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Limited Edition DSB-Ducati Diavel

Fight will go

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Take a more discreetly sporty motorcycle and let it go vigorously through talented tuner hands. The result is a unique fighting iron: the DSB-Ducati Diavel.

GThe guys from DSB must have tattooed themselves on their souls as unreasonable. It is a real experience to see the enthusiasm with which the Berliners reflect on their project, the DSB-Ducati Diavel. Expertise meets creativity and a good portion of “gaganess”. Every little tech gimmick adds up to an exciting story, and everything suddenly makes sense. The basic character of the bike was not changed. What do we have as a starting point? Thoroughbred power bolt with a neat, sporty approach. But the Berliners managed to make this boom even more aggressive, even sharper and thus also more terrifying.

Limited Edition DSB-Ducati Diavel

Fight will go

Diavel tore the approximately 145 PS strong heart from it and worked it out and tuned it until the end of 182 horses and no less than 141 Nm of torque. Nothing was left to chance. The displacement was increased to 1260 cm³, longer connecting rods were installed, the cylinders suspended and the pistons changed, the compression increased to 14: 1, the camshafts rebuilt and the timing belt idlers adjusted. The even more blatant tuning measures on the DSB-Ducati Diavel include the rebuilt 1198 throttle valve including airbox as well as a newly designed anti-hopping clutch that no longer works in an oil bath, but rattles outdoors again, as is typical for Ducati.

Chassis and brakes also adapted

Anyone who thinks that the DSB boys would have shot their guns with this is seriously wrong. The chassis and brakes have been adapted to the engine accordingly. The Ohlins fork and shock absorber were extensively converted, the rear was raised and a wider LSL aluminum handlebar was installed. In addition, the DSB-Ducati Diavel received the fine, 708 gram lightweight GP4 RX Brembo monoblocks and the RCS armature with carbon brake line. The rear brake mount of the Diavel has been completely converted to a monoblock. The exhaust is not only performance-enhancing, it is even really beautiful! In addition, DSB combined a Termignoni and an Akrapovic system in order to achieve the necessary resonance of the exhaust gas flows and to boost the output accordingly. In order to get a grip on the extensive tuning measures to improve performance, the injection was programmed using Power Commander V and a cylinder-selective mapping.

A personal pleasure for me is the very easy to pull RCS clutch hand pump. What is noticeable is the fact that the parts relevant to the operation are not noticed. Everything lies comfortably in the hand and is easy to use. All those who have not yet succumbed to the external charm of the Duc will tremble after the start of the V2 engine. The concentrated power can literally be felt in the asphalt around the bike. This sound is voluminous, wonderful! As is typical for horsepower, we are now scrutinizing the DSB Ducati Diavel on the racetrack.

Chopper / cruiser

Ducati Diavel in the top test

Muscle bike, dragster, streetfighter or athlete in disguise?

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The matt black beauty also has enormous grip on the front wheel

It goes without saying that such a power mountain has to be moved completely differently than real racers. Surprisingly, it’s a lot of fun. You swim easily in the group of sports drivers. Above all, competitors who want to counteract on machines with a smaller displacement and feel like safe winners when turning in are particularly amazed. The enormous mechanical grip catapults the Diavel out of the curve from the apex. The torque literally tears your arms off. The soon overheated 230 road tire is adrenaline-boosting. The DSB-Ducati Diavel stands nicely sideways at the exit of the curve, and the line taken is usually further than planned. Due to the design, the Italian goes a long way anyway. So you should definitely make room.

Parabolic steroids are the highlight in Hockenheim. 298 km / h in the last gear, fully turned down and on the super-wide tires in full lean position – that makes the heart beat faster. Thanks to the meticulous work of DSB, however, the Diavel remains controllable, and thanks to the long wheelbase and low center of gravity, it lies well in the curve. Braking is as safe and brutal as accelerating. The pistons bite into two large 330 mm brake discs. The matt black beauty also has enormous grip on the front wheel. The transparency and the feeling for the front wheel are excellent for such a handlebar, this seating position and the long fork. Dancing on the tire wall is easy. Braking drifts are easy. And, wow, the DSB Ducati Diavel weighs a moderate 210 kilos.

55,000 euros and well over seven weeks of pure working time

Personally, I’m only slowed down by the immensely high construction costs of the unique item. 55,000 euros and well over seven weeks of pure working time go into the DSB-Ducati Diavel. Braking into the curve on the last groove would be too heavy a burden for our insurance company and would take terrible revenge on the next premium. The buyer was there in Hockenheim and counted the laps trembling. He was visibly relieved when we returned the crackling Duc to the care of the mechanics.

DSB has created a top bike. The DSB-Ducati Diavel has many more technical highlights to offer than described in the limited space here. The Berliners have shown a lot of courage, and this was rewarded. Please like to have such an exciting and courageous bike again – we would be ready for it.

Further information DSB-Ducati Diavel

fact / Joachim Schahl

Brutal pressure and fat performance, which can best be enjoyed out of slow corners on long straights. This DSB-Ducati Diavel is second to none.

Weight: 210 kg
front / back: 52.1 / 47.9%
Power: 182 hp
Conversion costs: approx. 55,000 euros

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