New items 2002


New items 2002

Haute couture

Milan stands for fashion, stands for trade fairs and also for motorcycle. At least every two years, when motorcycle manufacturers from all over the world send their new models onto the catwalk.

The focus of interest in Milano ?? who is surprised? ?? Italian companies like Ducati or Aprilia. Tomorrow‘s dreams sparkle and glitter in the spotlight. Often pure dreams of the future to test the taste and reactions of the visitors. But also concrete projects, such as the Ducati Multistrada, which received a lot of approval but also some criticism. David Gross, Product Planner at Ducati: “The Multistrada represents a completely new niche. It combines the performance and design of a sports motorcycle with the versatility of an enduro. «
Seating position, ground clearance and suspension travel may be typical of enduro bikes, but with the super sporty road tires on 17-inch wheels, the study is more tied to asphalt terrain. Chief designer Pierre Terblanche obviously agrees. “This motorcycle unfolds its full potential in the hands of experts who want to have fun on coastal roads or passes.” This is already guaranteed by the engine, which at first glance looks like the well-known two-valve engine, but on closer inspection some parts differ prove to be newly constructed. For example cylinders and heads with tighter valve angles and dual ignition that sit on the familiar housing. A crankshaft with a longer stroke, in conjunction with larger pistons, lifts the displacement to 992 cm³.
The chassis has the tubular tubular frame that is characteristic of Ducati. The upside-down fork as well as the brakes and wheels seem to come more from the parts shelf of the super athletes than from the off-road group. But all in all, the bill could work out for motorcyclists who are tired of folding up on super athletes, but don’t want to do without sporty locomotion.
Ducati has also increased its purebred super athletes, as indicated by the 998 type designation. In fact, the Testastretta engine, which was crowned with world championship laurels in 2001 and previously reserved for the exclusive “R” version, is now available in other models. In conjunction with a new engine management control unit and a modified airbox, all three versions provide more power. 123 hp are the 998’s, 136 the 998 S and 139 the R. The new distinguishing feature on the outside: the smooth fairing.
For the Blue Marlin study, Aprilia relies on the tried and tested means of every fashion tsar, from time to time to fall back on style elements from bygone eras. Even if the representatives tirelessly assert that this is a pure prototype, the naked bike expected for 2003 should be created on this basis. The series machine will certainly not be as radical as the study? Unfortunately, because with its razor-sharp lines, the 1000 Blue Marlin advanced to become the popular star of the fair. The origin of the idea was the first motorcycle of Aprilia boss Ivano Beggio, an Aprilia Colibri 50 from the sixties. The design was created in collaboration with the French company Boxer Design, it brings the essential components of a motorcycle to the fore: the two-cylinder engine, the narrow, infinitely long tank and short handlebar stubs. The sports machines of the seventies were made in a similar way, just think of the 750cc sports models from Ducati and Moto Guzzi.
The 2002 model of the YZF-R1 is very real and available in spring. When the sporty flagship from Yamaha was renewed, the motto was obviously “more being than appearance”. The front looks almost unchanged. Only when viewed from the side do the tank and the angular rear end with its new rear light catch the eye. Behind the plastic parts, almost everything has changed except for the trunk engine. An injection system that works similarly to the Suzuki GSX-R models takes care of the mixture preparation. As with the constant pressure carburettor, a vacuum-controlled slide takes over the function of the second throttle valve. In addition, a system with two rollers in the collector of the exhaust system is supposed to increase the torque in the lower and middle speed range. There is also a regulated catalytic converter. The chassis was radically redesigned with a 30 percent stiffer frame, asymmetrical swing arm and upside-down fork with a sliding tube diameter of 43 millimeters. A shift light in the cockpit signals the ideal time to change gear.
The same strategy ??? optically subtle retouching, technically completely new construction ?? followed Yamaha at the TDM: engine bored out to 900 cc with injection and regulated catalytic converter, six-speed gearbox, frame and swingarm now made of aluminum, new wheels and brakes.
Kawasaki has also extensively renovated the ZZ-R 1100 touring sports oldie, which is now celebrating its 1200 resurrection. So far, however, little information is available on this. The engine is based on the drive of the proven ZZ-R 1100 and, like last year, the ZRX was increased to 1164 cm3 by means of a larger bore and more stroke. Together with new carburetors, this should bring more power in the lower and medium speed range. The frame and swingarm are new, with the latter some ZZ-R fans may miss the practical eccentrics for adjusting the chain tension. The modified chassis geometry ensures more agile handling. The seating position is a little more comfortable than before thanks to the forward footrests and the higher handlebars.
Comfort was certainly also the aim of the new two-cylinder enduro from Suzuki. Its peculiar name: DL 1000 V-Strom. Whereby, according to Bert Poensgen from Suzuki Germany, the V should be pronounced in English, while Strom means nothing more than the German word and should be intoned accordingly. So whatever matters is the hardware. The engine comes from the TL 1000, its liveliness is legendary, it has proven its enduro qualities in the Cagiva Navigator. The injection system works with two throttle valves, one of which is operated by a gas cable and the second by a servomotor. It is controlled by an engine management system that takes into account the position of the primary throttle valve, engine speed and gear. Contrary to previous assumptions, the Japanese have now installed a regulated catalytic converter, and there is even a secondary air system on board. With the blinking clear glass headlights, the angular lines and the aggressive front spoiler, the V-Strom has a unique face in the competitive enduro segment. The fun bike character is emphasized by the road tires on 17 and 19 inch cast wheels.
KTM is taking a completely different path, namely the thorny, rocky one with the two-cylinder enduro, which was presented in Milan in the tough rally version. Compared to the prototype shown a year ago, which polarized all too much because of its daring design, the Austrians once again lent a hand. The dress now looks less spectacular, but unequivocally sporty. And the roadworthy version 950 Adventure will certainly also be available in the familiar KTM orange from the end of 2002. The front section, such as the 25-liter tank and the fairing, is the same for both versions. At the stern of the Adventure the tanks of the desert ship are of course omitted, and the two silencers are moved upwards.
The target group of the Adventure are climbers from the field of single-cylinder enduros and the fan base of the big travel enduros such as BMW R 1150 GS or Honda Varadero, which has grown strongly in recent years. A dry weight of well below 200 kilograms is the declared goal, which would be up to 50 kilograms less than the direct competition. In terms of performance, the short-stroke 950 V-Zwo should be top with over 100 hp and set new standards in terms of dynamics. KTM technicians speak of 93 Nm at 3000 rpm, only the 1150 cm3 BMW comes close to this value. First of all, the Adventure will come with carburetors, an unregulated catalytic converter and a secondary air system.
W.How powerful the two-cylinder already is, KTM wants to prove at the upcoming rallies, unfortunately only in a direct duel against its own single-cylinder, due to the lack of participation of other works teams. But that also promises excitement, especially since there will hardly be an internal team standstill agreement in the interests of a KTM victory like in the past at the Dakar rally. Original sound from sports director Heinz Kinigadner: “From now on, free blowing is hip for everyone.” Certainly the best endurance test before the start of series production. And KTM has learned so much: The saying “Clothes make the man” also applies to motorcycles, but the outfit has to match the character.

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