After having actually made some changes in the way you ride. Advantages of the DCT system: you never stall and you put your foot on the ground less often (you keep your balance for a very long time even at low speed), in S mode the gears almost always change at the right time in any case like me. ‘will have done and she knows how to downshift while maintaining the engine brake. At start-up we put down everything that is rolling … In the mountain hairpins we re-accelerate (throttle open wide) without any apprehension – the flyer controls doing its job flawlessly! What happiness … And when she climbs behind, Madame finds her little comfort with less jerking when changing gears … For the anecdote, I went for the Napoleon road (from north to south) and the road from the great Alps (from the South to the North) with some friends and I allowed myself to pull the fluff on the climb of the neck of the windshield with a gs1200 in full … arrived at the top the owner came disconcerted to ask me what was my motorbike and he left (a little disgusted) telling me: yeah, it’s actually a big scooter !!! He was never able to overtake me and and he arrived at the top of the pass with a few lengths of delay … Finally on this journey of 2200 km only a ducati multistrada of an Italian (so I imagine in 160 CV – and the devil knew how to drive) held me high … I imagine that a BMW s1000 xr would undoubtedly have been as powerful but I did not meet any … All that to say that arrived at this level performance BMWs, Ducatis and other KTMs have nothing to do with the crosstourer, even if it is little known and ultimately often criticized by journalists … It has nothing to envy them … A if perhaps their price …. Because for my part I managed to negotiate my fully equipped crosstouer for less than 16,000 euros (travel pot akrapovic pack and other small things …) so really no I do not regret my purchase … And to be faithful to Honda for a few years I think that in terms of reliability I really have no doubts or bad thoughts … I confirm this ar Article of the REPAIRE DES MOTARDS: you have to try this bike and after the conversion to DCT will perhaps be done …

  5. Quote
    Hydraulic telescopic fork, Ш 45 mm, adjustable in compression and rebound


    (except error of Luigi of the assembly or Luigi of the doc angel )

    Griso, Stelvio and 1200 Sport, all are "naked" motorcycles, not faired. The difference in terms of heat felt is the position of the driver (and the radiator, on the Griso).

  6. I also had the 2013 Crosstourer (manual gearbox) and it’s an excellent bike, very efficient I confirm. Almost the "absolute weapon" on small roads indeed.

    I then had a KTM 1190 Adventure R; more sporty and still a little more efficient in my opinion (lighter, extra road holding and great engine). My best bike to date, but sold, especially because the engine burned the legs and the heart .. !!!!

  7. We are much more "in" the bike on models based on Breva: my knees are almost touching the cylinders. On the Stelvio we have (I have …) a little more room.

    I’m too lazy to go and check, but the feeling of heat depends on the quantity transmitted and it seems to me that this does not decrease linearly with the distance from the source. Especially if there is more air in motion.

    As for the settings of the fork: difficult to distinguish them when you do not have the manual in front of you: cf. on pages 68 and 67. I know the bike in the drawing is a 1200Sport 2v, but that only shows how much they only change as strictly necessary. angel

  8. I am thinking of moving towards a 1000 Versys. Kawasaki remains my favorite brand; it dates from my beginnings in motorbike (I had a 350 S2 then my 1st 1000 Kawa MKII in 1980).

    But I don’t really like what they’ve been doing for a few years now (manga look, sporty ass …).

    In the absence of a ZRX (not imported) the Versys does not displease me. And I like the trails now.

  9. A little clarification for those who are interested … I fitted pirelli scorpion trail II tires (the original fitment was "gunned" at 7500 km) … Well, I have absolutely no regrets … I was able to test their potential during my trip on the route des grandes Alpes and on the route Napoleon (rain, tight bends, hairpins, a few expressways, gravel, …). They are very good in all areas and probably a step above the Michelin Anakee III and of course Pirelli Scorpion trail I that I had before …

  10. Hello ,

    This is my first forum post and hi to you all .

    I soon have 69 brushes on the clock and my Crosstourer 1200 DCT is my 27th bike. I have had it since May 2015, and I have 28000Kms on the clock. I just upgraded it to full. I confirm everything that has been said previously. I live in Cannes and between Route Napo, La Bonette and Le Turini I have plenty of fun. The DCT box is great (in town the T max are the mouth !!!!). I, too, am surprised that this bike is not more successful.

  11. Honest essay,

    even if the two faults noted are due, one, to the temperature, to the extreme youth of the tested model (this type of engine begins to free itself, and therefore to heat less towards 7/8000 km), the other, suspensions lack of adjustment. For example, in order not to widen in the curves, you really have to raise the rear by increasing the preload and you have (almost) a bike that dives to the rope and stays there as you wish..

    Otherwise, I am amazed like my little comrades that the fork does not have compression and rebound adjustment … Can the 4v owners confirm or deny??

    Finally, it is true that the Sport, in 2 as in 4v, can be difficult to follow if it is carried out well, it just takes a little practice.! drool

  12. Hello,

    I arrive very late on this forum.

    I am currently interested in the MOT but in manual box with 59000kms of December 2014 in Full.

    My questions are still complete after having browsed all kinds of forums, newspapers…

    My questions are as follows:

    What do you think of the revisions prices?

    (some speak of revisions that reach 1000 €)

    What are your consumptions in cool use? (a member speaks of 400kms of autonomy).

    Thank you for your feedback so that I can get started or not.

    In the meantime.


  13. I like. well, the first concession is 70 km away, that will give me a ride 🙂


  14. I do not find the price particularly high when compared to the 701 SM of the same brand which costs 10k €…

    Did you really try it or just transcribe it?

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