New items 2009

New items 2009

BMW, Ducati, Honda, KTM

Whether as a study or in series: Puristic, undisguised motorcycles are very popular with BMW as well as Ducati, Honda and KTM.

Enchantingly plain and simple? this is how one of the biggest surprises of this autumn of novelties presents itself, the BMW Lo Rider study. Based on the HP2 Megamoto, the BMW designers created a motorcycle that combines modern lines with stylistic elements from the 20s and 30s to create a coherent and breathtaking whole. Whether Jens vom Brauck, the one from one D.ucati Monster and MZ 1000 created similar motorcycles, on which Lo Rider participated, BMW does not disclose. He can certainly be considered a thought leader.

What sets the Lo Rider apart from Brauck’s creations is its versatility. The designers want to create two different versions of the exhaust system and headlights; With additional accessories such as aluminum covers for the tank or a bench seat made of sheet aluminum as well as different color variants for the engine and tank, there is a multitude of possible combinations from which everyone can put together a machine according to their taste.

In the press release on the Lo Rider there is not a word about whether it will go into series. It is only noticeable that the explanatory text does not contain any subjunctive, i.e. the study has long outgrown the stage of mere possibility within BMW. Technically, the realization would not be a problem, so it remains to be hoped that the reactions of the public during and after the fair will provide the decisive encouragement.



The swing arm of this prototype of the S 1000 RR was given a different shape thanks to an additional welded-on part.

Meanwhile, more impressions of the S 1000 RR diffuse into the public. On the racetrack in Albacete, Spain, not only were superbikes tested, but also series prototypes with indicators, mirrors and all the trimmings. One of the machines was equipped with a reinforced swing arm, another was photographed from above in the pit lane, thus providing a first glimpse of the cockpit and the arrangement of the tank and bench. Asymmetrically shaped headlights stand out under camouflage paintwork. Contrary to previous suspicions, a BMW spokesman confirmed that the asymmetrical design of the side panels with the gills on the right and the single large hood on the left will be retained.


The regulated catalytic converter of the F 800 R is located at the rear under the transmission.

After a long wait, BMW is now also introducing the F 800 R, a roadster based on the F 800 S. Surprisingly, the R received the frame of the S and its engine with a cylinder bank inclined by 30 degrees, but did not take over its single-sided swing arm and toothed belt secondary drive. Instead, the rear wheel of the R is guided by a completely redesigned double swing arm and driven by a chain. As is fitting for an undisguised motorcycle, which is usually not driven at high speed on the autobahn, the engineers have designed the gear ratios four to six shorter than on the S version.

On the occasion of the R, the periphery of the 798 synchronous machine was modified. A new throttle valve mechanism is supposed to improve the throttle response, and BMW is responding to the criticism of the clunky silencer of the S with a new exhaust system. Detail care was also given to the optional ABS; a new pressure sensor should refine the control behavior. Redesigned instruments and the same switch units that are used in the K-1300 models stand out in the cockpit.

In addition to Germany, the pretty, light-footed roadster can also count on great success in Italy. One of its competitors, the Honda Hornet 600, has been one of the best-selling motorcycles there for years. That is why the 2009 model was carefully modified and made its debut in Milan. The frame, fork and swing arm are now anthracite, the spring elements are adjustable, and the design of the display instruments has been changed. New color variants are intended to further improve Hornet’s market opportunities.



Fighters instead of monsters. Ducati is creating its own series in addition to the Monster line for unclad motorcycles with the strong Testastrettaevoluzione.

Ducati is also setting the strongest accents for 2009 with the unclad motorcycles. After the presentation of the Monster 1100, the Bolognese are now really pounding on the kettledrum with the 155 hp Streetfighter. The stripped 1098 serves as the base. It has a conically drawn aluminum tubular handlebar and a compactly cut headlight unit with provocatively inclined position lights. The water cooler is divided into two parts; a wedge-shaped trough under the lying cylinder accommodates part of the cooler installation, the battery and the regulator.

The exhaust system, artfully looped from thick stainless steel pipes with the two right-hand round silencers, is a real eye-catcher. Nestled close to the motorcycle, it immediately achieves an optical harmony that the principally similar arrangements of the Monster S2R and S4R never achieved.
So that the Streetfighter with the well-known hearty tearing Testastrettaevoluzione does not go through his rider every time the gas is torn open, the Ducati engineers extended ?? probably using a longer single-sided swing arm ?? the wheelbase compared to the super sports cars by 45 to 1475 millimeters. In addition to the noble S version with the usual luxury spring elements from Ohlins and numerous trim parts made of carbon, a standard version with Showa parts is also coming onto the market. However, it is not yet certain that the super sporty naked bike based on the 1098 can really be called Streetfighter. The rights to this designation are owned by another company.


It also looks great in white and that’s why I didn’t want to leave this paint job entirely to its little sister 848: the 1198.

With 100 cc more displacement and a disproportionately large increase in performance of ten hp, the Ducati Superbikes are entering the new season. They are now called 1198 and 1198 S. Paradoxically, the first real 1200 of this series, the base machine for the Superbike World Championship, which has now come to an end, continues to be named 1098 R. The standard models bore and stroke, but not the CNC-milled cylinder heads and the titanium connecting rods. As usual, the valuable S version differs from the standard model with Ohlins spring elements, and it also has light forged wheels and traction control that cannot be retrofitted to the standard version.



KTM RC8: unmistakable and very promising.

Where Ducati is at the top with the superbikes ??, KTM would also like to be. The 1190 RC8, which debuted last year, was a first step on the way, now followed by the 1190 RC8 R as the actual base machine for the Superbike World Championship. With two millimeters more bore, so 105 instead of 102 millimeters, it comes to 1195 cm³, thus almost completely utilizing the 1200 cm³ allowed for two-cylinders. At the same time, the compression was increased and the oil cooler enlarged. The KTM developers have revised the clutch and drive train as well as the engine management map. The RC8 R should come to 165 PS and a maximum torque of 123 Nm, with Akrapovic exhaust and adapted control unit it should be around 180 PS. Further tuning is facilitated by the fact that the camshafts are adjustable, the risky subsequent milling of elongated holes in the gears of the camshaft drive is no longer necessary. Titanium nitride-coated fork sliding tubes and lightweight forged wheels are the visible goodies of the R-chassis, and seven millimeters more caster should ensure greater stability.

Despite all the conditions, it is uncertain whether the RC8 R will compete in major races in 2009. In order to save costs, KTM is withdrawing from the 250 World Championship, clear objectives for the Superbike World Championship cannot be heard at the moment.


990 SMT with front fairing, revised bench seat and pannier racks.

The other two innovations, the revised 990 Adventure and the 990 SMT, are not affected by this. Behind this name is a 990 Supermoto with a delicate half-shell fairing and a luggage system of medium capacity. The holders for the two cases are discreetly held back. 19 liter tank volume and 160 and 180 millimeters of front and rear suspension travel are additional touring values ​​that promise comfort, but the whole motorcycle retains a decidedly sporty character. 196 kilos with a full tank and 115 hp are also a word.

The Adventure models were the first to switch from the 950 to the 990 engine, the first version still with 98 hp. You are now the last to receive this engine in an upgraded version. In the future, 106 hp and 100 Nm will drive the standard model, which also received a new cockpit and a lockable compartment between the two tank halves.

The Adventure R is brand new, the successor to the earlier S version. It receives the 990 in 115 HP specification, as it is also used in the SMT or in the Supermoto. For lovers of tough off-road use, it offers 265 millimeters of travel at the front and rear. As befits an R, it has an elaborately painted outfit and an orange frame. In the future, both Adventure will no longer require an initial 1000-kilometer inspection. So you can start your big adventure right away.

Data BMW F 800 R

Two-cylinder in-line engine, bore / stroke 82 / 75.6 mm, 798 cm³, 64 kW (87 PS) at 8000 / min, 86 Nm at 6000 / min, light metal bridge frame, double disc brake at the front, Ø 320 mm, disc brake at the rear, Ø 265 mm, seat height 800 mm, weight with a full tank 206 kg, price k. AT..

Data Ducati 1198

Two-cylinder V-engine, bore / stroke 106 / 67.9 mm, 1198 cm³, 125 kW (170 PS) at 9750 / min, 134 Nm at 8000 / min, steel space frame, double disc brake at the front, Ø 330 mm , disc brake at the rear, Ø 245 mm, seat height 820 mm, weight and price k. AT..

Data Ducati Streetfighter

Two-cylinder V-engine, bore / stroke 104 / 64.7 mm, 1099 cm³, 115.6 kW (155 PS) at 9500 / min, 115 Nm at 9500 / min, tubular steel frame, double disc brake at the front, Ø 330 mm , Rear disc brake, Ø 245 mm, seat height, weight and price k. AT..

Data Honda Hornet 600

Four-cylinder in-line engine, bore / stroke 67 / 42.5 mm, 599 cm³, 75 kW (102 PS) at 12000 / min, 64 Nm at 10500 / min, light metal backbone frame, double disc brake at the front, Ø 296 mm, disc brake at the rear, Ø 240 mm, seat height 800 mm, weight with full tank 205 kg, price not specified A..

Data KTM 990 Supermoto

Two-cylinder V-engine, bore / stroke 101 / 62.4 mm, 999 cm³, 84.6 kW (115 PS), 123 Nm, speeds k. A., tubular steel frame, double disc brake at the front, Ø 300 mm, disc brake at the rear, Ø 240 mm, seat height 855 mm, weight and price k. AT..

Data KTM 990 Adventure R

Two-cylinder V-engine, bore / stroke 101 / 62.4 mm, 999 cm³, 84.6 kW (115 PS), 97 Nm, speeds k. A., tubular steel frame, double disc brake at the front, Ø 300 mm, disc brake at the rear, Ø 240 mm, seat height 875 mm, weight with a full tank, approx. 242 kg, price k. AT..

Data KTM RC8 R

Two-cylinder V-engine, bore / stroke 105/69 mm, 1195 cm³, 121 kW (165 PS), 123 Nm, speeds k. A., tubular steel frame, double disc brake at the front, Ø 320 mm, disc brake at the rear, Ø 220 mm, seat height 800 ?? 825 mm, weight and price k. AT..

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