MOTORRAD readers’ choice: Top 10 in the scooter category

MOTORRAD Readers’ Choice 2020 Scooter

Top 10 in the scooter category

In the top 10 scooters, MOTORRAD readers have always voted a Vespa in first place. Little by little, however, the TMAX also rolls towards the top.

M.ith 26.8 percent, the Vespa GTS Super 300 not only lands in first place in the top 10 most popular scooters, but is also the queen of approval across all ten readers‘choice categories. Regardless of whether it is a naked bike, tourer, enduro, retro, beginner, crossover, athlete, cruiser or 125cc model – in no other category can a model with first place boast 26.8 percent reader approval.

Yamaha TMax is catching up

With 11.9 percent approval, the Yamaha TMax is in second place this year. Last year it was third (together with the BMW C 650) and in 2018 it was fourth. Even if the gap to the Vespa is still huge, he has fought for second place over the years. With its advance, it displaces the BMW C-Evolution electric scooter, which has dropped from second to fourth place. As in the previous year, the BMW C 650 Sport / GT is in third place.

The fifth and sixth place went to Piaggio scooters again – fifth place to the Vespa Primavera 125 and sixth place to the Vespa Elettrica. The Burgmann 400 from Suzuki, the Honda SH 125 / 150i, the Yamaha Tricity 300 and the Honda SH 300i then follow at some distance.

Readers’ votes and new registrations

In the table you get an overview of the top 10 placements and the reader approval in percent. In the last column, we also show you the rank of the models in the 2019 new registration statistics in Germany (if the information is available). "k. AT.." (no information) can mean that the model has not yet been on sale or has only recently been on sale, or has not made it into the top 20 new registrations of scooters for other reasons.

MOTORRAD readers’ choice 2020 scooter category


model approval Placement of new registrations in 2019


Vespa GTS Super 300 26.8% 1


Yamaha TMax Tech Max 11.9% 19th


BMW C 650 Sport / 650 GT 8.6% k. AT..


Bmw c evolution 7.4% 18th


Vespa Primavera 125 6.8% 1 (registration statistics up to 125 cm³)


Vespa Elettrica 6.7% k. AT..


Suzuki Burgman 400 3.6% 17th


Honda SH 125/150 i 3.1% 9 (registration statistics up to 125 cm³)


Yamaha Tricity 300 3.1% k. AT..


Honda SH 300 i 2.5% 5

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