MV Agusta F4 about to make a comeback: CEO announces return of the super sports car

MV Agusta F4 about to make a comeback

CEO announces return of the super athlete

Timur Sardarov, CEO of MV Agusta, announced the comeback of the noble super sports car F4. However, it should be ready in five years at the earliest. A return to the SBK World Championships is also planned.

Due to the Euro4 standard, the M.V Agusta F4 disappeared from the market a few years ago. The Italian manufacturer had to withdraw accordingly from the Superbike World Championship. The F4 still enjoys a good reputation among supersport fans due to its appearance and character. The numerous special models in particular are considered real gems among sporty motorcycles by fans of the brand. MV Agusta had already announced in 2018 that the F4 should not finally disappear from the market – the company bosses spoke much more of a kind of break. In early June 2020, the company’s new CEO Timur Sardarov announced the return of the F4.

New F4 only in five years?

According to Sardarov, however, it can still be a while before a new F4 rolls out to dealers. According to the CEO of MV Agusta, the company wants to develop the F4 and establish it on the market within the next five years. The CEO of the traditional Italian company also has the prospect of a return to the Superbike World Championship.

MV Agusta.

Giovanni Castiglioni (left) and Timur Sardavor (right).

Return to the SBK World Championships planned

Sardarov commented on the plans as follows to his colleagues at MCN: "MV Agusta has its own plan for the first time in years, as there is no large industrial group, no investors or other motorcycle brand to which the company belongs. The F4 platform has been discontinued, but we’ll come back to it, but in five years at the earliest. A return to the Superbike World Championship is also planned." In addition, Sardarov has confirmed that other new models will also be developed and new, higher-turnover market segments will be opened up. We had already reported in the recent past that MV Agusta would like to offer less powerful motorcycles in the near future that are to be manufactured in Asia.


Not only fans of the traditional Italian brand would be happy about a return of the MV Agusta F4. A return of the noble sports motorcycle would have an additional impact on the Superbike World Championship. We would also have nothing against a comeback of the F4.

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