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Lohmann-Kawasaki ZX-6R in the test

600cc racing bike with a bite

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With the Lohmann-Kawasaki ZX-6R there was someone at work who knows exactly what he wants and what he doesn’t. The result was a snappy snake, just like a 600 must be.

“It really reminds me of my IDM bikes,” enthuses Pascal Eckhardt after the first turn on the green whip. This can be seen from the data sheet, because "corner" can easily achieve 1.51 laps on the big track with the Lohmann-Kawasaki ZX-6R in training traffic. For him, this is due to the successful overall concept consisting of a high-revving engine, the snappy yet very transparent brake and, above all, the successful chassis.

Lohmann-Kawasaki ZX-6R in the test

600cc racing bike with a bite

Lohmann managed to coordinate the fork conversion with the Ohlins cartridge and the T36 shock absorber. “Personally, I would like a little more grip on the rear wheel when braking,” said Eckhardt, who would like more stability so that the bike doesn’t get across so easily before the hairpin, but overall the Lohmann-Kawasaki was fine.

Extremely revving engine

When it came to the engine, Lohmann didn’t swing the big hammer, but worked very specifically and hit the mark. In addition to re-ground camshafts and the combustion chamber processing for higher compression (13.9: 1), a racing air filter came in. Then he got to grips with the production control unit of the Lohmann-Kawasaki ZX-6R, processed the mapping by increasing the engine speed by 250 rpm, paralyzing the lambda control and the exhaust valve motor, optimizing the ignition timing and now opening the second throttle valve earlier. With 131 HP it is quite good in the juice and can be chased with pleasure over the slopes with the cleanly working automatic gearshift. According to Lohmann, Michael Dunlop in the TT, Markus Reiterberger in the IDM and the Racing Team Germany in the Moto2 World Championship use the same automatic gearshift (FSM) in-house.

Of course, the Kawasaki needs a lot of revs for real thrust. While the Bretter-Triumph is already noticeably pressing in the direct TunerGP comparison, the Lohmann-Kawasaki ZX-6R is still slumbering in 600 deep sleep. But anyone who has broken the 10,000 rpm barrier will be rewarded with the poisonous bite that defines thoroughbred four-cylinder super sports weapons – and this engine was incredibly easy-revving. And that, too, is the credo of the 600 series, the Kawasaki does not start with brutal power, but wants the perfect lap, which includes the right line, the right braking point but also precise opening on the Gilles short-stroke accelerator. Driving errors are not concealed here with power, but acknowledged with a weak lap time.

Super athlete

Kawasaki ZX-6R 636 in the test

Impressive sovereignty

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Ergonomics very good, attachments chosen with care

Braking is essential to avoid this. The conglomerate of Wales speed radial pump, Motacc steel braided lines, Braking Wave disks and SBS sintered surfaces turned out to be steadfast, biting and transparent. On the other hand, Lohmann held on to the series pliers, but replaced the pistons of the Nissin brake calipers with special DLC-coated steel pistons from the company’s own range. These tolerate the heat much better and thus ensure a reliable pressure point. On the first few laps with the Lohmann-Kawasaki ZX-6R it gave way, which is due to the extremely braking test course. But then it was rock solid and absolutely reliable, in order to be able to shift the braking point further back lap by lap and to be able to work closer to the perfect 600 lap.

So that the driver can fully concentrate on his job, everything on the Lohmann-Kawasaki ZX-6R is perfect, in other words: The ergonomics are very good, the attachments are noticeably carefully chosen and arranged. You can tell on the motorcycle that Lohmann not only screws according to customer requirements, but also pulls the cable himself. From the Gilles pegs (VCR38gt) to the TSS handlebar stubs, the motorcycle bedded its rider exactly as a committed full throttle ride requires. We were very happy about the motorcycle, because 600s are simply part of such a race track get-together. They offer little space for experimentation, but when they work as well as Simon Lohmann’s, you will inevitably be reminded why racing with 600s is so much fun.

Technical data Lohmann-Kawasaki ZX-6R


If you are afraid of revs, you won’t get far with the 600, because the post only comes in five digits. Lohmann’s performance is exemplary even.

Lohmann-Kawasaki ZX-6R

Weight: 174.7 kg
front / back: 52.4 / 47.6%
Power: 131 hp
Conversion costs: approx. 25,500 euros

MTC Lohmann GmbH
Simon lohmann
Gieseckenkamp 19th
30851 Langenhagen, Germany
Phone: 0511/74 42 12

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