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Top test BMW K 1200 GT

Holiday Inn

Aerodynamically clad, luxuriously equipped, and blessed with plenty of power and torque, the BMW K 1200 GT aims to set a milestone in the touring segment. Is it really suitable for the perfect vacation?

Stuttgart in April. Cloudy, gray sky. Temperatures only a few degrees above zero. It drizzles. Every quarter of an hour, the low-cost airlines take off from the thick soup in the direction of the sun. On the six-lane highway next to the airport the pushes K 1200 GT in the fast lane past the sheet metal avalanches. Despite the gloomy prospects and the cold, there is a good mood behind the cockpit.
No wonder: the heated grips simmer the palms of the hands on a low flame on level two, and the heated seats let a cozy warmth rise up the back over the buttocks. Freeze? What’s this? If the electrically adjustable windshield is raised all the way up, only a light stream of air brushes the upper edge of the helmet. Otherwise there is also the most far-
going calm. The wind gnaws timidly on the sleeves of the driving suit. In short: there is a touch of spring behind the panel.
While it’s actually raining cats and dogs now. But as if man and machine were surrounded by an invisible protective shield, the thick drops bounce off the cladding and are torn backwards by the air flow. It even pulls away the fine water pearls on the visor to the side. Clearly the result of sophisticated aerodynamics. While others on their motorcycles are soaking wet within a short time, the GT driver is spared the masses of water.
Ulm, Munich, Innsbruck, Brenner ?? At the border with Italy, the on-board computer indicates a comfortable 18 degrees outside temperature. The average speed up to this point is in the three-digit range
Area. Continue zapping to consumption. The fuel is still enough for a good 70 kilometers, and on average the transversely installed four-cylinder, according to the display, has not allowed six liters per 100 kilometers. Bravo and really surprising. Up to the top speed of 250 km / h on an open, dry route, it proceeded at a rapid pace with fully packed suitcases. And that with a beer slack, as if someone had put the "Gran Tourismo" BMW on rails. Sixth gear has been there for a very long time.
Has it actually been switched on since Stuttgart? Probably not.
So lazy to switch within a short time
unwinding many kilometers is evidence of this
lush motorization. 146 hp resulted in the
Power measurement on the coupling, that is only minimal under the factory specification
of 152 HP on the crankshaft. In contrast to the S and R models, the GT is designed for a full torque curve, measured 122 Nm at 7900 rpm. Despite a full tank of 305 kilograms, the GT pulls up effortlessly
and from it, so that switching is almost forgotten. Even at 3100 rpm, at least 100 Nm are available and push the colossus forward. For comparison: the sportier, more powerful, 165 hp K 1200 S only lifts more than 100 Nm at 1000 rpm later
on the shaft and only reaches its maximum of 126 Nm at 8500 rpm. Back to the GT “One Gear Show”: From construction site speed 60 to 180 km / h ver-
go in last gear for just 12.3 seconds. Even Yamaha’s larger displacement super tourer FJR 1300 A can
13.5 seconds for this sprint.
Refueling break. The K 1200 GT, which costs 17,000 euros, is equipped with seat and handlebar height adjustment as standard. Two Torx screws are loosened in less than a minute and the handlebar can then be moved in four stages. The handle for seat height adjustment moves from the lower (820 millimeters) to the lower one with a single movement
upper position (840 mm). With the handlebars and seat in the top position, long distances are far more relaxed than on the GT. The knees are less bent, the wrists more relieved, the sitting posture is more upright and more comfortable. And with a seat height of 840 millimeters, even shorter people have few problems reaching the floor safely with both feet ?? thanks to the tailored bench.
Disk down. With the mild climate you can finally let the wind blow your face. Refreshing and pleasant at the same time. Because at high speeds, no turbulence whatsoever can be seen tugging the helmet back and forth. Near Trento, almost 600 kilometers of motorway have been unwound, and you are still in top shape.
On the sun-drenched slopes of the lower Adige Valley, the fruit tree blossom is in the starting blocks. The gently rolling streets and sweeping curves below Monte Bondone and Lago
di Cei are ideal terrain for the GT to demonstrate all their power and their thoroughly sporty ambitions. Just a few degrees of angle on the throttle are enough to catapult the GT from one corner to the next in giant steps. Overtaking processes take place in fast motion. Schwups and over, already from low speeds. Simply sovereign. The six-speed gearbox is also rarely used on country roads. Why even if the thrust between 3000 and 8000 rpm is usually more than sufficient. If it has to be switched once, it will work depending on the load
harsh, inevitable switching noises can get on your nerves.
At the moment, however, the K 1200 GT is swinging casually through the smooth curves-
combinations, can be brought into all inclines with constant use of force, masters alternating curves with reassuring accuracy and smooth cornering. Whereby it remains quite noticeable that a good six hundred pounds of weight always has to be shifted from one lean angle to the other and the GT lacks a little feedback from the front wheel because of the Duolevers.
The electronically adjustable ESA chassis (overload 660 euros, in the premium package with on-board computer, seat and handle heating, cruise control and xenon light 1600 euros) changes that little. Nevertheless, it is an extra feature that you should not do without. From »Com-
Strong ”to“ Normal ”to“ Sport ”, each with three load conditions, are available. And while driving, a litter that bounces slightly when driving fast can be transformed into a more tightly tuned Gran Tourismo lying quietly and comfortably on the road in just a few seconds.
The »Comfort« setting comes into play when excellent country roads mutate into third-class bumpy slopes and you want to enjoy the landscape at a moderate pace anyway. She leaves that
Iron the GT unmoved over rough asphalt surfaces. Most of the time, the streets get narrower and the curves
tighter. And suddenly it is noticeable that the drive train is plagued by load changes and that the hard response behavior when applying the gas, for example in tight bends and serpentines, masses up a clean line. Unless you can drive through in one go without adjusting the throttle grip.
Compliments, however, to the semi-integral braking system. Not just because the ABS kept getting dirty-
bahnen takes their horror, but also because BMW has reduced the control of the brake booster so far that the brakes can be finely adjusted instead of biting sharply as before. There is no need to say a word about the very good deceleration values ​​of the BMW stoppers.
Last refueling break for today. This time a little earlier because the fuel gauge reminds you to refill after 300 kilometers of rural roads. Despite the civilian driving style, the consumption is significantly higher than with
partly brisk highway driving. On average
6.1 liters, plus Super Plus. No
cheap pleasure. Which of course applies overall to the luxury tourer. But you actually get a lot for that. The driver still feels relaxed, as if he were only a few hundred
Kilometers on the road and not have been on the motorcycle for ten hours. If these are not outstanding characteristics for a tourer that make a motorcycle vacation perfect, then what else?

Top test BMW K 1200 GT

Holiday Inn

Was there anything else? – BMW K 1200 GT

Lockable, easy to press
Openable storage compartment on the right in the panel
Good visibility in the rear-view mirrors,
no distortion from vibrations
Fast in just a few simple steps
and easily fixable cases
Despite the high weight, the
GT light and with little effort
stand on the main stand
Electronic immobilizer as standard
Easily accessible, multi-level
Adjustment options from the brake-
and clutch lever
Instruments that switch on automatically-
The buttons for resetting and changing the trip meter require
high pressure and must be very long
being held
For proper operation of the on-board computer, the thumb must be
stretch, often the throttle can no go along be held properly
The many buttons, buttons, switches
to operate all functions should be illuminated in the dark in order to avoid mistakes
The gear indicator in the display flickered and had dropouts

MOTORCYCLE measurements – BMW K 1200 GT

Top speed * 252 km / h

0 100 km / h 3.3 sec
0 ?? 140 km / h 5.4 sec
0 200 km / h 10.7 sec

60 ?? 100 km / h 3.8 sec
100 ?? 140 km / h 4.0 sec
140 ?? 180 km / h 4.5 sec

Speedometer deviation
Effective (display 50/100) 48/99 km / h

Tachometer deviation
Display red area 10250 / min
Effective 9950 / min

Consumption in the test
at 130 km / h 5.5 l / 100 km
Country road 6.1 l / 100 km
Theor. Range 393 km
Fuel type Super Plus

mass and weight
L / W / H 2270/990/1500 mm
Handlebar height 1040 mm
Turning circle 6220 mm
Weight with a full tank 305 kg
Payload 215 kg
Wheel load distribution v / h 48/52%
Driving dynamics 1
Brake measurement
Braking distance from 100 km / h 39.1 m
Average deceleration 9.9 m / s2

Comments: good stability, in ABS-
Control range only slightly rocking. The rear brake requires a bit of foot force.

Handling course I (fast slalom)
Best lap time 22.2 sec
Vmax at the measuring point 87.0 km / h

Comments: The weight of the engine-
rads is clearly noticeable when flipped. The tendency to understeer is supported by the Duolever front wheel control and the resulting indifferent driving experience. The motorcycle remains stable and can still be circled properly through the pylon course.

Handling course II (slow slalom)
Best lap time 29.8 seconds
Vmax at the measuring point 54.5 km / h

Comments: The GT is with the ESA setting »Sport ?? laden "on the road, even at great inclines. The lean angle is good, the steering precision is okay if the motorcycle is kept on course with a slight pull on the handlebars. Tilting in an inclined position must be clearly initiated, otherwise the GT will unintentionally make large arcs.

Technical data – BMW K 1200 GT

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, two overhead, gear / chain-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder, bucket tappets, injection, Ø 46 mm, controlled Kata-
lysator, alternator 945 W, battery
12 V / 19 Ah, hydraulically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, cardan.

Bore x stroke 79.0 x 59.0 mm

Cubic capacity 1157 cm3

Compression ratio 13.0: 1

rated capacity
112.0 kW (152 hp) at 9500 rpm
Max. Torque 130 Nm at 7750 rpm
Pollutant values ​​(homologation) in g / km
CO 1.095 / HC 0.156 / NOx 0.079

Chassis: bridge frame made of aluminum, double longitudinal control arm made of aluminum (with ESA: adjustable rebound damping), two-joint single-sided swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut with lever system, adjustable spring base and rebound damping, double disc brake at the front, Ø 320 mm, four-piston fixed calipers, disc brake at the rear, Ø 294 mm,
Double-piston floating caliper, partially integral brake system with ABS.
Cast aluminum wheels 3.50 x 17; 5.50 x 17

Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 180/55 ZR 17

Tires in the test
Bridgestone BT 020 "UU"

Dimensions and weights: wheelbase 1571 mm, steering head angle 60.6 degrees, caster 112 mm, spring travel f / h 115/135 mm,
permissible total weight 520 kg, tank-
content 24.0 liters.

Data service
Service intervals every 10000 km

Oil and filter change every 10,000 km
Idle speed 1150 ± 50 / min

Tire pressure solo (with pillion passenger)
front / rear 2.5 / 2.9 (2.5 / 2.9) bar

Warranty two years

One year mobility guarantee

Colors graphite, blue, gray metallic

Price 17,000 euros

Price of test motorcycle3 18,658 euros

Additional costs 262 euros

Scoring: engine – BMW K 1200 GT

With beefy power delivery and plenty of thrust from the lower rev range, the in-line four-cylinder accelerates shift-lazy driving without ever looking tired. Gear ratio and overall ratio are ge-
lungs, a longer, speed-reducing sixth gear would be the crowning glory. Typical BMW weak: the rough load change behavior and the loud gearshift.

Scoring: Chassis – BMW K 1200 GT

From A to B quickly, preferably with the suitcase fully packed. It’s amazing how confidently the chassis can handle high speeds without any signs of pendulum movements. In return, the colossus is surprisingly handy.

Scoring: Security

The tourer is well equipped with ABS and a partially integrated braking system. After the modified brake booster no longer intervenes so vehemently, the dosage works better. The performance of the braking system is exemplary anyway. Surprisingly, the enormous freedom of lean angles of the GT. It really gets down to business before the footrest hits the ground.

Scoring: Everyday Life – BMW K 1200 GT

With a tank capacity of 24 liters you can go far, even on country roads-
consumption is rather high. Full marks for the equipment. Obviously, when a lot can be adjusted from the handlebar to the seat.

Scoring: Comfort – BMW K 1200 GT

Sit on it and feel good. We
the GT fits everything together.
Fellow travelers can also comfortably seat on the neatly padded bench. Wind and weather protection are just great.

Scoring: costs / environment – BMW K 1200 GT

Low inspection costs, low pollutant levels and well-known good workmanship are offset by steep maintenance costs and moderate highway consumption. The price-performance ratio can start at 17,000 euros basic price, plus 1,600 euros for the Premium-
Package, only modest.

Conclusion – BMW K 1200 GT

The fastest and most relaxing way to go on a long tour on a motorcycle is called the K 1200 GT. The difference to the previous model is like a quantum leap. With significantly more power and performance in all areas, more aerodynamically sophisticated wind and weather protection and a sovereign chassis, it secures a place at the very top of the best list.

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