New items 2004: Honda CBF 600, CBF 500, Shadow 750, CBR 125 R


New items 2004: Honda CBF 600, CBF 500, Shadow 750, CBR 125 R

New items 2004: Honda CBF 600, CBF 500, Shadow 750, CBR 125 R

Four, two, one

Honda not only serves the sport freaks, but also takes care of the motorcycle-interested base. And a full range: from four to one cylinder.

If you take a closer look at the matter, it becomes very clear: Fortunately on two wheels, it doesn’t need 150 hp or two liters of displacement. However, everyone for whom two-wheeled life is new and exciting needs one thing very urgently: trust in themselves and in their motorcycle. Honda wants to create exactly this trust, with two models that are known in their base, but with a modern design and
come up with clever operating concepts.
The new CBF 600 will be available in both a bare and a half-faired version. Both have in common: the engine and chassis technology-
niche basis, namely the four-cylinder in-line Hornet 600 and its mono blackbone frame with a central square tube. The mixture preparation
34 series constant pressure carburettors (using SLS and
U-Kat meets Euro 2), but the peak power has been cut to 78 hp. But thanks to revised channels and tamer control times, the torque in the lower and middle speed range should have increased significantly, a shorter one
Secondary gear ratio also ensures agility. In addition, there will of course be an entry-level 34 hp version.
That’s nice, but well known as a pattern. The highlight of the CBF 600 is the variable ergonomic conditions. So the bench can be divided into three
Adjust the steps vertically (30 millimeters) and at the same time horizontally (10 millimeters), the handlebar brackets can be rotated 180 degrees and allow
such a margin of ten millimeters. In addition, the half-clad version has a cladding panel that can be adjusted in two stages. An anti-lock braking system is also available as an option for both models. Costs 600 euros
this plus in security. So lies
the CBF 600 (uncovered 6190 euros, half-disguised 6490 euros) is still below the previous Hornet price, and provides the newcomer or returnee with another argument, it with two
Try wheels.
For everyone for whom even this price is too high, Honda has another iron in the fire. CBF 500 ?? that means saying goodbye to the old, home-made styling of the CB 500 to a refreshing one
adult appearance. If you don’t look closely, you will hardly notice the difference to the naked CBF 600. Because it ?? except for the engine? no big one. The small two-cylinder of the CB 500 now has a U-Kat and a secondary-
air system, but lost three horsepower in the open version (54 hp).
The CBF 500 has to do without the ergonomic variation options of its big sister, the CBF 600. The same applies to the double disc brake and an optional half-shell. ABS, however, is also available from her. How much the 500s
will cost is not yet certain.
Should Honda stick to the same pricing line as it did with the other two new products? the Shadow 750 and the CBR 125 R ?? hits, that should be tantamount to a real challenge. At 6990 euros is the new, significantly revised and now
card-driven 750 cruiser an impressive 900 euros below the price of the Black
Widow, while the four-stroke sports car CBR 125 R with 2690 euros undercuts the two-stroke predecessor NSR 125 R by 1750 euros. And that, although a new, water-cooled engine delivers 14 instead of the previous eleven hp of the old, air-cooled four-stroke engine of the XR 125 L and the new one should be a whopping 19 kilograms lighter than the NSR.
And some more good news, this time especially for seasoned drivers. Also to the so successful over for the past season-
worked Varadero, Honda has lend a hand again. 2004 is available on request
eavailable in ABS. An offer that undoubtedly hits the spot just as much as Honda’s youth offensive.

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