BRP Can Am Spyder Trial


Discovering the…. " thing "…. Canadian

Neither motorcycle, nor trike, nor auto roadster … The BRP Can Am Spyder is a bit of all of this at the same time … an exceptional machine packed with electronics that promises sensations. Since the first model appeared in 2007 marketed appeared the SE5 (which has a speed selector on the left pressure cooker and removes the clutch lever) followed by insignificant changes to finally arrive at the RT model and its luggage versions. and its more important protections.

BRP Can-Am Spyder RS

Tried and ordered on March 19, 2007, I took possession of my Bombardier Can-Am Spyder on July 24, 2007. I had the chance to acquire one of the very first models delivered in the territory and part of the "Limited series" of the first 2,500 built. Since then, with each outing, with its 100 horsepower for less than 300 kilos (317 kilos dry for the new models): it is nothing but happiness! This is not a story, it is an essay and experience for 3 years…


Good…. Okay…. it looks like a mutant jet ski that would have decided to spend its life on tar…. history of changing the color of the path…. but OK…. it’s a new experience…. no ?

BRP Can-Am Spyder RS

At first glance, it’s surprising because from the front, it’s a downright "bizarostroid" thing with two wheels up front and a slippery line, from the handlebars to the sporty rear. On the side, there is always this automotive-style front and this very refined, even stripped-down rear. Seen from the rear, hidden by the monstrous "gommard" that propels the whole thing, there are always those two half "body" trains protruding. But as soon as we have driven enough to begin to understand how it works we totally forget.

BRP Can-Am Spyder RS

The Can-Am Spyder is accessible to holders of a car license but be careful, motorists! All the controls of the base model (the best in my opinion) are motorcycle controls: you will be lost at first! This is why I strongly advise those who do not have a motorcycle license to go through the "Motorbike School" box to afford safety with 2 hours of on-set training and 2 hours of road and city driving training.

This exceptional machine (in the literal sense of the word) has nothing in common with anything that we can know: motorcycle, sidecar, quad, trike, automobile. You have to learn everything again humbly and let yourself be taken in by this intelligent machine … at the beginning at least. Clever? But if… .iiiii !!! It has an on-board computer designed to manage its "safe" behavior in all circumstances.

BRP Can-Am Spyder RS

But I insist: first "humility" then "rolling" and finally "the big foot" !

In the saddle

For a motorbike owner, there is nothing extraordinary: a well-profiled two-stage saddle that slightly elevates the passenger and hollow out a little naturally to be well wedged on a well-made surface that does not slip … . even under a downpour with the plastic costume required.

With a riding position slightly forward (there is an optional handlebar riser), the hands naturally fall on the grips, well-placed casseroles with controls arranged in a quite classic way that do not force a hyper- abnormal cervical extention.

BRP Can-Am Spyder RS

The rider footrests are judiciously placed and do not cause cramps or slow blood circulation to the knees (which is appreciable with everything you put on the skin in very cold weather) and, for the passenger: Same. For slightly tall passengers, there are practical extensions (optional) to move the footrests a little downwards and forwards which maintain a natural position of the leg.

So what if we crack the beast? Again, it’s a motorcycle !


The 990 Rotax in V, which is very close to the engine of the Aprilia 1000, emits a nice music despite a very "silent" silencer: we hear more mechanics than the exhaust !

Time to get acquainted with the very complete and perfectly readable dashboard, to read a few paragraphs of the manual to set the clock and…. surprise…. we even know what the ambient temperature is !

BRP Can-Am Spyder RS

Everything you need is perfectly readable, including the gear engaged (especially practical for those who have chosen the SE5 model which has its gear selector on the handlebars). Personally, I wanted to stay basic: the foot is such an old habit.

The time to go around the owner and the engine was at the right temperature: on horseback and mine the asphalt! The 5-speed manual transmission now features true mechanical reverse (SM5).

BRP Can-Am Spyder RS

Once again :…. to those who have never or very little rode a motorcycle…. GAFF !


The revs that make the needle of the tachometer jump when stationary and in neutral are there when you are seated on them and do not care if you tear your shoulders off: it is ideal for no longer having to bend down to weary his shoes! For less than 300 kilos to move, I confirm…. it sends heavy !

Something else…. it doesn’t look like anything, it’s physical…. it is not tiring but…. physicality: you have to anticipate all the curves and not hesitate to throw your shoulder inside the curve by pulling the handlebars on the navel…. otherwise the sanction is immediate.

We take so many side "G’s" on this machine that without it we are quickly broken. It is the same for the passenger…. if not, he is violently emptied of his saddle at the first turn in a little hard; So: no question of taking a nap while listening to the radio as on a good big custom.

First releases…. “YES! »…. pure pleasure! After having spent 1000 to 1550 km to fully understand how this bizarre vehicle works in every way, we really appreciate a lot of things that are very specific to it..

The suspensions absorb all the surface defects of our small country roads very well and, being very careful with the low ground clearance, we can even venture into small off-road paths following the fences of the fields.

Here we particularly appreciate the low torque in the towers and the low noise level of the whole which allows to attract the attention of the curious instead of being fired, and rightly so, like some owners of more off-road machines. noisy that originally attracted attention 5 km before their arrival.

On the other hand, on the tar of small winding mountain roads, solo, when you master, it’s downright the "hill climb" atmosphere. It holds the floor as impossible…. but beware…. it turns around like a car when we go too far.

Between these two extremes,…. there are all kinds of pleasures for everyone:…. " the total " !

As a pure biker, the highways are not my favorite terrain. However, it grows very hard, it accelerates and it exceeds "lethal". It’s perfectly stable and above all, it has impressive course holding even under heavy rain. If it starts from the back we cut and it comes back online. There must be some unexpected intelligence in the front wheels that know how to call the rear wheel to order..

It’s a duo that it gets complicated. I’ll give you a quick little "SPLIKMOA". The presence of a high passenger on the rear wheel axle shifts the center of gravity…. therefore: it is necessary to adopt a less aggressive behavior if not one lifts a front wheel and there…. either we engage the security (not funny)…. either we put the cabin on the dog (not funny at all)…. if we respect this fundamental rule, it is only pure pleasure for both: I will not tell you ….

BRP Can-Am Spyder RS


The braking is powerful, efficient, impressive…. and not only in theory: its differentiated ABS system on the three wheels: this is not a publicity effect !

I tested, at the very beginning, in 4 ° Celsius, in the rain, in a very wide street heap and slightly hollow over 45 m: a bathtub 8 cm deep…. no one on the horizon…. " GAS "…. ! Arrival in the bathtub at 110 km / h…. the three tires in it…. sheaves on each side…. fully with the heel on the brake pedal…. ….…. " NOTHING " ! Nothing happened that was normal and "impressive": no dangerous jerks, it stayed perfectly in line and it completely stopped before it got out of the water !

Safe…. no ? We can therefore not fault the original tires: they are perfectly suited to the machine.

Important: the original pressures are low and you have to stick to them by regularly checking the inflation for optimal behavior of the animal.

Question wear of the original set of tires … At the rear, after 15,000 km, it is almost smooth while the front can do the double, all at a cost substantially identical to car tires (balancing included ) so nothing alarming.

BRP Can-Am Spyder RS

I strongly recommend sticking to these which are perfectly satisfactory in the dry, in the water, …. and even on snow. The only drawback because of its size: in the latter case, the rear tire fills up very quickly and there is no more propulsion…. you must therefore find a chain suitable for the rear tire; this can easily be done without on the front wheels which retain all their directivity.

For routine maintenance: it is still strongly recommended to go through the seller because each visit requires a check and possibly an update via the on-board computer …. however, this remains perfectly correct on the cost side.


And the carbide?…. Here we are !…. Consumption remains high: the mechanics, the weight, and the impressive times are difficult to justify because it is not the fastest between two pumps at 95. It will take between 8.5 and 10 liters / 100 km following the driving.

And to finish, rather than becoming "clumsy" by giving you a lesson: I urge you to go see the demonstration, not elsewhere well done and pleasant, in French moreover..

BRP Can-Am Spyder RS


This roadster really gives the feeling of being able to "show off" riding on a 2-seater convertible…. 2 wheels…. with a real reverse gear and a parking brake. Everyone can find real pleasure in driving it…. " with moderation "…. at the beginning (I know I’m repeating myself but it’s very true). It just becomes less fun blocked in traffic but also in terms of parking, wind, rain, cold, etc. and especially consumption.

Strong points

  • exceptional machine, look

Weak points

  • consumption

BRP Can-Am Spyder RS

The Can Am Spyder technical sheet

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