New items 2005: Kawasaki


New items 2005: Kawasaki

Six pack

The renovation of the two 6 series supersport models is in the foreground at Kawasaki for 2005, plus the Z 750 S with half fairing, the drilled out cruiser VN 1600 Classic Tourer and an updated KLE 500.

No, the new ZX-6R has not become a smaller ZX-10R. At least in terms of design, it goes a very independent way with the silencer under the rear. And the aim is to optimize the aerodynamics: The new 6-series ninja is said to be the most streamlined athlete ever built by Kawasaki. It also presents itself from head to toe
are newly dressed, for example
front turn signals now streamlined in
the casing is integrated. But the technology behind it is also new.
In this regard, the 6 series from 2005 is more oriented towards its big sister. Even more sport was the announcement for the further development of the chassis. Therefore the frame and especially the swing arm had to be completely redrawn. The mighty swingarm already indicates that more rigidity was at the top of the wish list. The frame appears more compact, the distance between the steering head and swing arm bearing is reduced. Obviously, this made the entire motorcycle shorter, which should make the handling on the racetrack even crisper.
With the shorter frame, the seating position also changes. The handlebar stubs are a little lower, the driver’s center of gravity moves closer to the steering head due to the changed seating position. The sportier, front-wheel-oriented posture is intended to improve maneuverability in curves and the feeling for the front wheel.
A radial pump connects
with wave brake discs in front one more
Better deceleration and controllability, the two four-piston calipers are screwed radially to the upside-down fork as in the previous model.
The R version is powered by the well-known 636 cm3 engine, which has been optimized with minor retouching for more revving and better top performance. For this purpose, the engine technicians took over the camshafts from the race kit of the double R. The anti-hopping clutch, which is now also standard on the 636, also comes from racing, namely from the previous RR version.
From the outside, the smaller, even sportier sister ZX-6RR with the 599 cm3 engine, the basic model for racing in the supersport category, is hard to distinguish. This also benefits from the aforementioned changes to the chassis and fairing, not least due to the aerodynamics that are particularly important in this category. There are also further improvements such as the more closely graduated racing gearbox. A mounting point for the steering damper required in racing is already provided on the frame, and the set-up of the suspension elements has been trimmed even more towards racing.
It goes in a completely different direction
Z 750 S, which is based on the successful Z 750, focuses on suitability for everyday use. The relatively large half-shell should provide a lot of wind protection, and the wide, one-piece seat increases comfort. The engine was taken over unchanged from the Z 750, minimal interventions in the management take account of the changed intake conditions.
With the cruisers, the trend towards larger displacement continues. The VN 1500 Classic Tourer now has the 1600 engine that powered the Classic and Mean Streak in 2004. On the other hand, she stayed KApart from three U-Kats, the LE 500 is technically unchanged, but is upgraded with a newly designed cladding front.

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New items 2005: Kawasaki

New items 2005: Kawasaki
Six pack

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