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Limited Edition Kodlin-Yamaha Vmax

Unreason in perfection

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This radical rebuild gets your pulse racing: Less weight, more power and high-quality craftsmanship by a custom bike professional turn a Yamaha Vmax into the Kodlin Kmax.

Our reader Hofmann liked the PS October issue of 2011, especially the comparison test with the Yamaha Vmax. Our verdict at the time: she will be a sports fanatic Vmax never, but more agility should be feasible. Hofmann’s ambition was aroused, now everything went very quickly. He bought a used machine and stripped the bike down to the essentials with a mechanic friend. “We dismantled everything that you don’t absolutely need,” says the proud owner, “and then I took the bike to my friend Fred Kodlin.” Kodlin certainly builds the best custom bikes in the world and regularly wins prizes at bike shows in the United States.

Limited Edition Kodlin-Yamaha Vmax

Unreason in perfection

The only requirement: Everything must be TÜV-compliant

He has a free hand to convert the Yamaha Vmax, except for a few conditions: the misshapen rear end has to be removed, the Yamaha has to be lighter and everything has to be TÜV-compliant.

Hofmann draws a few sketches and Kodlin gets to work. The customizer based in Borken uses aluminum to produce all the necessary parts by hand, including the cockpit fairing, the rear and the tank for the limited edition Kodlin-Yamaha Vmax. Very finely executed welding work everywhere testifies to the expert. The new fuel barrel moves under the swing arm and provides a lower center of gravity. “Unfortunately, the fuel pump no longer fit into the flat tank, so I have an S pump&S worried and milled a mounting frame for it so that we could install the pump horizontally, ”reports Hofmann, who works independently in the tool shop.

220 hp make the tires smoke

Fred Kodlin welds the entire exhaust system himself and adapts the Akrapovic muffler. In the lower speed range, the Limited Edition Kodlin-Yamaha Vmax now has more steam, but at the top there is still a bit of a problem. Hofmann takes care of the air filter box, enlarges its inlet by 50 percent, gives the mighty V4 a Power Commander V and a flashed ECU with open power in all gears. Did it bring anything? A test bench run is still pending, but “I estimate it should have between 210 and 220 hp now,” says the owner happily.

Indeed, the limited edition Kodlin-Yamaha Vmax storms like unleashed, offers pressure to the point of dropping in every situation. Almost too much, because if you want to, you can make the tires smoke in the lower gears with a quick turn of the gas. The control unit is not yet perfectly tuned, otherwise the horsepower test drive would have been even more fun.

Kodlin-Yamaha Vmax scores with better rideability

Of course, the Yamaha Vmax is still not a handling miracle. In contrast to the series, however, it turns much more easily and scores with much better drivability – long, fast corners are her thing. Thanks to the Wilbers strut and 20 kilograms less weight, the rear hardly pumps anymore, with the ABM handlebar stubs, more pressure is applied to the front axle – for even better acceleration. Steel braided lines at the front and rear as well as a radial brake pump from Brembo provide more bite that the production bike was not exactly known for.

The Vmax fan is silent about the costs of the conversion: “With a project like this, you don’t always calculate rationally and let yourself be guided more by feeling. All the welding work by Fred and the painting by Sinnwell also have artistic value for me. ”The 300 hours of work have definitely paid off, the Vmax is perfectly crafted and wonderfully irrational.

Yamaha Vmax – dimensions and technical information


Water-cooled four-cylinder V-engine, multi-disc oil bath clutch, (anti-hopping), five-speed gearbox, cardan.
Bore x stroke 90.0 x 66.0 mm
Cubic capacity 1680 cm³
Rated output 147.2 kW (200 hp) at 9000 rpm
Max. Torque 167 Nm at 6500 rpm

landing gear
Bridge frame made of aluminum, telescopic fork, Ø 52 mm, two-arm swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut, double disc brake at the front, Ø 320 mm, six-piston fixed calipers, disc brake at the rear, Ø 298 mm, single-piston floating caliper, ABS.
Tires 120 / 70R 18; 200 / 50R 18

Dimensions + weight
Wheelbase 1700 mm, steering head angle 59.0 degrees, seat height * 780 mm, weight with a full tank * 314 kg, tank capacity 15.0 liters.

Consumption on road 7.9 liters / 100 km
Acceleration 0-100 km / h2.7sec
Pulling speed 60 ?? 140 km / h 6.4 sec

Cubic capacity 1680 cc
Power 200 hp
Price 19,750 euros

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