New products from Honda, Triumph, Benelli, prototypes from Aprilia and KTM

New products from Honda, Triumph, Benelli, prototypes from Aprilia and KTM

Exciting meantime

It’s the time between the major motorcycle trade shows in Paris, Milan and Tokyo, but the tension is not going away. On the contrary: Constantly new news, photos of studies, prototypes and prototypes keep the news exchange on the go.

Progress through laziness? in terms of innovative motorcycle technology, this could be the trend of autumn. The Aprilia NA 850 Mana just hit the road, the Yamaha FJR 1300 AS, like the Tmax 500 large scooter, recently had a facelift, and now Honda is serious about the automatic in the motorcycle.

At the Tokyo Motor Show two years ago, Honda, the world’s largest and most technically advanced motorcycle manufacturer, presented the D.N-01 before, back then as a study. A touring motorcycle with the Deauville 680 engine, scooter-like deep seat and an automatic transmission, which is even ascribed downright humanitarian qualities. Human-Friendly-Transmission (HFT), in German "philanthropic drive", is called the system. Now, in time for the start of the next motor show, Honda has announced that it wants to mass-produce the motorcycle. Honda Europe North in Offenbach confirmed that the DN-01 will also be offered in Germany.

The heart of the drive concept consists of a compact gearbox in which the engine torque is first converted into oil pressure, similar to a pump. The hydraulic transmission ratio can then be adjusted via a slider and a swash plate "pump" and the second stage, the hydraulic motor, which provides the corresponding torque at the transmission output, can be varied continuously. Three different shift modes are possible, normal with moderate or sporty with higher speeds and with six fixed gear steps. When the direct ratio is reached, the automatic switches to a rigid mechanical through drive in order to transfer the engine power with as little loss as possible and to save fuel. Other special features on the photo of the DN-01 include an ABS sensor rim in the front wheel and a three-piston floating caliper, as used by Honda in composite brake systems.

Model maintenance measures on the Triumph Rocket iii


Perfect for collecting nice impressions: The Rocket III.

Tea Triumph Rocket III Touring easily dispenses with such refinements. Its five gears are shifted by foot, the wheels are decelerated independently of each other and only by the driver. Only classic ingredients everywhere, but they are drawn from the full. For tourer use, the 2.3 liter three-cylinder had to deliver 32 hp (108 hp remaining) of peak power, but achieved a maximum torque of 208 Newton meters. It is already at 2000 rpm, which indicates that the curve is fuller than on the other Rocket models.

The sixteen-inch rear tire is content with a width of 180 millimeters, which makes the giant steamer more manageable and, according to a Triumph employee who has already driven it, gives it better steering behavior than the standard Rocket with its 240. And that even though the Touring weighs a whopping 395 kilograms when fully fueled and ready to drive. As it should be, there are still 220 kilograms of payload on top. The new Rocket model will be available from dealers in Germany from January 2008, at a price of 18990 euros plus additional costs. If you don’t have to look at the euro, there are 70 accessories that you can choose from, so that you can make your personal specimen even more valuable.

News from Italy and Austria


Tornadoes don’t always have to be big: Benelli TNT 899.

Tea Benelli team is currently working on expanding the model range downwards. The BX 505 motocrosser, which was presented as a prototype in autumn 2006, is almost ready for series production, as is a Supermoto variant. And the 753 twin-cylinder named Due will be presented in its final form in Milan at the beginning of November.

The gap between these motorcycles and the sturdy 1130 three-cylinder models will be closed by two new 899 versions of the iconic TnT naked bike: the basic version for 9,950 euros and the sport with adjustable fork and stepped seat for 10,490 euros.
Aprilia has delivered the first SL 750 Shiver to the German dealers in these weeks and is immediately following the announcement that it will develop new models based on its engine and chassis concept. To be precise: a delicate Motard with a longer, adjustable fork and a modified swing arm. Of the tried and tested, ugly camouflage measures that one likes to use on such motorcycles? note the distinctive adhesive strip design of the swing arm (see left page) ?? the viewer should not be fooled. The Motard has come a long way. It will be presented at the Milan trade fair at the beginning of November, and it should be available at dealers next spring. In view of the fact that the Shiver homologation has already been completed, this date even seems realistic. However, there were rumors of a change to a different injection system; so it could be that the necessary coordination work leads to delays.

The second Erlkonig in this story? the KTM 990 Supermoto ?? is moving in this regard in tried and tested paths. After all, the 990 engine with injection, which will then also be used in the Super Enduro instead of the 950, is only an innovation for them, but is already well known from the Adventure and Superduke models. Nevertheless, the engine change does not seem to be so easy and quick that the new models could be presented this autumn. The cables leading from the depths of the electrics into the tank bag indicate the diligent metrological recording of the previous level of development.

Honda – DN-01

The automatic shown here sits transversely in the frame under a cover that gives the drive unit the appearance of a conventional gearbox. And hardly noticeable compared to the narrow V2. Tea automatic system fits perfectly with the design of the DN-01 as a touring cruiser.

Yamaha – XS-V1 Sakura

It is intended to be a reminder of the very first four-stroke Yamaha, this study, which can be admired live at the Tokyo Motor Show from October 27th. The XS 1 from 1970 had a 650 parallel twin, but the lines it provided also harmonize with a V2 engine as used in the study. It should be an air-cooled 1000cc, so Yamaha, further information is not yet available. The cylinder angle and the shape of the gear housing spontaneously recall a rumor that a year ago arose, according to which the engine of the cruiser XVS 1300 A was ideally suited as the basis for some other drive concepts, and was even specially designed with it in mind. In three to five years, a Sakura-style motorcycle could well become a reality.

Triumph – Rocket III Touring, Daytona 675 Special Edition

On tour with a large displacement: a 2.3-liter three-cylinder pushes the Rocket III Touring forward with bearish serenity. If you want to enjoy this directly, you can remove the windshield in a few simple steps. The Daytona 675 in elegant black and gold is called Special Edition and costs 11990 euros.

Benelli – TNT 899 Sport, BX 505

Single cylinder initially as a competition, later as a road machine, the upcoming 753 Due, the large 1130s and in between the 899s ?? Benelli is well on the way to becoming a so-called full-range supplier.

Aprilia – Biker

Cast aluminum parts, which accommodate the engine and the swing arm, as well as a tubular steel tube front section form the basis for various concepts. Because the truss section can be changed with relatively little effort, for example by setting the steering head higher.

KTM – 990 Supermoto

With plastic parts from the series, hardly anyone would recognize the prototypes. Only the one who reads what’s on the exhaust pipe.

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