All Tests – Skyliner S and Majesty S test: prettiest city – 2014 Skyliner S and Majesty S test

Skyliner S and Majesty S test: more beautiful the city

All Tests - Skyliner S and Majesty S test: prettiest city - 2014 Skyliner S and Majesty S test

This summer, MBK and Yamaha are simultaneously launching their new urban scooters: the Skyliner S and the Majesty S. Identical in all respects, these two 2014 novelties are presented as perfect vehicles for driving in the city.. Test between two showers !

2014 Skyliner S and Majesty S review

It is not because it has small wheels (13 inches) that this new scooter is a little player! We particularly appreciate the presence of a dashboard as aesthetic as it is functional, divided into three parts: fuel gauge, indicator lights and buttons on the left, analog tachometer in the center and digital screen displaying speed, clock, odometer, partial trip and maintenance trip (oil change).

In general, this new MBK / Yamaha product is remarkably well packaged: its parts are perfectly assembled, the quality of its plastics and paints seems flawless and its lines are dynamic..

Some may blame the Majesty S and Skyliner S for the lack of covering on the handlebars, revealing the cables and their clamps as well as summary rubber levers (not adjustable). Overall, the level of finish is comparable to that of the production of Iwata … or Saint-Quentin rather !

Others may also regret the lack of pep in the colors offered, namely matt gray and black for MBK and matt gray, black and an exclusive white for Yamaha. The two brands do not take risks … because the customers do not take risks themselves: the sober – dull colors ?! – sell and resell best !

The glove box is large but does not have a lid, yet useful when it rains – or when buckets fall in our case! Fortunately, the trunk under the saddle offers an unexpected capacity: 32 liters which can store a helmet (in our case, a modular Roof Desmo size M), a pair of gloves and a rain sock..

Obviously, a jack automatically and gently raises the saddle when it is opened via the switch. We note in passing that the lock is very easy to use and that the key includes a little trick: it folds, thus allowing the older ones to gain a precious – beneficial? – centimeter.

On the other side, at the left knee – or "in" the left knee for some! – there is an elegant gas hatch, very practical for urgent refueling on Monday morning. Small non-negligible bonus: the cap is mounted on a hinge.

MNC did not have to use it at the end of this little Parisian stroll. It is therefore impossible to establish a semblance of average consumption.

We did not have the opportunity to test the maximum speed of the machine either. A quick intrusion on the ring road only allowed us to see that the new Majesty / Skyliner quickly reached the regulatory 70 km / h.

"The liquid-cooled, single ACT, 4-valve, 125cc single-cylinder shares 90% of its parts with the engine that powers the Xenter and Oceo with large wheels", tells us an employee of the MBK plant in St-Quentin.

The 12 horsepower (8.8 kW) and 11.6Nm that the mill develops – water! are more than enough to face the city. On the periphery, the scooter has enough breath to pass the fuel oil merdospaces … This will not be the case on the motorway, however.

Relatively silent, the engine is devoid of vibrations thanks to its internal balance shaft which fulfills its function perfectly. The sound of the exhaust is discreet and the transmission completely transparent. Apart from a slight latency at start-up, this engine is therefore "very urban".

The work of the suspensions is also generally satisfied. The small front fork only admits its limits on the coarse joints of Parisian asphalt and on cobblestones, where it jerks a little too much to be perfectly pleasant.

The rear shock absorber does not attract any negative criticism. Fixed horizontally as on some large engines – via a set of rods, please! -, the shock absorber of the Skyliner S / Majesty S perfectly protects the lumbar of the driver, well wedged against the passenger seat.

Large (1.80 m and over), hampered by the impossibility of backing up on the double-stage saddle, will also be embarrassed during U-turns: to take advantage of the maximum turning radius, they must imperatively shift their knees towards outside the bend.

Equipped with small wheels (but wide, 120 mm at the front, 130 at the rear), the new MBK / Yamaha surprises with its impeccable heading behavior, given of course its less demanding specifications on this point than are not, for example, those of a Tmax 530 or an Xmax125, more cut for the road, the "real one".

On the handlebars of the new Skyliner / Majesty, we negotiate roundabouts and large curves without the slightest apprehension, even in driving rain and on a flooded road surface, conditions in which the fitting of original tires – "Kenda", Taiwanese like the scooter itself – proved to be quite convincing.

The brakes are also good: precise dosage and sufficient power, proportional to the engine power, shall we say! Small additional sporty touch at the front, purely aesthetic: the 267 mm disc (245 mm at the rear) is serrated.

By driving at legal speed (50 in town as a reminder, 30 near schools and "at walking pace" on their zebra crossings) and by anticipating events as much as possible, it is highly unlikely that the grip of the tires will fail. By insisting of course, it is possible to block the rear wheel in the dry … and the front wheel in the wet.

So it may be that some users regret, one fine day, the absence of ABS. "ABS is not on the program for the moment", informs us Alexandre Kowalski. In 2016 however, in accordance with European regulations, Yamaha must imperatively equip its small 125 with brake assist: ABS or combined system, as desired..

As for the duo, the future owners will be delighted: their half have very pretty retractable footrests, more convenient to wedge when braking and practical to get on the saddle a bit high..

Once in place, the passenger benefits from a comfortable seat and long, wide grab handles. The duo is not limited to simple repairs for friends: carpooling "coscooteurage" is possible.

Given the good reception reserved for the passenger, will he in the future be more inclined to switch to the handlebars of a small scooter? In any case, this is what Yamaha and MBK hope !

"Before the onset of the 7 hour training, many 125 purchases were impulsive, unplanned", remarks Alexandre Kowalski, marketing director of the Blues d’Iwata."In addition to the cost of training, it is the time it requires that limits acquisitions".

Fewer and fewer, first-time buyers are among the people primarily targeted by the Majesty S and Skyliner S. In this, a price of less than € 3,490 would have been welcome to convert new French people to motorized two-wheelers … For comparison, the Xenter / Oceo is available at € 2,999 and the small D’elight / Flipper at € 2,099..

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