New products from Yamaha, Suzuki and Buell

New products from Yamaha, Suzuki and buell

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Whether between MotoGP and mass production, super athletes and sports tourers, Europe and America: technologies and concepts are lively exchanged. May beautiful motorbikes be made.

The answer was prompt, and it sounded decisive. "Performance
increase will never end, ”said a high-ranking Yamaha engineer when asked where the performance of the super athletes will go. As long as there were motorcycles like an R1, they would increase from development traineeship to development stage. At the same time, the controllability of the many horsepower becomes stronger
Move to the front.
In other words: an electronic anti-slip control like MotoGP-
Owning motorcycles today is quite possible for the next evolutionary stage of the R1. Further transfers of MotoGP technology are also conceivable for the 2006 R1, for example an electronic limitation of the throttle valve opening
in the lower aisles to prevent excessive wheelies. To real
M1 replica for the street, so left Yamaha
already announced in dealer circles, but will not be in 2006.

Requires higher performance
greater air flow,-
half the R1 of the future should be bigger
Have intake ducts in the front part of the fairing, at the same time the front fender will direct the wind specifically to these openings. The tips of the air-conducting side parts are integrated
Turn signals and modernize one of the last stale detailed solutions of the current model. The same applies to the new mirrors painted in motorcycle color. Overall, the vision of the future R1 looks a bit more angular than its predecessor, the lines are more accentuated.
What is striking about the chassis is that almost everything stays the same, and that’s a good thing. However, forged wheels reduce the unsprung and rotating masses. A merit of the denser material structure that is created during forging and enables an even more filigree construction than the casting technique. Overall, the computer design shows no reorientation, but the consistent maintenance of one
fascinating motorcycle from the beginning.
Tea study of the new Suzuki Hayabusa, which was recently sent to us by Japanese colleagues, has been further developed, but by no means completely turned inside out. Many styling details that polarized the original design have been stretched in favor of the design,
redesigned with elegant lines. The knob on the headlight, for example, or the outside of the air scoops, the swing of which is no longer disturbed by indicators. As with the Kawasaki ZX-12R, they are in the rear-view mirrors. At the rear, bulges on the side of the rear fairing, as seen for the first time on the GSX-R 1000, ensure a pleasing appearance, not least because they integrate the rear indicators. And instead of a round silencer, the exhaust system also has tri-oval parts inspired by the 1000s. One thing, however, had to stay with the new Hayabusa
like on the old one: the distinctive cover of the rear seat. If not actually so at least optically it makes the motorcycle five km / h faster.

Rumors have it that the 2006 Hayabusa would be geared towards sports tourers and avoid the scandalous speed bike picture. This is supported by the height of the cladding dome, which is particularly evident in the side view and which is also pulled further back than before.
As a result, the wind flow behind the windshield should no longer fall as strongly, and the wind protection should improve overall. Is essential with such a strong one
Motorcycle ?? 195 hp seem realistic? an ABS. Although the Japanese visionary avoided this topic, it will probably be offered.
Fascinating attempts by some European manufacturers to merge elements of enduros and supersport motorcycles have been made by Erik’s innovative team B.Apparently not let it rest. Out of this creative unrest, the Buell Ulysses XB12X emerged as the American answer to the KTM 950 Supermoto
as well as the Ducati Multistrada.

Just because the 1200 V2 needs a lot of space, the tricky use of the frame remains as
Petrol tank and the swing arm as an oil reservoir; on the other hand, some changes have to be made to its geometry. A longer fork and a steeper fork help-
posed, longer swing arm to more
Ground clearance and allow longer
Suspension travel. At the same time, the steering head angle must be smaller to achieve the necessary
Straight-line stability and cornering stability
ensure. The exhaust system remains under the engine of the Ulysses, but the rear will probably be less short and stubby than on the computer retouching shown here. As for the wheel dimensions, the XB12X will most likely come as a true fun bike with a 17-inch front wheel. Enduro accessories such as the stone guard and the hand protectors are mainly used for the distinctive appearance. The final shape of the new Buell will definitely be seen in the next MOTORRAD; until then the Ulysses XB12X will be officially presented.

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