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Louis Street Tracker

Conversion based on Kawasaki Z125

At the accessories dealer Louis, apprentices are traditionally allowed to build their own custom bikes. For 2018, the apprentices formed the Louis Street Tracker from a Kawasaki Z 125.

D.he task for the six apprentices: build a neat one-off piece from a simple series-produced motorcycle completely according to their own ideas. There were other restrictions so that the project didn’t get out of hand. The budget was limited to 2,018 euros, but the customizers were free to use the entire Louis range.

Studded tires and a short tail

A new Kawasaki Z 125 was brought in as a conversion base. The prospective merchants were allowed to live out their remodeling qualities here. It was quickly agreed that the bare 125cc should be turned into a tracker-style bike. In the first step, the Kawa was stripped of all its attachments. Then the rear part of the steel frame rear fell victim to the hacksaw. The boys and girls adapted a new hump seat and a new license plate holder. The frame triangles were covered with start number boards.

The series cockpit had to give way to a Koso mini cockpit. Another start number board with two integrated LED headlights was stretched in front of the fork. The obligatory rear-view mirrors went to the end of the handlebars and down. The exhaust manifold now leads into a raised Storm rear silencer. A small front spoiler under the single cylinder rounds off the new look. The tracker appearance is completed by Pirelli MT 60 tires with red side lettering and a matt black paint from the can.


Training project at Louis

Apprentices build cool bobbers

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