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Suzuki V-Strom 1050

Upgrade in the DR Big style

EICMA 2019

Suzuki is bringing a revised V-Strom to EICMA 2019 in Milan. The new V-Strom 1050 can be Euro 5, offers more power and comes with DR Big styling bonds.

I.In the large travel enduro segment, Suzuki has so far been represented with the V-Strom 1000. This has been extensively revised for the 2020 model year. It should be sportier, more comfortable, but also safer. As a result, the Japanese are presenting the Suzuki V-Strom 1050 in a standard and an XT version at EICMA.

More power, the same displacement

Right in advance, even if the new V-Strom has the number 1050 in its name, nothing has changed in the displacement of the V2. It remains at 1.037 cm³. In the course of adapting to the Euro 5 standard, the two-cylinder was able to increase from 100 to just under 108 hp, which now accumulate at 8,500 tours. At maximum torque, only 100 Nm are now available and only at 6,000 rpm. So it is clear that the new V-Strom wants to be turned more. But: the V-Strom 1050 is also to be offered in an A2-compatible 48 HP version. A larger water cooler and an oil filter base integrated into the cooling circuit are intended to ensure thermal health. A rich catalyst in the collector cleans the exhaust gases. For more protection there was a new clutch cover and an aluminum engine guard (only XT).


There were no changes to the aluminum frame, and the swing arm was adopted unchanged. For the gear train, the basic V-Storm uses cast rims, the XT comes with wire-spoke rims for tubeless tires. Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 tires in sizes 110/90 R19 and 150/70 R17 are always fitted as standard.

More assistants on board

Suzuki has also improved on the control systems. With new sensors, a drive-by-wire system and a CAN bus, the V-Strom offers cornering ABS with wheelie and stoppie monitoring, cruise control, hill starting aid, three different driving modes and a three-stage traction control that can be switched off, Most of the systems are reserved for the XT version. The LCD cockpit has been expanded accordingly to include relevant displays.


Also new are a USB socket in the cockpit as well as a panel that can be adjusted in height by 50 millimeters in eleven steps (XT, the base only offers three steps) and lighting elements equipped with LED technology all round. However, there are only LED indicators on the XT, as is the socket under the seat bench. In the XT version, the height of the driver’s seat can also be varied by 20 mm (base height: 850 mm), and benches of different heights are available for the base version (base height: 855 mm). The driver always grabs newly formed tubular handlebars, places his feet on new notches and his hands behind new hand protectors. If the XT is parked, it rests on a main stand, which can be retrofitted to the base.


A touch of DR Big

When styling the new V-Strom 1050, Suzuki tries to take up elements of the legendary DR Big. Above all, the duck’s beak should be reminiscent of the super single. Of course, the new V-Strom models can be extensively customized and upgraded. Over 50 options are available ex works. These range from various protective elements to comprehensive luggage transport solutions.

From February from 12,790 euros

The new V-Strom 1050 models, which weigh 236 and 247 kilograms ready to drive, will be available from the end of February 2020. The base will be available in the colors Glass Sparkle Black, Glass Sparkle Black / Pearl Brilliant White and Glass Sparkle Black / Solid Iron Gray offered. The XT comes in the colors Champion Yellow No.2, Pearl Brilliant White / Glass Blaze Orange and Glass Sparkle Black. As a basic price, Suzuki calls for 12,790 euros plus ancillary costs for the base and 14,190 euros plus ancillary costs for the XT.

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