New items 2007

New items 2007

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Suzuki is building the B-King, that much seems clear. Some sources speak of a six-cylinder version. MOTORRAD believes that Suzuki will give preference to the four-cylinder. There is also news from Ducati and Yamaha.

With the Stratosphere study, Suzuki not only delighted old Katana fans, they did
a little older among us who fell for the style-defining design by Hans A. Muth. Everyone, and the author of these lines cannot distinguish himself from this, who has ever heard the addictive screaming of a high-revving straight-six, raved at the sight of the six exhaust manifolds. Should Suzuki bring the veritable successor to such legends as the Honda CBX or the Kawasaki Z 1300? Even garnished with the legendary katana styling?
Certain sources now say that Suzuki is considering putting the fascinating engine in a very sporty naked bike chassis. The engine is only slightly wider and not as much heavier as the current 1000cc four-cylinder, so that a very emotional and masculine sports naked bike can be realized with it. In contrast, the Stratosphere show bike version would probably remain a study forever. Our English colleagues from MCN were already designing on the computer
sometimes a naked GSX-R 1000 with the six-cylinder in-line engine of the Stratosphere.
The result was a kind of B-King-Six, but MOTORRAD heard on various occasions that it would be a B-King with a four-cylinder. Suzuki will probably develop in two directions. The B-King, presented as a study four years ago, will become the muscle bike for the conservative four-cylinder group. In addition, six-cylinder fans can hope for an extra hot sports naked. Both can probably be seen at the Intermot in Cologne or the Eicma trade fair in Milan to test visitor interest. But who should get the fascination
of a silky smooth running, 180 hp 1100 six-wheeler?
Ducati stands for a completely different engine concept. In addition to the Desmosedici with its V4 engine, which was introduced a few weeks ago, the Italians swear by the 90-degree V2 installed lengthways. This over and over again
cherishing and caring is what sets the brand apart.
For the 2007 model year, there is now a big step forward. Both the four-valve series and the air-cooled two-valve series are increased in displacement. If the future size of the superbike drive remains in the dark for the time being, it seems clear with the two-valve engine. The number 1100 is emblazoned on the rear of a secretly photographed Multistrada. So it is ten percent more, hopefully also in terms of power and torque. Because due to the Euro 3 exhaust gas limits, the double-ignition engine is likely to be under a lot of pressure otherwise. What is striking about the new V2 is the enlarged clutch cover, which suggests a different clutch design and dimensioning.
In addition, a new retro Ducati in pretty red and white was spotted. The version called Sport 1000 is a mixture of GT 1000 and Paul Smart Replica. It is still powered by the well-known 1000 V2, which in the case of the Sport has mufflers on both sides.
Yamaha also pays homage to the V2 concept. With the MT-01, the brand with the three crossed tuning forks in the emblem boldly stepped into a new direction. A powerful cruiser drive was planted in a sporty show bike. Unfortunately, sales fell short of expectations. Perhaps the 90 hp engine simply lacks the horses it needs to shine in the concert of the sporty Nakeds. Its touring qualities are undisputed, but no suitcases can be attached due to the lush exhausts.
However, the sporty study also promises an increase in performance M.T-0S not, because the long-stroke V-engine is not included
can offer significantly more horsepower. Nevertheless, a street legal version, as our computer retoucher imagines, would be a nice addition and perhaps the ideal third motorcycle for Sunday mornings.

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