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Honda PCX (2018)

New look, more power and hybrid version

For the 2018 model year, Honda is upgrading the 125cc PCX scooter. The popular scooter has a new design, a new chassis and increased engine power. There is even a hybrid version for Japan.

Honda has had the 125cc scooter since its launch in 2010 PCX sold over 140,000 units in Europe. The success story is to be continued with an extensive model update for the 2018 model year.


Front with new headlights.

The refreshed look of the Honda PCX relies on organic shapes. The new front is characterized by an LED main headlight, at the rear the LED light unit has increased in size. The engine cover and airbox intake have also been redesigned; these are now designed together as integrated parts. In the cockpit, new materials should provide more value. In addition, the ads have been re-sorted.

The left panel compartment was enlarged and provided with an extended cover. With the redesign, the footwell has been lengthened to the front and the seat height has been increased by 4 to 764 mm. The storage space under the bench has increased by one liter to a total of 28 liters and should be able to accommodate a full-face helmet without any problems. The operating instructions and the on-board tools can now be found on the underside of the seat.

Chassis completely redesigned

The chassis of the Honda PCX has been completely renewed. The underbone construction of the predecessor was replaced by a double-loop support frame made of tubular steel. Handling, driving experience and maneuverability should benefit from this. In addition, the weight is reduced by 2.4 kilograms.


The PCX rolls on new rims and new tire dimensions.

At 1.313 mm, the wheelbase of the new Honda PCX is 2 mm shorter than that of the previous model; the chassis geometry remained the same with a 27 ° steering head angle and 86 mm caster. The weight – fully fueled ready to drive – is 130 kg. New rims with now eight spokes allow wider tires (100 / 80-14 front and 120 / 70-14 rear) and reduce the weight by a further 0.7 kg. The suspension fork remained unchanged. At the rear, however, new struts with a different mounting position and longer suspension travel (84 mm) were installed.

More performance and even less consumption

The redesigned single-cylinder four-stroke engine now delivers 12.2 hp with an enlarged airbox and a throttle valve that has been enlarged by 2 mm. That is 0.4 HP more than before. The maximum torque increases to 11.8 Nm.

The cooling, centrifugal clutch and belt drive have also been adapted. In addition, the single-cylinder became even more economical (WMTC consumption: 47.6 km per liter of fuel without automatic start-stop). With the 8 liter tank, over 400 kilometers should now be possible.

The 2018 Honda PCX will be available from June 2018 in the four colors Pearl Cool White, Pearl Nightstar Black, Matt Carbonium Gray Metallic and Pearl Splendor Red. The base price is 3,290 euros.

As a hybrid version for Japan


In Japan the PCX is also available as a hybrid model.

As a real bang, Honda is introducing the new PCX scooter in Japan from September 2018 in a hybrid version. This makes the PCX Hybrid the first hybrid scooter model that goes into large-scale production.

The hybrid part in the PCX is taken over by an integrated starter generator that combines the starter, the alternator and a start-stop system. The driver can choose between two operating modes (Drive and Sport), which control the support from the electric motor. The electric motor is figured with 12 Nm and 1.4 kW power. The energy for the electric thrust is provided by a 48-volt lithium-ion battery, which is housed in the back of the helmet compartment. The helmet compartment itself should continue to swallow a full-face helmet. The electrical assistance when accelerating is limited to four seconds. The cockpit instrument is complemented by an energy flow and battery level indicator.

The Honda PCX Hybrid is to be had in Japan at prices equivalent to 3,350 euros. Honda expects annual sales of 2,000 copies.

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